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A Modicum Of Serendipity
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Published: June 29, 2016
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After being relentlessly teased, tortured, and nearly turned over to the authorities many times, it's understandable that rookie supervillainess Sandra Trenaway, or Stomp, would jump on the opportunity to get back at one of her detractors. That chance did present itself, in the form of Anna Cole, also known as the high-class detective The Socialite, going to the same gym as Stomp. The young woman spotted the redheaded do-gooder from afar during her late-night training session, and kept a low profile until Cole, spent from her workout, went back to the women's locker room. Sandra followed her from a distance. As she entered the locker room, something occurred to her - there was not a living soul around besides the two of them. With that in mind, Sandra locked the door without a sound, and headed to her locker. She took off her dirty training clothes, reached into her duffle bag for her eye mask, put it on and turned to Anna, who'd also taken off her training clothes. With a swift leg sweep, Stomp knocked over the detective and quickly grabbed ahold of her leg. She had the woman's foot right in her face... Blushing, Sandra cut the relative silence in a hushed, deadpanned tone:

"Remember me? Of course you do... You and your friend tied me to a pole and tickled me until I passed out. You blew smoke at my face the whole time. I remember, because I still have the taste in my mouth... And it's been months now..."

The exhausted detective barely had had the time to fathom what was going on, but she recognized the voice. "Stomp..." she growled, in a thick British accent. "...You're just seconds away from getting your bratty little arse kicked, I-"
"If you'd been in any position to kick my ass, you would've already done it" interjected Sandra with the same eerie tone. "Besides... Fighting is such a waste of energy..."
"I swear to God, you wretched little cuooOOOOOOHHH!!"

Anna gasped heavily. Sandra decided to interrupt her again, but this time, in a much more... noticeable fashion. She stuck out her tongue and licked the detective's right sole, slowly, from the heel to the toes. She gave the foot another lick, as she blushed even more. Despite being an outright bitch, The Socialite had magnificent feet... 

"Wh-what do you think you're doing you sick little- gggnnnaAAAHHHH!!! STOP THAT!!" pleaded the detective, knowing full-well it was all in vain. Of course Sandra didn't have any intention of letting her go. This was payback. Moist, tickling, highly disturbing payback... Sandra gave yet another lick. This time, Anna's moan was accompanied with a powerful shiver. She could feel her leg shake as it went through it, greatly adding to the satisfaction she had longed to experience since she'd become a supervillain. From now on, everytime The Socialite would encounter her, she'd remember the time when the plucky, brace-wearing twenty-something brunette licked her foot into submission... And into unconsciousness as well, if Stomp didn't let up...

And of course, she didn't...


Well, now this toes a really strange tangent for me. First of all, a good thing to know about Sandra is that she spent 12 years in a wheelchair after a reckless driver ran her over. She only regained the use of her legs at the age of 22, three years prior to the beginning of her story. Growing up, legs and feet became a thing of desire to her. In more than one way. The inability to use her own legs made her yearn for the ability to walk again. She started watching soccer and track races, just to see athletes use their legs in various ways. In her teens, she started to glamourize feet to the point of sexual desire. Since she was in a wheelchair, she was often the last one to leave the locker room. She'd stolen quite a few socks and even a running shoe from her classmates. Fast-forward to the present day, when she has become a full-fledged (albeit rather inexperienced) supervillainess. She fights primarily using her feet, with mechanical boots that act as a sort "swiss army knife" weapon, complete with an assortment of gadgets. Even her villain name, Stomp, refers to feet and legs. It's not meant to be the only layer she has, but it's a rather important part of her life nonetheless. My one problem, and it pertains to this picture as well, is that she's not meant to be a "fetish" character. Her story will revolve around her progression as a supervillainess, but will also deal with her issues with feet and legs. I just wouldn't want to take the whole "well it's a foot fetish comic now" approach because that's not the story I want to tell, despite how her character makes it difficult to avoid altogether.

Besides that, this was a fun picture to work on. I originally wanted to have Anna in her Socialite outfit, with her fur coat and whatnot, but drawing that on the ground properly was much too complex, especially with the angle I'd chosen, so I opted for a locker room scene instead. Anna's hair isn't exactly quite how I pictured it, but I think it works for the picture. As far as Sandra goes, I wanted to show the dichotomy between the desire for revenge, and the desire for Anna's foot. Sort of a "I'm punishing you, but I'm having fun, but I don't quite want you to know how much fun I'm having" situation. Not sure if that made sense.

Also, for those who might be curious what Sandra is referring to in her first line of dialogue, here's a link to the wonderful pic RDizzy did of the scenario:…

Anyhow, feel free to tell me how you feel about it.

Sandra Trenaway a.k.a. Stomp, Anna Cole a.k.a. The Socialite © :icongpsbassist:
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