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On the Sheets :icongothren:gothren 1 0
I Let You Rule
“Do you love?”
I look up from my desk into golden eyes that seem more livid than usual. Mine are tired, but focused. We stare at each other for a long moment, brown and gold blazing like an Indian summer.
I turn back to my desk.
I’ve got work to do.
She walks away furious and I don’t bother calling after her. I’ve got other eyes to worry about- Eyes much colder, bluer. Eyes that cannot see.
This one’s been tricky. The cuts match those used in specific surgeries: lobotomies, valve-replacements, appendectomies, but nothing is missing. The surgeries are carried through, but the pieces removed are placed neatly beside the bodies. Nothing taken. No prints. No trace of secretions. And no hair yet. Cause of death is usually asphyxiation. Who strangles? Men. Strong ones. Who cuts professionally? Med students, surgeons, butchers even.
I continue this sort of questioning for a while. I eventually get an outline. It’s an older man, I’m guessing fifty-ish, w
:icongothren:gothren 0 0
In a World of her Own by gothren In a World of her Own :icongothren:gothren 0 0 Button by gothren Button :icongothren:gothren 0 1 Closer to You by gothren Closer to You :icongothren:gothren 0 1
Mature content
Rare One :icongothren:gothren 1 0
Mature content
Dire One :icongothren:gothren 1 1
Mature content
Little One :icongothren:gothren 0 0
Mature content
The Rejection :icongothren:gothren 0 2
Three by gothren Three :icongothren:gothren 1 1 Hannibal+Will by gothren Hannibal+Will :icongothren:gothren 2 3
Monochrome Bubbles
I realize that as the world floats past
In my bubble, air is still,
No hurricanes blow,
No earthquakes drill.
I watch people cry, hear them scream
But In my bubble, silence prevails.
There is no rain.
There is no hail.
I see the violence, I can hear all the news,
But in my bubble, harmony is forever.
No wars that kill
No hardships do I endeavor.
I feel the death, cold and deep.
But in my bubble, there is eternal life.
There is no sickness
There is no strife.
Even in a world so unfeeling,
There is laughter, and children,
And bright colors reeling.
Flowers grow, puppies run,
Pigeons coo. There is a sun.
Couples kiss, and confess their love,
A milky blue sky blows gently above.
There are hugs, and neon lights,
Shiny pennies, and snugly wool tights.
Blankets for cold days,
Lemonade for warm,
Happy, harmonious,
But still so close to harm.
In my bubble, there is no hate.
There is no fear.
There is no fate.
No color.
No love.
No company, either.
I am alone in a world without splendor...
My ey
:icongothren:gothren 0 8
There is nothing like a second chance,
to make the world more hospitible at glance.
From where I stand, now at a window,
the rain pouring down onto the floor.
I wish silently for you to come knocking,
for you to come knocking, come to my door.
I would open it, I promise.
I would hear what you have to say.
In no way would I stop you or again block your way.
I just wish you'd come. I'm cold and I'm wet,
I know that you hate me and are still quite upset.
So slowly I turn from the window now closed,
looking at framed pictures for which we both posed.
My heart sinks ever lower, for no knocking on the door,
and my tears add to the puddles of rain on the floor.
:icongothren:gothren 1 13
Mature content
The Scarlet Plague :icongothren:gothren 0 0
A Dream
If I were to take you back to a place you once knew,
Would you cover those eyes, those bluer than blue?
Would you shut out the sound, the waltz in the back?
Would you drown out the music?
Would you find something it lacks?
If I were to take you to a place we once shared,
A whirlpool of colors, of incense, and pin-curled hair,
Would you tell me it's nothing?
Simply a dream.
One shared between friends, having no significant meaning?
Would you deny the way you felt, so safe in my arms?
Would you shy away from the the feelings, knowing you were warm and unharmed?
Would you forget the way we danced that night?
Would you call it coincidence, then flee from the site?
If I were to take you to the place in your dreams,
To that dimly-lit ballroom,
Turn that fantasy key...
Would you remember the sights, the sounds, and the essence?
Would you remember the flutter in your heart as your eyes met mine?
Would you remember the words I whispered so slowly?
Would you remember how awkward love is to find?
:icongothren:gothren 1 10
Mature content
A Victory :icongothren:gothren 0 2



  • Listening to: The music we're writing for "Corruption"
  • Reading: Random fanfiction on the TF2 Chan
  • Watching: Leigha play Armadillo Run
  • Playing: with FL Studio 9
  • Eating: Chewing the clove a fellan.
  • Drinking: Cooooooke
So lately we've had this TF2 obsession.
Naturally, we've thought about writing fanfiction...

