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iTunes 10.7 UNTITLED.

iTunes UNTITLED 10.7 [Window preview]

Mountain Lion darkGray grain. [link]

Untitled iTunes 10 for Windows by Davi-1
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The HEX edit to change the Highlight color hasn't worked since a few updates before this. It's hardcoded in since whatever update it was. I can reply back later with the exact version if I can find my backups from a few years ago. I check from time to time and I don't think anyone has found a way yet.
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Can't wait for your iTunes 11 release. I don't think it needs much besides your gray traffic lights and gray library icons.
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by any chance could you post a link for this version with the standard traffic lights, please?
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If it's possible, would you consider making the song highlight selection (currently blue) a dark gray or graphite?

BTW, hope you're planning an update for iTunes 11. Can't wait! It looks like Apple used a few of your ideas. :-)
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The best! Is there a system wide traffic lights mod available? Right now I'm using Nuala Black lights, but these are the best traffic lights I've ever seen and would love a system wide mod with these!
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Thanks! I'll upload soon. (:
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just beautiful! I don't think you've found anyway to change the EQ within the iTunes-window?

This is perfect though
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Thanks! However, I'm not good with hex editor...
works in mountain lion!
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early ML. thanks (:
LOL will this work in mountain lion? (day 1, and am already torturing u. apologies!)
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Probably won't have problem. but can you send the resources on a Mountain Lion to me?
how do i get it to u? (assume u want the original itunes rsrc file)...
answering my own post...using this with iTunes 10.6.3, and seems ok (so far)...
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hello, will update soon. (:
apple keeps u busy don't they? LOL.
thanx, as always...
and so, once again LOL... 10.6.3? will this work? thanx, as always...
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10.6.1 Anyone has try? (I do not update until I know that untitled works :chew:)
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