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Monster High: Adorah Mouy

Colored LineArt: Sailor Pastel Moon

MLP: Alicorn Prince

MLPFiM: Dusk Gleam

MLPFiM: The big gang!

Gift: Color Palette

MLPFiM: We are LoliRock!

MLPFiM: Prince Chronos

MLPFiM: Heartglow

Monster High: Lagoona the Mermaid

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My Bio

Hey! Hobby artist here, I do like to explore many things.

My Patreon is for my NSFW art, so if that's your thing, go there.

Other than that, I also make YouTube videos and I stream on Twitch when time allows it; I am currently in university, studying optics.

Thank you so much for dropping by!

Favourite Visual Artist
Arina Tanemura, Akiyoshi Hongo, Watase Yuu

Hello, hello!

Hello, hello!

Hi, everyone! Wow, I haven't done much here for some years... Yikes. To be honest, I feel like there are other options that reach out to more people, other than dA. Don't worry, I won't delete my account or anything. It will be a fun trip down memory lane. :3 I have several of my social media linked below in the About Me tab, but you can also go to my linktree - https://linktr.ee/zetsuai89 - to find more links. For my art, I mainly post on my art insta - https://www.instagram.com/zetsucreates/ - and my art blog - https://zetsucreates.tumblr.com/ - so please follow me there to see my process! :D

Help me with commission prices

Help me with commission prices

Hi, all! It's that time again. Yes, THAT time, where I actually start to get serious about my art and want to offer commissions. But I need help with pricing. And don't say I should ask on the forums, because those people are, well... rude. I did set up pony commissions on a pony Amino, starting at 3 dollars for a full body line art, and someone had the gall to tell me that it was TOO much. Gragh! So, help a starving artist out? :3 Love, Zetsu

How to make a good OC/FC

How to make a good OC/FC

Hello, everyone! Today, I am going to bring up and help you how to create a good OC/FC. Why am I doing this?  Well, I have a lot of experience in this matter, having made characters for almost 20 years, okay, 16 years to be exact, and I figured it'd be helpful to everyone, no matter if you are a beginner or experienced. Below, I am going to go through the general guidelines; FC or OC? What are you going to make? Is your character from a fandom, e.g. Steven Universe or Sailor Moon? Then it's a FC, which stands for Fan Character. Why? Because you, as a fan, made them, and they are part of an already existing universe. The we have OC, which

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Agent505Professional Writer
ellenseriekonstHobbyist Traditional Artist
Jag undrar om jag kan få rita av dig? Tänkte rita av mina favorit DA , år 2018. :) Som ett mål, är att rita av mera folk o sånt.
Gou-kunHobbyist General Artist
Absolut. :D Vad kul!
ellenseriekonstHobbyist Traditional Artist
Tack! :) Kan du skicka en bild till mej, här på DA?
Så kan jag rita av dig sen. Eller maila mej? Information har jag på min profil, tror jag.
ellenlundis(AT)hotmail.com . AT betyder @
ellenseriekonstHobbyist Traditional Artist
Vilken fin DA du har :)
Gou-kunHobbyist General Artist
Tack :)
ellenseriekonstHobbyist Traditional Artist
De var så lite så :3