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My Bio
:bulletpurple:Name: Nebula Raven Emerald
:bulletpurple:Nicknames: Nebs, Miss Emerald, Shooting Star, Wishing Star, Creepy
:bulletpurple:Age: 18
:bulletpurple:Species: Hedgehog
:bulletpurple:Allignment: Good.
:bulletpurple:Style: Tomboy & Goth
:bulletpurple:Fur/Hair color: Blue-violet
:bulletpurple:Skin Color: Peach
:bulletpurple:Eye Color: Sky Blue
:bulletpurple:Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do and Tang Soo Do.
:bulletpurple:Outfit: Black converse shoes, dark blue jeans, black T-shirt, white gloves, and black inlay gold ring bracelets.
:bulletpurple:Powers: Flight, energy blasts, super strength, healing
:bulletpurple:Weaknesses: getting kicked or punched in the stomach too hard, using too much of her energy blasts can get her tired, gets easily distracted when she can't resist the smell of chicken fingers, kinemortophobia, and arachnophobia.
:bulletpurple:Flaws: Unable to fly in outer space, she's not a fast runner like Sonic or Shadow, able to lift heavy objects with her super strength but overdoing it too much can make her pass out in exhaustion, unable to concentrate with her energy blasts when she gets scared, not fast enough to recover from the fight, she's smart but not smart like Tails or Eggman, her healing powers can heal any injury except muscle injuries, feeling angry triggers her eyes to glow purple.
:bulletpurple:Personality traits: kind, shy, insightful, confident, brave.
:bulletpurple:Abilities/Skills: Hand-to-Hand combat, martial arts, artistic, understand emotions and feelings, reasoning, quick reflexes, body language from animals.
:bulletpurple:Likes: helping a friend in need, saving innocent lives, drawing, being alone, meditate with Silver, spending some time with Shadow, flying around the city, cute animals, black clothing, teamwork.
:bulletpurple:Dislikes: anyone who hurts a person's feelings, sluts, girly girl things, makeup, perverts, guys flirting or harassing, Sonic and Shadow fighting, hates being called 'Creepy', animal abuse, anyone who judges a person by his/her appearance, bugs and spiders, zombie movies.
:bulletpurple:Crush: Shadow
:bulletpurple:Friends: Sonic and his friends.
:bulletpurple:Enemies: Sonic (once), Scourge, Eggman and bad guys
:bulletpurple:First Appearance: "Roses Need Love" story
:bulletpurple:Favorite Food: Chicken Fingers
:bulletpurple:Fears: Spiders, bugs, zombies.
:bulletpurple:Her Theme: John '00' Flemming - The Astrophysical Nebula…
:bulletpurple:Her Song: "Shooting Stars" by Monster High.…

:bulletblue: SPEED :star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty:
:bulletred: JUMPING :star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty:
:bulletgreen: POWER :star::star::star::star-half::star-empty:
:bulletpurple: SKILL :star::star::star::star::star-half:
:bulletyellow: STAMINA :star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty:



Icon-commision-1-8-frames gothnebula by Paumol Icon Comm  Goth Nebula By Kimorisia by GothNebula Point Comission Icon2 By Kidastudieo by GothNebula .:Request:. Nebula Icon by GhosttheHedgehog12 :.:Icon-COMM.Nebula:.: by luchy1520 Pc: Nebula Avatar 50 X 50 by RubintheHorse Commis: GothNebula by amyrose7 CM: GothNebula by CrazyMeliMelo Insane Icon Nebula by GothNebula PC-Nebula icon by KenotheWolf Commission  Gothnebula  By Chiikalicious by GothNebula -Commission- Nebula Icon by DUSKvsDAWN .:.:PC: Nebula sexy hips icon:.:. by Yin-YangJewel Commission - GothNebula by SapphiresFlame Nebula by Doodleshire Nebula heart by xHotPawsx by GothNebula commision-lineless pixel icon:Nebula by Sonickuuu PC: Nebula by SonicForTheWin2 :PC-GothNebula- Nebula Icon: by DatAwesomeKrys AT Icon by Blue-DT by GothNebula PC: Nebula by KittyKatu Nebula Icon By Toasterific-d6ocpcy by GothNebula DOLL: Nebula Icon by IinkyDinky Nebula Icon by R-no71 by GothNebula .:Icon Commission:. Nebula the Hedgehog by ArtisyOne Nebula50 Zps653aa500 by GothNebula Avatar - GothNebula by kiki-the-cat .:PC:. Nebula Icon by ElectroRemix PC Nebula Icon by KeyaraHedgehog09 Request Nebula Icon By Sonamy244 by GothNebula Pc Pixel Icon Nebula By Luminous Lullaby by GothNebula Commission For Gothnebula By Pastelblossoms by GothNebula For Gothnebula By Nocturnalelement by GothNebula Gothenebula By Fishlikeyou24 by GothNebula


PC I Support Nebula Stamp By Rosey Mae by GothNebula Nebula stamp by DarkWolfNiki :PCM:Nebula Stamp by ShayTheHedgehog97 Stamp Request 14 by MagicalPouchOfMagic Point Commission For Gothnebula By XxneonpurplexX by GothNebula Nebula stamp (COMM) by iKatXFruti =Stamp - Nebula the Hedgehog= by Shadatanish-Divine


Human Nebula Fan Button by EdaTheOwlLady Nebula Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Nebula the Hedgehog Button :3 by OyamanekoMisheru Nebula fan button by GothNebula Nebula Fan Button -For GothNebula- by BIueMoon Shadula Fan Button by ButtonsMaker FB for ~GothNebula by Sora-Aura


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Pixel Art/Animated

[Comm] for GothNebula by BlazinMyra Gift: Nebula button by AnnaDaWolf14 PC Nebula by KeyaraHedgehog09 Comm. 1/1 [gothnebula] by Choco-commission Point Comission Icon2  100x100   By Kidastudieo by GothNebula Battle Card Nebula By Davuritto-Shoutai by GothNebula Nebula The Hedgehog - Request by LizzyWolfFire6 Commission: GothNebula by lmsubscribing Goth Nebula Sprite by Mario0o896 nebula:AT by silhouette-hedgehog Nebula animated by R-no71 by GothNebula PC Nebula Icon 100x100 by KeyaraHedgehog09


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Mature Content

Nebula The Hedgehog by Krockomodo
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