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deviantART-V7. darkGray Style

Style and image can be downloaded from here.

Install / Update Firefox
:bulletyellow: uncompressed css

Google Chrome or Safari should use the below style
:bulletred: Install style
:bulletred: How to Install
:bulletred: uncompressed css

Extra for Firefox
:bulletred: darkGray Journal Skin ··· by muntoo
:bulletred: Streetlight Cursor for Windows ··· by Eternal Stay
:bulletred: Streetlight Cursor v2 ··· by Eternal Stay

This skin is based on Streetlight Blue by Calcyfer. Special Thanks to Eternal Stay, sonicspike41, Onihikage and a bunch of others.
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Hi mate, no update??
Gpopper's avatar
hmm, don't know yet.
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If StormFire's solution doesn't work, maybe DropBox?  Oo, I hope we get an update! ^^
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Style is not available. Will it be back?
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Oh, okay, forget about it. I found newest comments and already read them.
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If you still need a site to UL this too let me know. Would love to see if updated
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Thanks. I need the UL site yet. Do you have any good ideas? If style is updated, I'll let you know.
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You can use my site for now, I got unlimited bandwidth. I can make you login for a folder on the ftp. Just need to add deviantart to the allowed image list (so it can direct link them).  Get me in PM (notes) and we can talk about it.
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Hi mate, it seems that a lot of images have change in dA, now we can't see the buttons and some symbols!!
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うそ… ;_;
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I don't know about anyone else, but this is broken for me? Userstyles says it's been deleted, and Geocities no longer works. The images won't load any more, and I can't find the working style anywhere.
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I changed a provider and lost disk space. So far there is no plan.
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Thanks for replying~
If possible, could you provide the images for download so I can call the images locally until things are sorted out?
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No problem. already on the CloudApp. [download]
TanzNukeTerror's avatar
Thank you~ I hope you figure everything out. c:

As a side note, this has been the go-to dA theme for me for quite some time.
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This has been my go-to skin for DA for years.  Can't wait for the update!
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Sorry, I changed a provider and lost disk space. So far no update plan.
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why not place it in
THANKS Gpopper I'm loving this style. Will wait for the update.Nod 
Style doesn't work for me, I need help getting it to work, I'm on  a mac using safari with style installed. I went to and followed the instruction for using the Safari style, ( copied the style went to the Stylish manager, open it for a new style, copied the style into it) it showed custom when enabled I would go back to deviantART and the style is not on the site. What do I need to do?Waaaah! 
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Stylish editor of Safari. [screenshot] check the domain.

But, style would need to be updated.
Gpopper  I made sure it said the same thing as one of my other style from deviantart  (that works). I copied the
the latest style from your page that's for safari, opened a edit page on style manager and pasted the style in the editor gave it the same name, put in the name for the domain, saved it, on the manager page after the title custom appear. However when I come to deviantArt no style appears. When I download the style from user at first it works (so I opened the style editor for the user script that worked, deleted that script and copied the new script from your site saved it, it didn't work the style doesn't show on deviantart. What am I doing wrong?

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