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SonAmy: Vampire Wind and the Innocent Rose ch.18
Scourge has had enough of waiting for a few days and he doesn’t care if he can’t fight like a normal being but he won’t rest until he has his hands on that vampire heart.
“I must get it at once! I need to do it myself!” Scourge talked to himself.
“You know a zombie can’t fight regularly. They just bite and moan like a dead person dying” Fiona said.
“I know that but I need an army that is fast, quick, and easily hiding in plain sight” Scourge said.
“What about swarm of bats? You’re a vampire so you still might have your power to command regular bats” Fiona said.
“Why didn’t I think of that before?!” Scourge facepalmed.
"Well you should've looked up!" Fiona pointed upward.
Scourge looked up but then grins, "Oh yeah! Bats! Invade the castle and bring Sonic to me!" Scourge raised his hand shouting.
The bats flew out in huge swarms out of the hideout as Scourge grins mal
:icongothnebula:GothNebula 8 5
May The Force Be With You by GothNebula May The Force Be With You :icongothnebula:GothNebula 20 9
SonAmy: Vampire Wind and the Innocent Rose ch.17
Amy was in a dark room where she can’t see anything in the dark. It was a practice for her to feel movement around her like a nocturnal predator hiding in the shadows to stalk its prey, “I can’t see anything, Sonic!”
“Exactly, don’t trust your eyes or you’ll be blind in the dark. Trust your instincts” Sonic said, “Remember what I taught you about your fur standing up whenever I’m getting close to you”
“Just don’t make me fall because I can’t see the walls” Amy said, a little nervous that she can’t find the wall.
“Hehehe….your neck is so delicious” Sonic pretending to scare her.
“Oh no! Please don’t bite me!” Amy pretending to beg for her life.
“Good, I can’t hear your heartbeat. Vampires can hear heartbeats a mile away” Sonic chuckled.
“Oh no!” Amy pretending to be scared, trying to find where he is w
:icongothnebula:GothNebula 10 5
SonAmy: Darkness In Me
(Flashback, 3 days ago)
“LET HER GO, EGGMAN!!!” Sonic begged for Eggman to release Amy from the claws of his robot, “Please let her go! She’s an innocent girl! She’s done nothing to you!” He begged.
“I’ll let her go until you surrender!” Eggman cackled.
“I never surrender to an evil psycho like you!” Sonic glared at him.
“You calling me a psycho?! I had enough of your mouth!” Eggman got aggravated from the insults, “Robot, crush that pink child!”
”AAAAAAGGGGH!!!!” Amy screamed in pain as the robot prepared to crush her.
Seeing Amy in pain caused Sonic’s anger to grow and his fur darkened with white pupils and irises disappearing, “NOOOOOO!!!!” Dark Sonic screamed and shoots right through the robot and ripped the core out to then smash its optics, “YOU ARE SO GONNA REGRET THIS EGGMAN!!!” Dark Sonic lost control of himself and glares at the doctor
:icongothnebula:GothNebula 24 11
Cat Mask by GothNebula Cat Mask :icongothnebula:GothNebula 14 15 Wearing the Cat Mask by GothNebula Wearing the Cat Mask :icongothnebula:GothNebula 11 13
SonAmy: Vampire Wind and the Innocent Rose ch.16
Lone Wolf
“It’s just that vampires and were-creatures don’t get along with each other. That’s why I don’t get along with Sonic” Shadow talking to Nebula.
“Shadow, just because you’re a werehog doesn’t mean you should follow your ancestors’ footsteps to hate vampires. The world is changing and this is the 21st century. If you were really raised by Sonic you would appreciate him” Nebula said.
“I have my predatory instincts. I cannot change who I am” Shadow said, heading to the door of Sonic’s old bedroom.
“So do I but we all have our good side. I may be a werecat but I’m still the same old me in personality. I never wanted to be a werecat but for 4 years of learning this curse by getting used to it” Nebula said.
“Hmph, women sure are compassionate” Shadow rolled his eyes.
“Hey! Some men are compassionate too! Next time try to be a gentleman for once in
:icongothnebula:GothNebula 9 2
Miraculous SonAmy 2018 by GothNebula Miraculous SonAmy 2018 :icongothnebula:GothNebula 86 30 Miraculous Cat Noir by GothNebula Miraculous Cat Noir :icongothnebula:GothNebula 22 4 Miraculous Ladybug symbol by GothNebula Miraculous Ladybug symbol :icongothnebula:GothNebula 22 4 Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir symbols by GothNebula Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir symbols :icongothnebula:GothNebula 24 6
SonAmy: Vampire Wind and the Innocent Rose ch.15
