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Going a little back in time in Rion's part of the GDU story on this one, but enjoy!

"Holy crap, I'm huge!"

Rion was inside the absolutely huge dressing room of the clothing store she'd been dragged to by the three cats. She'd been put through all manner of humiliations before she'd snapped and Sasha had broken out the strength potion, and now with all said and done they were about ready to wrap up and head home.

But Rion had not yet taken a moment to really appreciate what that potion had done to her with the flurry of activity she'd been dealing with. So before changing back into her newly-bought street clothes(the clothes she came in with no longer fit), she decided to take a moment to..."ogle" herself.

There was a lot to go over. She'd been left rather well-endowed by changing into a werewolf, but this was simply unreal - her biceps and triceps bulged with power unlike anything she thought possible, her abs were tight and defined, and her breasts... for the first time since she changed she LIKED that she had them!

Every second spent looking over her body was only making her like what she had more. It was a bit disconcerting considering she'd been male and damn proud of it right up until the event occurred. But, she now realized, she not only had more strength than she ever had as a man, she just plain looked too damn hot to NOT enjoy it!

"Hey, kid! Quit gawking at your tits and get dressed! We're ready to go!"

Of course Sasha had figured out what she was doing in there. Figuring things out is what Sasha DOES, after all.

So Rion started to get dressed, her mind now drifting towards Sasha. Sasha was supposedly old enough to be Rion's grandmother, but she certainly didn't look like it. And then there was all the muscle packed onto Sasha's body - Rion was still a twig by comparison! And Rion found every curve of Sasha's muscles to be as sexy as those huge boobs she hauled around.

Rion interrupted her own thoughts, "Wow." She said under her breath. "I'm liking those muscles WAY too much."

Outside the dressing room, Sasha snickered. Poor Rion wasn't yet aware of Jagwere hearing. Luckily Sari was well out of earshot, outside helping Britanny pack the car.

Still, Sasha had to admit to herself, Rion had come out pretty damn hot herself. And then she had another idea that would help Rion greatly...

...And satisfy her own legendary libido.

Hope you enjoy this one. This MIGHT be the last GDU pic for a while, at least out of my wallet, but I hope to get proper chapters posted more often in the future. I'm beginning another series of short stories(original ones this time, no spinoff fanfiction) that I hope will also get the creative juices flowing more consistently for GDU.

Rion belongs to me.

Artwork drawn by :iconfredgdperry:
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Your OC, Rion, is hot.  That is all.
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BigStevieCoolProfessional General Artist
A nekked she-werewolf looking at herself in the mirror is 2 characters. I think Fred had you in the crosshairs with that one. Man her bewbs must have their own zip code. "She's huuuge! every seat's like front row!"
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The idea as submitted, accepted, and paid, was that it was a first-person POV of her looking in the mirror - by seeing only the reflection, it would be one character. Fred came up with this version which is far better IMO, and I assume he doesn't count the reflection as a second char due to the lack of detail.
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BigStevieCoolProfessional General Artist
I see now. Maaan I gotta get a commission next time! Got so many ideas I can visualize them and i have money.
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Atariboy2600Hobbyist Digital Artist