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(APH) Secrets
America: I'm an emotional eater
England: I'm afraid to show my true emotions
France: I don't know either... ♥ ♀ ♥ ♂ ♥
China: I wish I had more control
Russia: I'm so lonely...
Italy: I'm not actually helpless, but pretend so someone will always stay with me
Germany: I'm sadistic
Japan: I can't remember how to feel anything
Prussia: I only have this big of an ego to protect myself from ridicule
Romano: I'm afraid of being hurt, so I won't let myself love
Belarus: Rejection just makes me want you more
Ukraine: I feel like the ugly duckling
Hungary: I'm in love with him... and his enemy ♥
Liechtenstein: I owe him my life... and I'd gladly give it back to save his
Switzerland: You call it 'neutrality', I call it the inability to be human
Holy Roman Empire: I have no patience, but I'd wait for him forever
Canada: I feel like I don't even exist
Spain: I crave attention. If I don't have every eye I don't feel seen
:iconhetaliafreak345:HetaliaFreak345 21 38
Hetalia Drinking Game: Axis
Italy Drinking Game
Take a drink every time:
1. Pasta is mentioned (bonus if he's eating it or the famous "PASTAAAA~" line is used)
2. Excessive use of "veh"
3. He is paired with Germany
4. His curl is pulled/mentioned
5. Someone points out how weak he is
6. A white flag is used/mentioned
7. An AMV uses an Italian song (bonus points if it's We No Speak Americano)
8. Someone whines that he's not actually that weak (bonus points if their comment gets flagged for spam/thumbed down).
9. He is seen as yandere
10. Chibitalia reference
11. Any of his character songs are referenced
12. He is seen as yelling "DOITSU! DOITSU!" or surrendering/retreating.
Germany Drinking Game
Take a drink every time:
1. Wurst or beer are mentioned
2. He is seen yelling at the Axis, World Conference, etc.
3. Someone says he's manly (bonus points if they spell it 'manry' or use all caps)
4. He is paired with Italy
5. He is paired with Prussia
6. Someone calls him Doitsu (including fans)
7. An AMV use
:iconhetaliafreak345:HetaliaFreak345 246 55
Hetalia - 50 Ways To Annoy Prussia
Ask him if he's an albino.If he denies it, claim that his eyes and hair are a dead giveaway.Assume that Germany is in fact his older brother, instead of the other way around.Tell him that he's too arrogant.Claim that Germany is tired of having him around.Call him 'lazy'.Tell him that he's obsolete.Tell him that the whole world hates him and wants him gone.Treat him like a young child.Make sure that he misses a day when it comes to writing his diary entries.Steal some of the entries from his library at random.Mess up his collection of journals.Claim that Frederick II was anything but a great leader.Point out that Frederick II was actually a Francophile who hated the German language.Every time he misbehaves, tell him that 'Old Fritz' is still watching.Tell him that Russia is coming for a visit.Overuse the word 'awesome' and claim that you're simply imitating his way of speech.Force feed him some of England's cooking.Ask him to come to your house to do some cleaning. Whenever he fi
:iconadelineday:adelineday 136 55
100 Hetalia Headcanons
Both the Italy brothers are amazing opera singers. They just rarely get the chance to demonstrate their skill. Veneziano is just as kinky as Germany, if not more. Most of Veneziano's ditziness is just an act to get people to like him more. It's working pretty well. Secretly, Germany still loves to do childish things. Growing up, Germany was pretty much forced to raise himself since Prussia couldn’t really cook, let alone know how to behave around children. Japan was quite a playboy when he was younger, as well as extremely obsessed with his appearance. Nowadays, he doesn't like to talk about that period of his life. Speaking of the above, he also has a lot of dysfunction buried deep under his quiet and polite facade. At one point in his past, Japan made a vow of celibacy on a whim. He didn’t consider how serious the matter was and that it could possibly come back to bite
:iconadelineday:adelineday 280 239
Insanitalia|Hetalia Fangame - Downloadable Demo by Espada-Kitsuki Insanitalia|Hetalia Fangame - Downloadable Demo :iconespada-kitsuki:Espada-Kitsuki 676 690 Ivan the bird by FroggyLovesCoffee Ivan the bird :iconfroggylovescoffee:FroggyLovesCoffee 18 2 Creepypasta oc Olivia (sketch) by FNafTMNTcp4 Creepypasta oc Olivia (sketch) :iconfnaftmntcp4:FNafTMNTcp4 3 0 Surprise Sex by isophisticatedemo Surprise Sex :iconisophisticatedemo:isophisticatedemo 20 8 Lucifer x Yukio by Animelovesyou2 Lucifer x Yukio :iconanimelovesyou2:Animelovesyou2 23 23 Billdip by NoSleepOwO Billdip :iconnosleepowo:NoSleepOwO 1,581 91 Gaining control by FNafTMNTcp4 Gaining control :iconfnaftmntcp4:FNafTMNTcp4 6 0 Jeff the Killer Fanart by FNafTMNTcp4 Jeff the Killer Fanart :iconfnaftmntcp4:FNafTMNTcp4 4 1 Sally x Ben by FNafTMNTcp4 Sally x Ben :iconfnaftmntcp4:FNafTMNTcp4 14 0 Sonic.Exe x Amy.Exe by FNafTMNTcp4 Sonic.Exe x Amy.Exe :iconfnaftmntcp4:FNafTMNTcp4 8 0 Kagekao x Suicide Sadie by FNafTMNTcp4 Kagekao x Suicide Sadie :iconfnaftmntcp4:FNafTMNTcp4 19 15 Hoodie x Kate the Chaser by FNafTMNTcp4 Hoodie x Kate the Chaser :iconfnaftmntcp4:FNafTMNTcp4 22 5


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