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Character Concept art for MMORPG project (2012)
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I would like to purchase these for social media posting
is it possible?
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It's aged rather well.
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may I please promote your work on my site? 
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He should wear a helm.
I prefer this kind of simplicity for KUF (in contrast to baroque-gay ornamented unnatural armors). Great work.
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Was gonna say the same as everone else but... I really like it tho
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Looks like Guts of berserk.Awesome.
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Was about to say the same thing.
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I know, right?! It's pretty rad.
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I thought for a second that is was Guts from Berserk. Great details anyway.
The character is very obviously based on Guts, but that's a good thing. It means Berserk's influence is being felt strongly throughout our interests. Can never have too much of a good thing.

That said, the art itself is extremely nice and well detailed. The pieces of armor in particular are very cool.
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Dog of war, nice very nice  
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So handsome and rugged. :)
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Man this is epic!
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Like that a lot its kind a standard armour but still doesnt look boring
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Waaah He's awsome! he look kinda like guts..
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I thought that too, bro X)  
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Lovely piece. Though It's a little incongruous that his arm is thicker than head...
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