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Untitled, watercolor on cardboard   - 1988
60cm x 42cm
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Family-friendly empire
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The devil wears Hugo Boss and holds children's hands, magnificient art!
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The world is not what they teach you in school, or in Sunday School.
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1988 wow, is that the FINGER in the girl from the left?
you are an amazing artist by the way
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The direction of the gazes is really compelling.
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not sure what I think about the subject of this piece
I wish you could say something, like, why him, of all people.
Nevertheless, your art is still incredible, mesmerizing, and awe striking.
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Well as awful as he was regardless of few people saying he was ''misunderstood'' BS.
He is still one of the most iconic person in the history of this world that will be remembered forever. which may be understandable for a lot of art work i've seen. 
I'm Hispanic, I don't think he would of liked me lol
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Also looks rather like Blakey from 'On the Buses'.…
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quote from Rick and Morty : "You're like Hitler, except...Hitler cared about Germany, or something"
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this reminds me of an old video of Hitler, he's just walking down a shrubbed pathway holding a little girls hand and it's all very cute. and like in this painting it's disturbing 
due to the fact it reminds us that Hitler wasn't a 'monster' or 'evil' or whatever you want to call him. the most disturbing thing is that he was just a man! 
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