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Putting on the Cap

By gowa
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This is actually closer to the original concept I had for [link] but at the time I wasn't able to get it to work, and ended up with Vaati's Evolutions. This time its a lot closer to my idea.

I had fun playing with the lighting in this one-I wanted to have the dramatic red lighting centering on the red jewel of the Minish Cap that Vaati put on as a Picori, with evil red lighting on his human form behind him. I had a lot of trouble trying to get the lighing around his Picori form look okay, but I'm pretty happy with the highlights on his human form.

The line art for this is makes me pretty happy as well: [link]

Vaati/Gufuu belongs to Nintendo
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Looks a bit like his Picori form is in pain. LOVE this picture and LOVE the lighting!
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Okay... I can definitely feel the emotion behind this pic. Great job.
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iLove this :) even though it looks kinda creepy.
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This is somewhat cool and creepy in a way.
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Omigosh! I LOVE this picture! :love: I love the red lighting and the poses of both of the Vaatis is so dramatic! :D
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That's pretty much exactly how I always pictured that scene! o_o Awesome coloring, too.
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Holy crap, this is good....gives me chills. Nice job.
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Oh, cool!

The red glow looks really good. I like the dual-scene idea, too. It worked out really well. The colors look so evil. xD
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Me lovies! *faves*
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The composition is good, and the use of red is great symbolism. Fantastic~
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@w@;;!! *tacklehug*

Argh, so far I've favorited the both of your Vaati evolution pictures. They're just so wonderful.
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I'm realllly realllly liking this piece. :) The composition is excellent and the lighting is brilliant. :D Great job on the coloring and overall drawing!
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As a fan of Vaati (and his potential to be Ganon's equal in the series), it's nice to find a picture that shows one of the crucial events in his life.
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ooh awesome! i love this pic!
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Awesome <3 I love the interaction of the red and the blue, and the general evilness of it. Heh, you make me want to draw Vaati fanart...
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