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Welcome to Gotta Draw 'Em All! A community for Pokémon lovers everywhere!

The main attraction of this group are the Gotta Draw 'Em All Collaborations where people are assigned a random Pokémon to draw. When they're all done, they're compiled into a BEAUTIFUL picture showcasing everybody's totally awesome work.
We have finished 3 massive collab series over the years, and while there will not be another one, we will do something for the new Generations when they come out.

Check out the Featured folder to see the finished collabs!

Of course we also have folders to collect Pokémon art that isn't part of the collabs! They are explained below.

The Manual

PokeBall by xXOnlyAubsiiXx Joining the Group: Just click the "Join our Group" button, all join requests are accepted automatically. You don't need to write anything there. <3

PokeBall by xXOnlyAubsiiXx Joining the Collabs: Read the journal of the current collab, all the info is in there.

PokeBall by xXOnlyAubsiiXx Submitting other art:
  • There is a "Free For All" folder for each generation. Pictures with Pokémon from only one generation go into these.
  • Pictures with Pokémon from multiple different generations go in the "Mixed Gens: Pokémon Free For All" folder.
  • All Mega Evolutions go in the Gen 6 folder btw, but if you submit them wrong, we'll just move them because it's a very arbitrary rule. :V
  • Alolan Forms go in the Gen 7 folder.
  • Gigantamax Forms go in the Gen 8 folder.
  • Art must include at least one Pokémon. Art of only humans is not allowed.
  • No Gijinkas, no anthros, only actual Pokémon.
  • No Fakemon, no fusions and no extreme variations. Examples for variations that are allowed: A Charizard with additional horns or a Blaziken that is shaped more like a real chicken. Variations that look like fusions (e.g. a Charizard with additional horns AND Salamence colors) are not allowed. No type changes either.
  • We don't accept any literature or journals.
  • There's no submission limit, just keep in mind that nobody will look at your stuff if you spam too much at once. :V

PokeBall by xXOnlyAubsiiXx Affiliation: We affiliate with Pokémon themed groups! The only conditions are that the group is active and has a certain level of quality and organization. (If your front page is filled with empty widgets and unanswered comments about how none of the folders are open, you'll need to work on that first before collecting affiliates.) If you're interested, just send an affiliation request~

