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Korean Monarchist Wallpaper

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A recollection to a time before the madness. One nation, with one ruler - the Emperor!

Sunjong, the Emperor Yunghui was the second and final Emperor of Korea, ruling from 1907 to 1910. He was the last ruler of the House of Yi and the Joseon Dynasty, which had ruled the peninsula for 500 years.

He abdicated as a result of the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty of 1910, and died in confinement in 1926.

Yes, so North Korea? Definitely Japan's fault. But mostly Russia's.

Hwangje pyeha manse!
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Interesting, I would like to know how strong monarchist sentiments are in modern-day Korea.
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So would I, honestly! :D

From what I can tell, though, most Koreans are rather neutral towards the whole affair - they're likely more attentive to modern affairs (which is understandable, given the communist nutjobs across the border).
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Yea, still I'd like to go to Korea one day to see for myself... I don't know if most Koreans are neutral about monarchy in general, cause Korea was one for many centuries, and most of its historical sites, events and achievements (north and south) date back to a Korean monarchy. But in particular, I would like to know more about the sentiment of the modern-day Korean people towards the Korean Empire that existed from 1897 to 1910, with its failed westernisation and inability to keep the country out of Japanese control.
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It seems by my historical research that both Republic and Monarchs have worked out for Korea. King Sonjo of the Choson dynast did what he could to protect his people during the Japanese invasion. He commisioned Yi Sun-sin who built the Ko Buk-San (Turtle Ship) which repelled the original Japanese invasion. The Republic worked out prety well for their people to be a force to be reconed with from the North "Korean" warrior society that claims to be Communist.
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Both systems have their merits, but I wax nostalgic for the Emperors. Also, in its defense, the Korean Peninsula has only ever been united under a monarchy.

But hey, anything's better than the North! :D
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Tell me about it. The North "Koreans", if they can even be called Korean, are taught to hate. Who wants to live a life of negativity and hate?
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my brother is from south korea
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Cool! My sister's big on the culture (I only know some of the language)
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