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Durga battling Raktabija

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Volume 1, Chapter 2 cover, colored by Sajid of Safeezstudios
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Thanks! It's published in my graphic novel, Pantheon.
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Graphic novel, well may be , for me I see an art inspired from my mother durga maa..

Please don't get me wrong but as People of different faith these days don't care about the respect we should give to the mother goddess worshipped by billions like me in the name of art or friction but I hope your graphic novel may holds the diginity and respect to a mother goddess.
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I hope you will read my book and come to the same conclusions that I did - mythology is very important to everyone, even the skeptic and atheists, because they communicate more than just stories. They provide a bedrock of humanity and cross cultures.

While I realize that I appropriated mythology, I hope I did them justice in my stories by retaining the past, and building on them as a mythographer.

Here's the link:

Prints and ships from wherever Amazon is in the world.
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i will definitely do so .. 
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Durga is so hot & sexy !!
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Thank you!
Durga is an alter ego in my upcoming work, Pantheon.
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