Gallery Folders

Gotta Draw 'em All: Generation 8 Reloaded Collab by Krisantyne
Gotta Draw 'em All: Gigantamax Collab by Krisantyne
Gotta Draw 'em All: Generation 7 Reloaded Collab by Krisantyne
Gotta Draw 'em All: Generation 6 Reloaded Collab by Krisantyne
Generation 1 Reloaded Collab
Generation 1 Reloaded by Hedgey
Placid Saurids 2 by Laurosaurus by EmpressLaurosaurus
Generation 1 Reloaded - Venusaur by Kirsui
Spitfire by Makoes
Generation 2 Reloaded Collab
Gen 2 Reloaded Collab - Chikorita by DraconicFeline-13
Bayleef by Zapperoid
Meganium by JustMiri
Generation 2 Collab - Cyndaquil by Kamikan-Lupanari
Generation 3 Reloaded Collab
Pokemon Collab - Treecko by TheLadyArtist
Grovyle - Generation 3 Reloaded Collab by novamallow
Generation 3 Reloaded Sceptile by WintersPheonix
Gotta Draw Em All - Gen 3 - Torchic by Khallandra
Generation 4 Reloaded Collab
A Baby by YumeYukimenokoTsuki
Generation Four Reloaded Collab: Grotle by Ryardn
TorTorTorTerra by JustMiri
Chimchar by Makoes
Generation 5 Reloaded Collab
A literal 000! by blackwing2
Gen 5 Reloaded: Snivy by Silver-OPs
Pokemon Collab - Servine by Jiro-the-Writer
Serperior by Asterelle
Generation 6 Reloaded Collab
I Think He's Hungry by AlyBur
Quilladin by Broscarf
Chesnaught - Gotta Draw Em All by Anthrats
Fennekin - Gen 6 Reloaded by sunnyindoors
Generation 7 Reloaded Collab
Rowlet Collab by Gearpunk
Dartrix (Collab) by TheTRUEgge
Gen 7 Collab - Decidueye by Kamikan-Lupanari
Litten by Asterelle
Generation 8 Reloaded Collab
Gen. 8 Reloaded: Grookey by RavenWolfie97
It's Thwackey! by AoiSora19S
Mischievous Contemplation by kitswift934
Scorbunny by PsychicDuelistRBD
Type Collab: Water
Squirtle by JustMiri
Collab - Koopa Troopa? by KosserDragon
Gotta Draw Em All: Wartortle by Marche-Towers
Shiny Wartortle by Asterelle
Type Collab: Normal
Pidgey by juanmaxter36
Type Collab: Flying
[GottaDrawEmAll] Charizard by ObscureShizena
Type Collab: Grass
#001: Bulbasaur! (Type Collab) by CitronGarde
Type Collab: Ice
Ice to Meet You by Hedgey
Type Collab: Dark
It's Alolan Rattata! by AoiSora19S
Type Collab: Bug
Debuging Failed! Group colab by SkunkySpindaUltra
Type Collab: Fighting
C: Mankey by KitsyArts
Type Collab: Ground
Round Thing Sandshrew (GDEA) by cyclone8462
Type Collab: Psychic
Surf's up! by Serastroph
Type Collab: Dragon
Dragon Type Collab: Shiny Mega Charizard X by LaneyWRL
Type Collab: Poison
Bulbasaur for a Collab by Weirda-s-M-art
Type Collab: Steel
#027 Alolan Sandshrew [Type Collab] by HigureGinhane
Type Collab: Fire
Type Collab: Charmander by ShadeofShinon
Type Collab: Fairy
Extraterrestrial Pokemon by UsoliaNaviento
Type Collab: Ghost
Gastly by Kissuli
Type Collab: Electric
Type Collab-Pikachu by dogganothlit
Type Collab: Rock
It's Geodude! by AoiSora19S
Natural Habitat Contest
Carbink colony by BluHiroo
Generation 1 Collaboration
#001- Bulbasaur by Lilypad1898
Generation 2 Collaboration
Chiko, chiko, chiko-shy by Eastern-Katt
Generation 3 Collaboration
#252- Treecko by Meinkenny
Generation 4 Collaboration
#387- Turtwig by MapleSyruq
Generation 5 Collaboration
Gotta Draw Em All - Sleeping Victini by Leopardstar14
Generation 6 Collaboration
Watch out sis! We've got company by Mehkas
Generation 7 Collaboration
A baby Rowlet in the nest! by Walory
Generation 8 Collaboration
Gotta Draw Em All Collab: Grookey by silverfirelove
Generation 1: Pokemon Free For All
Pokemon 4Koma 31 (Announcement) by ninten111
Generation 2: Pokemon Free For All
Hemlock by SkunkySpindaUltra
Generation 3: Pokemon Free For All
Charming Gardevoir by GhostlyGuy99
Generation 4: Pokemon Free For All
Garchomp Outline by NerdyOatmeal
Generation 5: Pokemon Free For All
Mandibuzz by VixDojoFox
Generation 6: Pokemon Free For All
Drawcember D01 Peppermint by qb17
Generation 7: Pokemon Free For All
Drawcember D05 Home by qb17
Generation 8: Pokemon Free For All
cream by DJ95code-hope
Mixed Gens: Pokemon Free For All
Drawcember D03 Chimney by qb17







(F2U) sparkles Today we celebrate the completion of the GottaDrawEmAll Generation Reloaded Collab Series! (F2U) sparkles

