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Supernatural Recon Task Force Mission 2 (Draft 1) by M12G, literature

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Is it ok if  post  information about my zombie society contest in the zombie text  folder
Can I ask a few questions?
First. Can I join for a book I’m writing?
Second. Can I ask you and your community questions for said book that I’m writing?
Third. Can I use the answers for my book?
This group has been inactive, the last journal was posted in 2015.
I'm guessing this group is closed?
Anyone want to do a zombie apocalypse RP?
Always open

Yes it can be 18+
My oc is female
Looking for a little slice of life with a twist? Well, head on down to Juku Boarding School where the grass is green and half the student body is dead! Come and join us for a nice meal after a hard day of slicing and dicing. We are always open to those who can still breath! 

Juku Boarding school is a Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay Group with a Discord forum. We have Special missions once a month, storyline roleplay event missions twice a month, and art based mini-missions every week.

We are run by a council of 3 and welcome suggestions from all of our members and are a very friendly and welcoming roleplay community.

Join us at



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-former admin of dis-colour-
Are there a folder for comics?