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 DeviantArt  STOCK RULES  DeviantArt 

Bullet; Green My stocks are only free to use if you are using it for a private practice. if you are using them for any paid commissions, book covers, any paid and commercial work you will need to pay a royalty fee.

Bullet; Green Credit me clearly if you have used any of my stock. Please include a link to my DeviantArt profile GPARTStock Facebook user please credit me GP Art Photography 

Bullet; Green Contact me when you have used my stock, providing me with a link to the artwork.

Bullet; Green You may post artworks containing my stock on other portfolio websites, providing there is a credit link to my DeviantArt profile.
you may post on social media sites, please add a stock model credit to #gpartstock

DeviantArt  COMMERCIAL USE  DeviantArt 

Contact me by email for commercial enquiries. 

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 Woohooooo! Have fun with my Stock! Woohooooo!