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I’ve been silent for longer than expected ‘cause I finished moving and immediately broke my ankle. It has finally healed up enough for me to get to all my studio supplies. That means I’m selling prints once again!

You can pick them up at

I will also be posting my art backlog for the last few months over the course of the next week or so to avoid flooding your feeds.

I'll be officially moving to the west coast (US) at the beginning of May. What that means for you guys is that:

A. my Etsy shop will close April 21 and not open till I can get my printmaking supplies set up (probably May 5 or so).

B. I will finally post all the art I've been working on in the last couple months, but have been too distracted to put on social media.

If you have an urgent need for prints, now is the time!

For anyone who’s been planning to pick up prints from my Etsy store before midwinter, here’s an additional incentive:

Free US shipping through December 16 with code: SHIPFREE2016

(International folks, I’d love to include you, but shipping is more than the prints themselves are worth.)

For the past umpteen years, I've sold prints via the "send me an email if you want something" method. Unfortunately, it leads to a lot of people not really knowing that I offer prints at all. To remedy this problem, I'm opening an Etsy shop for my giclees and small originals! I'm still putting things up, so if there's something you've always wanted in print form and you don't see it, the message/email technique still works fine.

Find my stuff here:
Over the years I've amassed a number of deviations that don't really fit in with the main theme of this account anymore. That dissonance has kept me from actually making any more cute stuff in recent years, so I am officially moving a large amount of it over to, where it will hopefully be joined by some newer work. Unfortunately, that does mean I'll lose all your lovely links and comments, but you can restore them as soon as it's all up! Thanks for all the love.
At long last, I've moved to a new domain. You can find my current website at Drop me an email for commissions or prints!
There's a full update at gracedpalmer.necropolisstudios… right now, where you can purchase prints and originals of most everything in my gallery.  Commissions are also open - I do cute animals, character art and story illustration.  

Inquire in email with any questions, and thanks for reading!
Hey, another thousand view milestone and it's not even October yet.  Go, viewer-humans, I love you!

Finished off the Yorozuya fanart today.  Prolly going to make myself a specific fanart folder, so you don't see it all mixed in with the serious stuff, unless you want to.
Another year, another thousand views.  I'm still in Milwaukee, but haven't been arting much.  Hopefully that'll change soon!

*edit*  I was pretty zonked when I wrote this one.  I didn't mean to sound like I was belittling the views!  I love having people come by and check out my work, and I'm very pleased that all of you have.  That's what I get for late night posting.
Much has happened since the last one.  I've moved five hours north, changed operating systems, and had a long dry period when it comes to art.  That seems to be breaking a bit now, so perhaps you'll see a bit more.  

Thanks to all of you for looking!
I've had the 2000 view entry up for nearly a year, and am up to nearly 3000 (thank you!)
It might be time to update.
Since it's been pointed out to me that people might not know, I -am- open to commissions.  They start out around $15 for a cute animal, clockwork beastie, or anything of that complexity, and go up as they take me more time.  

As always, you can get a print of almost anything on this site by emailing me or going to my website.  By using my own prints, rather than DeviantArt's, I have more control over quality, so I prefer this.

You can get anything from me matted for a little bit extra.

For those who are interested in seeing some of this stuff in real life, I'll be sending work to WindyCon in November and Further Confusion in January.  I may also be attending Capricon in February.
Two thousand pageviews, after three years!  Hopefully that number will go up faster next time.
Thanks all!
The plague has had the whole household down this week, so a million pardons for the lateness of the links.  This week I've got Cute Asia (-with- the Panda this time!) up and also the Gem Dragon series.  You can find them here.

In other news, I've got a box on its way to the Conclave art show for anyone who's attending.
As an experiment, I didn't advertise last week, but I'm back this time.  
This week brings many, many prints:
Cute Asia
Cute Dragons
Such Bad Company
Wolves Without Wings I

Thanks for all your business - I couldn't do this without you!
It's Sunday again and time for the regular listing of Ebay auctions.  This week, I've put up a print of the Cthulu illumination, a new set of wildlife chibis for Australia, and a relist of the African Savanna for those who missed out on their animal last time.
Thanks for looking, happy bidding, and a great thank you to all those who've bought things!
The week seems to have flown by.  I'm trying to make these mercenary entries weekly again, at least, and it's once again time for Ebay auctions.

This week, I'm offering an 8x10 of Troll Coffee, an 8x10 of Riding the Phoenix, and the Cute African Savanna cards again.
I've been away for a while and not updated my selling as I should, but I'm back, with a new set of cute art cards.  This time it's cute dragons in the colors of the rainbow (plus a few).  I'm also experimenting with making the full set available as a single auction.  
You can find them here: My Seller's Page Happy bidding!
The chubby African wildlife has been chosen for this week's mercenary offering.  Find them in ACEO format on Ebay here:…
This week's ebay auctions are for prints of the gem dragon art cards.  They're up for $1.99 each and can be found here:…
Have put up this week's set of auctions: This time it's the penguins!
As always, you can get a print of just about anything I've ever done without going through Ebay by dropping me an email. Ebay gives you a chance to get them just a little cheaper.

Water Penguin
Earth Penguin
Fire Penguin
Air Penguin