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All my life I was drawing anime(eastern art style) because of watching dragon ball z, digimon and other tv shows that played on cartoon network.

Then I played soul calibur and realized how unskilled I was lool. So I decided to change my art style to something more realistic and detailed.

Once I got the hang of making Soul Calibur style art I saw Marvel... I then realized how unskilled I was so I decided to draw american comic style artwork(western art style).

Finally I came to the conclusion that I had been drawing eastern style art for so long that it wouldn't escape me. It's in my blood now lol. My images can never have the pure american style look to them.

Now I my style is a mix of both eastern and western. Even though it makes me mad looking at the work of Adam Hughes who's style is very western and Stanley Lau(Art Germ) who's style is very eastern because they have both mastered their own style.

I'm actually glad that my work has a mixture of both east and west style. Every image I make has some features of east art style and some of the western art style, and once I complete my images I end up debating with myself trying to figure out if the image actually turned out how I wanted it.

How I wanted it to be ends up being a thing of the past which I can let go and accept the image for what it has become: a work of art.

I have decided to create a collection of artwork in the fantasy genre, I used to have a lot of character portraits of characters inspired by the final fantasy character class system with all that stuff such as White Mage and Warriors etc. Below you will find a list of professions I will be drawing but they will not be made in the order they are written. Also, I wont be making them one after the other I will make them when ever I get Ideas for the profession.

Here is the list, those that have been completed will have a ">>>" next to them. You will also see a small description of what ideas I will base them on, as I make them I will be removing their descriptions.

EDIT: I have removed some retarded character classes I had made up way back.

Fantasy Collection
Character Classes 7/27

Melee 2/12

>>>Thief gourmandhast.deviantart.com/ar…
Samurai   ; More of a wandering samurai
>>>Assassin  gourmandhast.deviantart.com/ar…
Dragoon  ; Armor with animal like designs..you'll see what im talking about lol
Pirate  ; I might give them a aviator theme refering to the sky as the 8th Sea
Dark Knight  ; the almighty unholy knight in his dark colored armor
Paladin  ; White gold black and red that's all i can say
Berserker  ; a barbarian in viking style armor
Cleric  ; crazy ass mace n shield
Guardian  ; maybe he can have Double Shields!?
Martial Artist ; Asian theme like usual

Range 3/7

>>>Gunslinger gourmandhast.deviantart.com/ar…
>>>>Huntress gourmandhast.deviantart.com/ar…
Beast Master  ; title says it all
>>>>Ranger  ; gourmandhast.deviantart.com/ar…
Alchemist ; Gadgety + Guns and Potions
Engineer ; Gadgety + mini mech

Magic 2/8

Summoner  ;  Tattoos all over maybe
>>>Black Mage  ; gourmandhast.deviantart.com/ar…
>>>White Mage gourmandhast.deviantart.com/ar…
Shaman  ; a native american themed shaman
Sorcerer  ;  no heavy magic like giant fireballs n shit
Necromancer  ;  no ideas yet
Warlock   ;  a swordsman as well as a magicman
Wizard  ; probably Gandalf If I really run dry out of ideas lol
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