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I've been a member of DeviantArt for, I think, over 10 years. I've been in love with creating digital artwork with Daz Studio. I started out learning from a friend with Poser and found that Daz was more convenient for what I wanted to create. I slowly improved my skills, took many breaks due to life getting a little out of hand for me, but always came back to it. I learned how to use Photoshop to help get my idea down even more. What I want to know is, is DeviantArt the place to get myself out there to the to full capacity? I've been told that I'm really good, but I'm always my own worst critic. I've started doing reviews with my husband on a YouTube channel for board and card games, and have met so many amazing people that tell me I should start creating game art. The only thing is, is I'm barely noticed here. I look under the categories I submit to, and the majority of images I find are extremely pornographic. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a prude. I myself have created done images that contain nudity. The thing is is compare to the attention, they get so much of it, whereas,I get maybe under 10 views. I'm apart of relevant groups, but even there, barely anything. I've even expired on submissions from a lot of the groups. I'm I just not expressive enough? I'm a just stuck in my own head, worrying that I'm not a "real" artist? I just want to get some sort of feedback, and I'm not really getting it here. Hell, I've got more feedback through social media than the one place that I know of that is supposed to support artists... Can someone please explain to me what is going on?
Ok, I haven't been active here on DA for a has gotten the best of me, lately. My marriage has ended, and I found out that the person I was with for over 2.5 years probably was never honest about who he really was the whole time. I should've gone with my gut instinct that kept telling me something wasn't right, but, anyway, I've fallen madly in love with someone, fast, I know, but things have been in motion for quite some time. I found out that my ex has been in an online relationship, possibly behind my back. I'm not used to being involved in drama, didn't want to bring my drama here, but thought my friends would like to know what has been keeping me away from one of the few things I'm somewhat good at. I am happy now, so, I'm working on things off and on. Thank you for caring, lol. Until next time.....
Ok, some of you may have noticed my absence for the past week or so, well, thanks to a friend, I've been trying out LuxrenderDS and I'm loving it, but getting frustrated at the same time. I have been wanting to make my renders a little more realistic looking, and didn't know this even existed. After about 2-3 days racking my brain on how to install the damned thing, I finally got everything working, but still trying to figure out how to use it properly. I've searched google and youtube on videos, but I keep finding Luxrender & Blender, but not Daz Studio. So, I'm teaching myself, slowly but surely. I've got well over 4500 images in my inbox that you awesome people have created, and feel sad when I get tempted to just purge the whole thing, I promise I'll try to get through most of them, but, I can only do so much, lol. Just thought I'd catch everyone up to speed with what's going on, thanks for watching, and hope to upload something very soon. :D
Ok, I've been apart of several groups for a while now, but lately I've been noticing I've been criticized more and more for the moods of my works...WTF?! I continue to see other artists who may be a little less detailed as myself, but they continue to get accepted right away, while I sit on my images waiting and waiting to get the submissions accepted...I didn't realize this was a popularity contest. I see some people that have very bright and carefree images, that are beautiful, and I see images like mine, that have a darker mood. Why does it seem to have to be one way? Not everyone in life is happy, and not everyone can pull of a mood they don't feel. Ugh! Sorry, just felt like I needed to clarify some things. Maybe I should just give up the whole "group" thing, and go back to being just me... Just please remember, art isn't supposed to be one way or the other...that's what makes it art!