Take a moment to revel in our accomplishments of the past 1.5ish years!
I think this series turned out seriously awesome, like leaps and bounds better than the ones before, and everyone who ever participated should be proud! :)
Gotta Draw 'em All: Generation 1 Reloaded Collab
Gotta Draw 'em All: Generation 2 Reloaded Collab
Gotta Draw 'em All: Generation 3 Reloaded Collab
Gotta Draw 'em All: Generation 4 Reloaded Collab
Gotta Draw 'em All: Generation 5 Reloaded Collab
Gotta Draw 'em All: Generation 6 Reloaded Collab
Gotta Draw 'em All: Generation 7 Reloaded Collab
Gotta Draw 'em All: Gigantamax Collab
Gotta Draw 'em All: Generation 8 Reloaded Collab
Which one is your favourite?
Personally, I'm partial to the Gen 5 one since it has the coolest gimmick, and I might also have Stockholm syndrome from working on it the longest. :'D
Well! Thank you so much for another successful project! We have lost a lot of participants due to dA going to hell, but I never felt like I had to worry that we wouldn't be able to finish a collab. I'm very grateful for that. <3
We did it! It's done. And now..?
I know you've been wondering for a while what would be next. People have been asking for months, and I always refused to answer. Maybe this has already given you a feeling what the answer would be.

There will not be another Collab series.

I'm sorry. It's over.
There is really only one reason for this, and it's just that it's been enough.
I have hosted around 30 collabs since inheriting this group 6 years ago almost to the day. It's been fantastic, but I'm tired. I can't do another multi-year commitment.
Besides... While it hasn't been too hard to finish this latest series, everyone can feel dA circling the drain, and if things don't start looking up soon, there might not be many active users left in a year or two. Starting a new series and not being able to finish it because we can't get enough participants would absolutely break my heart. So let's end on a high note!
Bringing someone else on board to host collabs at this group is also not an option.
The only other person who is allowed to host collabs here is Marche.
Unfortunately, I have the terrible character trait of needing things that I created continue to be done in the exact same way, and I don't trust anyone else in the world to do that. If I let you have this group, I would just micromanage the fuck out of you, which is probably a subpar amount of fun. (Marche knows what I mean lol)
More than a few people have told me at one point or another that this project got them out of art block, or that it's the only reason they're still drawing, even. I'm especially sorry to you. I hope you keep creating anyway. And if you don't, I hope you find something else that brings you more joy.
Well. This has been kinda sad. But that's not all there is to the future! We're not closing up shop completely.

The Gen Collab and Gen Reloaded Collab series will continue for new Generations if in any way possible!

All Pokémon are great and we should draw them forever! That's a frequency of collabs I can manage. :'D
However... It seems unlikely that new Generations of Pokémon will be released in a single batch ever again. Editing a Gen Collab to add a second batch of Pokémon is extremely unfun, and adding stuff to a Gen Reloaded Collab is impossible. So even the first one might not happen until the last DLC of the Generation is released. I'll have to think about it.
We can expect Gen 9 in about two years, so its last DLC would arrive in three years. I will definitely still be here drawing Pokémon in two to three years, and if the website hasn't shut down by then, I will attempt to host a Gen 9 Collab. Fingers crossed! :V
In the meantime, there might be some small one-off things like "Draw your OC or a random Pokémon on the beach/in the snow/etc." - no sign-ups, just submit your things and we'll put them together. No promises, but it's likely that I'll get the collab brainworms again eventually. Or maybe Marche will do some! We'll see.
I think that's all.

Thank you for 3 amazing Collab series!

Overall, we created an incredible ~5000 entries for 34 Collabs. I don't think there is any other project like this on the world, and I'm so, so glad to have done it.
Thanks to everyone who was part of it, whether it was every time, a few times, or just once!
Thanks to @Waltonsaurus for starting this project!
Thanks to @Marche-Towers for being my wonderful co-host and to @JustMiri for always being there for us through it all!
It's been a good run.
Goodbye and - hopefully - until then!
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Group Info

Do you love Pokémon? Well we do! This group is all about drawing Pokémon. The main attraction are the Gotta Draw 'Em All group collaborations, where people are assigned a random Pokémon to draw.

It's super fun, and we have a whole bunch of fun activities and challenges planned, so why not join in the shenanigans?
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Art Creation

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