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Platinum Drives


This is my first iconset for drives.. its called platinum drives..

it includes 8 icons:

Internal Drive
External Drive
Airport Drive
MobileMe Drive
Time Machine Drive
Boot Camp Drive
FireWire Drive
USB Drive

I will probably update the package with a few more and make some minor adjustments in about a week or so.. but untill them enjoy this package..

Leopard Ready .. iContainer ready
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Really great looking. Thanks!
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Please make the icon of Thunderbol.
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Niiiiiiiiiiiice :D
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how do we install the icon? :s
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Love the icons! I immediately changed all of my disc icons to these (Macintosh HD, BootCamp HD, Time Machine, Airport HD etc.)

But I do have one request: Could you make another disc icon with the Dropbox logo on it?
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could you please put these in black in png :(
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do you have a png format for windows? this looks great btw!
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These are nic. I think I'll use them.
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Thanks for adding to the set!
I really liked your drives but I wanted a more complete set.
Now we only need removable, server and idisk... :)
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these look fantastic, i love the industrial look they have! - These are being featured on jackrebel dot com [link] :)
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Thank you so much for the feature!!!!! :D
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