Spy/Sniper <---We've actually done some work planning for a fic.
Scout/Engie <--- We haven't done any work on this because we're still so enamored. <3
Heavy/Medic <--- If we ever get to writing this, it'll be a miracle...but still.

We've been playing and we're not totally horrific...which is nice.

So here's a dilemma:

It's hard to write a TF2 story without making the archetypal character classes vaguely OC.
The TF2 fandom has problems with OCs for reasons that are different to every single person who says they hate them.
Most fics that are completely 100% without OCs are rather short.

If we want to write a fic of decent length and have all characters be as cannon-y as possible, we feel like it's going to take some massive spoon bending and a brilliant beta...which we've never had before. (Ellen doesn't count because she's a beta in the loosest sense of the word ever.)

Anyone want to beta this massive project?
We'd hunt around on the TF2 Chan, but the folks over there are sharks...It might be the best thing for us though...despite being absolutely HORRID at taking criticism. Seriously, we should work on that.


We were listening to Undisclosed Desires by Muse and were completely moved...We know that we need to write a fic based on this song and we know it has to be Sniper/Spy...
Now the only thing we have to do is find a way to write a dirty, demon-filled past for a character archetype that has no past to speak of.

Absolute wank.

The Times They Are A'Changing by Bob Dylan (covered by Brandi Carlile) is another song that shook us in our sound core and made us absolutely need to write some Engie/Scout. We're a little less worried about making OC choices in this pairing because Scout has a family and the Engineer is for some reason a more creativity-friendly character. We don't know why...


We have some ideas for comics but alas, we cannot draw.

1. That song from The Hangover that Stu sings while waiting for the Tiger to get knocked out by the rufies...only, get this, replace the word TIGER with SNIPER.
It'd go something like this:

What do Snipers dream of when they take a little Sniper snooze?
Do they dream of shooting Solidiers or the Spy in his pin-striped suit?
Don't you worry your pretty Aussie head. We're gunna get you back to RED Fort and your cozy Sniper bed!
Then we're gunna find your boyfriend Spy. He'll stalk the BLUs that took you then he'll stab them in the eye! Spy! Spy! Spy spy spyie spy spy...
But if he's been shot by an uber-charged Heavy....
Well, then you're shit out of luck...

2. Date Night:

Sniper's in the middle of lining up a head-shot when his mobile rings (yes, we know this is the '50s...)It's his mum. Needless to say he takes the call. He tells her she has to stop calling him in the middle of the workday. She asks him if he's planning on coming to dinner that night. He catches sight of Spy (who is in the middle of stabbing a Scout) outside his perch and calls after him asking if they're still on for dinner. Spy confirms and Sniper has to be like: "Sorry, Mum...I've got plans."

There's more to that idea, but we're too lazy to write it out.


Well...we're finished ranting/rambling/vomiting language onto this screen.
It feels good to update our journal after such a long while. Maybe we'll start doing it regularly again.

Anyway, that's about all.

We've got to get back to composing. Two/Three more levels to write music for. Caves and desert and maybe possibly clouds. Cross your fingers that we actually fucking get this shit done.


We're out, j0...



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Halloa! :D
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<==fail HI.
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XD How've you been?
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kazukiwatanabe Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2008
wow last time I left you a comment, I was living in Vegas O.o;;; back in Cali now, obviously! Hopefully soon to be Houston! Guess what? Leya's getting marriiiiieeeeeed~ I'm excited, we havent set up a date or anything yet, but hopefully soon! I'm drinking a strawberry daiquiri in a wine glass xD I'm getting a good buzz going, so I'll leave you alone xD

love you guys!

gothren Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2008
*gasp* Married!?! That's so exciting! Can we come?!

Know what's funny? Our girlfriend's name is Leigha. It's pronounced (Lee-yah) XD :heart:
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of course you can! I would love for you guys to come when it happens :heart:

xD really? that's awesome!
gothren Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2008
Wee! We'd super-love to be there! :D

Hee...yeah. We thought it was a funny coincidence when talking about Gf's and things... :heart:
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Dorkette1990 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2008  Student Filmographer
Do you have Scott's email address? I have a surprise i need to send him.
gothren Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2008
I believe it's

I could be wrong. I'll ask him to make absolutely certain.
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