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Sari Meets Maverik

By Gowcaizer
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And now, a short tale of how Maverik Calicas and Sari Hallstead met....

"Why the fuck did I do this?" She asked herself, "This is exactly the crap I always hated growing up."

Sari glanced down at the ballgown she wore. It was the only thing she could find suited to a formal gathering on short notice, and it was NOT meant for lycanthropes. Particularly not those with as generous a chest as she had.

The gathering was organized by a friend of her father's. A political activist staunchly, and powerfully, opposing elements in the world that wanted to eradicate all lycanthropes. Thus far, things had been smooth since The Event, as it had come to be called, took place. But large issues were already popping up; The KKK had shifted the focus of their hatred from skin color to the presence of fur, even going so far as to violently expel members whom had been changed. Several military commanders had attempted to lead human troops in a war against lycanthropes, even in many cases attempting summary executions on those who "betrayed humanity" by changing.

So far they'd been brush fires the cooler heads had put out. The bigger problem was, surprisingly, those who had been changed. Many felt they were a new part of human evolution and that the old humans were the ones to be eradicated. Lycanthrope supremacy groups had begun to appear, and just like the human commanders, there had been lycanthropic military commanders who tried to start some wars - fortunately what few actual skirmishes took place had eradicated each other, and issues within the military seemed to be cooling off...For now.

But the whole issue was making the public nervous. Who could blame them? A twentieth of the world had become more physically powerful than rest, and unable to be killed by conventional means.

For once, the KKK's arguments actually made a tiny bit of sense. There was good reason for the average human to fear lycanthropes.

Thus the point of this gathering. A formal ball consisting of lycanthropes and humans mixing together. The idea was to disprove the notion many had that lycanthropes were wild monsters only able to pose as human in simple matters. That idea was that if lycanthropes could function in a high society gathering as well as humans, it would prove they deserve the same consideration as humans.

Unfortunately, as Sari has seen all too clearly in the months since The Event, in the face of fear and bigotry such a lofty idea is likely to change little. The only real hope Sari had for it was that it would grease some political wheels to help iron out some of those issues. At least it'd be a start.

Which brought her back to why she bothered to attend. She came at the request of her mother, but why she accepted she simply had no idea. Sari hated politics, she hated formal gatherings, she hated this stupid dress, she hated how it-

"I wouldn't think being that exposed in the chest area would bother you, Miss Hallstead."

Wub? Sari looked up to the man standing before her. A...calico? But he smelled like a jagwere. Must be one of those random oddities she'd heard about. "How do you know me?"

"That business in Elko, Minnesota got wider news coverage than you'd think."

Ah, right. When passing through Elko she stopped to catch a short track race where a fight broke out over a werewolf driver supposedly having some advantage due to his strength. Sari didn't know much about the specifics of short tracking, but she knew the kinds of advantages they'd had in those situations were minimal at best. Nothing you couldn't get through strenuous workout. The argument on the track died down quickly, but it spread to the stands where a particularly pushy wererat started giving a human couple an unfair earful about the matter. The couple's young daughter was getting scared, so Sari sent the rat through the fence and into the track.

It was only a Legends car, but getting creamed by a racecar at speed is no pleasant feeling. Being a wererat, he was more than okay.

The human family were very nice people, Sari reminded herself. Definitely didn't deserve the attitude the rat gave them.

"Didn't catch your name."

"Marvin Calicas. My friends call me Maverik."

"So, you think it's odd for a biker to be uncomfortable in formalwear?"

"It's not the lack of comfort with the formalwear that surprised me. It's the apparent lack of comfort with the amount of cleavage that's exposed."

"How did you know that-"

"I have a knack for spotting such things. Let's just leave it at that. But do try to relax a bit. Your nervousness makes you look more out of place than anything else."

"I'm not a fan of these types of gatherings."

"I can tell. Nonetheless, would you like a drink? Perhaps I can keep you company until you can relax a bit more."

"I'll take the drink, but let's not be getting TOO familiar just yet, Mr Calicas."

"Please call me Maverik." the calico-patterned jagwere commented as he departed to get the drinks.

Oddly charming in a..."Wait, he's still looking at my boobs!" Sari thought to herself, noting that Maverik was walking BACKWARDS towards the drinks table, somehow managing to weave his way effortlessly through the crowd and acquire drinks without ever taking his eyes off of Sari's plentiful breasts.

Sari stared dumbfounded as Maverik returned and handed her a glass.

"Something else wrong?" He asked nonchalantly.

Sari couldn't help but laugh. This guy was just as out of place as she was, yet he played it all perfectly.

Maybe she could still get some enjoyment out of the evening....
Hope you enjoyed!

Sari Hallstead belongs to me.

Marvin "Maverik" Calicas belongs to Maverikat: [link]

Artwork drawn by Fred Perry: [link]
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jahmirwhiteHobbyist Traditional Artist
They would be an great and cute married couple
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Nicely worded and character design
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not too shabby
the additional world expansion (can't really call it building, since fred did most of that work already) you're working in is well done in the way it's delivered, and the way you portray your character gives them the humanity that is sadly lacking in many of the fanfics i've read
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KergonanHobbyist Writer
Good story. Bravo !
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DemitriVladMaximovHobbyist Filmographer
Very nice. I actually know women who do look like that and this reminds me of a dear lady in my life who is equally uncomfortable in situations she is unfamiliar with. Any chance for having additional tickets for sale?
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Love the design and found the story Amusing :) 5 out of 5 stars :)
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ZytherDarkHobbyist Traditional Artist
Lovely Character design.
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