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Alumi Macbook

UPDATED better quality small icons

Well.. here it is.. its the new macbook

just for soem clearing up.. i made this unlike some
people's icons who are just cutouts of the picture take on

it was hard to replicate such a thing
but i'm done...


comes in 512 x 512 and has other sizes made to look better when smaller... hope you enjoy :D
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Great icon, used it here [link] Wallpaper
This is AWESOME!! Nice job. Can we use this for commercial Use?
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Do you have it in .png please :D
Cant we get the icon in a larger format? IE 1024 x 1024 or something!! :D
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Great icon. USed it here: [link]
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Update for the 13 inch Macbook Pro would be nice, great job anyways! :D
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First of all i must say wow ... really nice , but can i make a request? Can you make the same one but with "pro" added? For all of us with macbook pro 13.3? I mean it looks like the alu, i just has the pro added! Thanks a bunch!
like it a lot. fabulous work. can you make one for the MacBook Pro?
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thanks! these are really beautiful, like the new macbook! :D
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Beautiful quality work mate.
Cheers for sharing and best for 2009
Beautiful. Is there a Macbook Pro version somewhere? :-)
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I haven't made one yet actually (sorryy) but someone did come out with one on
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Very nice art, thanks for sharing it!
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wow you have some great skills for your age man! great! :-)
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hey any png for windows users
Thank you really great job !!!
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Congrats! Looks so nice!
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This is nice. And yes, I hate it when people take screenshots, cut out the background, and declare it an "icon". It's cheap and wack.

That said, :+fav:.

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Just what I was looking for this art idea that came to my mind :) will upload if I finish it tonight. +Fav dear
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Nicely done man the icon is really beautiful congrats man :peace:.
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