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None DA fanart

This box will contain any fanart from people who don't have Deviant Art. Full credit and links to their sites will be given. ;) This way you don't have to be a member of Deviant Art to add your AG art here! :D

ALL of the art in this box has written permission from the original copyright artist to be shown here. They have been uploaded to this group's photobucket so that clickable thumbs can be used. I take no credit for any art posted here, it is copyright of their original owners and isn't to be shared anywhere without permission.

Now that's all the serious stuff out of the way, enjoy these awesome pieces of fanart! :D



Cutler by ljstuff on Tumblr.
I love the technique used here. The scribble-ness gives it real character.
The artist has captured Cutler's emotions fabulously here.

(C) photo tumblr_mho696T23c1rxhx48o1_1280_zpsff03c097.jpg

Some awesome Nick Cutler fan art courtesy of lycurieux on Tumblr: :D I really admire how she manages to draw original pictures of him so well rather than copying screenshots. (NOTHING wrong with that by the way though! :D).

 photo tumblr_mh344ujx2X1qiuz08o1_1280_zps38dca246.png

 photo tumblr_meq8saBqmP1qiuz08o1_1280_zpsa1abef30.png

 photo tumblr_mcx7nadyUJ1qiuz08o1_1280_zpsa4d9bb79.jpg


Some fangtastic Cutler fan fics courtesy of 0positiv on

1. A Pain in the Neck:…
2. Business as usual:…
3. One perfect day:…
4. Random Strangers:…


So I created this group a while ago but didn't really have enough time to dedicate to it. However I do now so it's time to this thing up and running. With your help, I intend to turn this thing into the best place for AG fans to post their relating works of art! I HAVE BIG PLANS FOR THIS GROUP SO STAY TUNED! ;)

Please also share to this group your fan fictions and fan videos!

Here's a quick look at what we can expect to see from the man himself this year:

Andrew gower will appear as 'Sherlock Holmes' in season 6, episode 4 of the Murdoch Mysteries. Murdoch Mysteries is a canadian crime drama set in the late 19th century. This episode is thought to air on the 25th February in the UK on the Alibi channel.

 photo sherlock-holmes2_zps1c6124f3.jpg


Andrew will appear in series 3 of The Borgias as an Assassin. likely air date is July 2013!

Andrew will be in the short film Out of Darkness by Manjinder Virk. Manjinder was Mullery’s love interest Sally Fortune in the 1st series of Monroe.

Andrew Gower was recently in Bruges filming the part of Lord Strange in  the upcoming 10 part drama series The White Queen based on The Cousin’s War series by Philippa Gregory. It expected to be on TV in Sept this year.

It's only the start of 2013 and already we have a lot of things to look forward to and surely there'll be lots more during the course of the year.

So let me end this blog by asking you what has been your favourite Andrew Gower role so far and why? :D

~Abbey (Admin)
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A fan club where Andrew Gower fans can come together and share their love for this awesome singer/actor.

We accept any art of or relating to him. In other words Andrew doesn't have to appear in the piece so long as it relates to him in some way e.g. my Kirkstall Abbey photos where Frankenstein's Wedding was filmed.

You don't have to contribute art to join, just being a fan of this awesome guy is all that's required.

Andrew Gower on the web:

His CV:…

Emerson (His band):

Awesome fan run website:…

Other links run by the admin of above site:

Other links:

Nick Cutler RP on Twitter:

Cutler Facebook fan page:…

If you have any links you'd like to be listed here relating to Andrew please let me know! :)

Fan Mail Address:
2 Futura House, 169 Grange Road, London SE1 3BN





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