Silver was FaceTiming Blaze on his iPhone while Knuckles is playing the new game Tomb Raider Shadow of the Tomb on PS4.
“Do you know anything about witch spells of creating shadowy clones?” Silver asked.
“No but only those that use dark magic can. I have a feeling that it’s the same witch that cursed you, Silver. Maybe Mrs. Rose and I should head to Transylvania” Blaze said.
“No, it’s too dangerous here. We made a promise to Amy to keep her mother safe from danger. Speaking of Amy, how is the fake Amy doing with schoolwork?” Silver asked, talking about the clone Amy that Blaze created to keep the real Amy’s schoolwork going from her absence.
“Doing well. She is already doing the real Amy’s homework” Blaze said.
“Good. Amy would kill us if she flunks back a grade” Silver said.
“That’s why we’re helping her” Blaze said.
“Good. Now we need to keep an ey
:icongothnebula:GothNebula 9 5
Gift Icon: RedFlareTomboy by GothNebula Gift Icon: RedFlareTomboy :icongothnebula:GothNebula 6 0 .:PC:. RedFlareTomboy by GothNebula .:PC:. RedFlareTomboy :icongothnebula:GothNebula 19 14
SonAmy: Vampire Wind and the Innocent Rose ch.14
Werecat or Hedgehog?
At Sonic’s room, the vampire male was in pain from being knocked out from his evil doppelganger. His back had dark bruises and a cut which was hard to see though his royal blue color fur. He also has a minor dislocated left shoulder but he keeps saying to himself he’s fine but his pink friend doesn’t believe him.
“I’m okay. I swear” Sonic said.
“The way I see you groaning and trying to move your arm doesn’t look fine to me” Amy said.
“Okay, I’m not fine. The dislocated shoulder makes me nervous to have it snap back to its right position” Sonic admitted.
“I wouldn’t dare do it on you” Amy said and took out the wrapped taping bandages, “Now sit up and let me bandage you” She wraps Sonic’s torso.
“Man, those doppelgangers are too strong. It’s like we are equally matched but they don’t have their own shadows” Sonic groans
:icongothnebula:GothNebula 10 5
SonAmy: Vampire Wind and the Innocent Rose ch.13
Evil Clones
“Come on, I sang that song to you a hundred times! Don’t you think it’s enough? Amy rolled her eyes in annoyance that her vampire protector is begging for her to sing the same song.
“It’s my favorite. I sang you songs when you were kid so now it’s your turn” Sonic said, morphing into a wolf to use his cute puppy eyes, “Pretty please” He whined like cute puppy.
“No! Not this time!” Amy refused.
“Aaaaarrrroooooo!” Wolf Sonic howled in sadness.
“Damn it! Why do you have to kill me with that innocent puppy look?!” Amy gave in.
“Because it’s your weakness” Wolf Sonic chuckled.
“You are so cocky every time” Amy shook her head but smiled as she sings the song for him.
:music:Days in the sun
When my life has barely begun
Not until my whole life is done
Will I ever leave you?
:music:Will I tremble again?
To my dear one's gorg
:icongothnebula:GothNebula 9 2


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Sometimes in life we want people to change to something else but we can’t change for who they are. For instance, you like the person’s artwork but do you accept them for who they are by heart? 
Sometimes I get a lot of comments telling me what to do or saying that I should improve my grammar of my stories. Sometimes I accept the truth but sometimes I don’t. Not everyone is perfect for who they are. 
Like my autism is hard to accept because I get shy at making conversations, feeling like I’m invisible to my family, or being left in the shadows. We can’t force ourselves to change because pretending to be something that you’re not does not make you who you are. 
No one should change you to something you’re not. We should be proud of ourselves to be born with our flaws and weakness because our flaws can sometimes help us find talents that we are good at and those that we are not good at.

Never let someone nag you to do something for them because if a person doesn’t accept what you are, they’re not helping you to be who you are.
Just like one time a fake friend made me draw his characters. I realized that was not who I am because I was immature for not trusting myself. 

For instance, without my autism I wouldn’t feel insightful, visual, or creative. But my autism weakness is hard to avoid. But over time I get better.
Just like you guys that get better at getting older. The older we get, the stronger we get. 

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:bulletpurple:Name: Nebula Raven Emerald
:bulletpurple:Nicknames: Nebs, Miss Emerald, Shooting Star, Wishing Star, Creepy
:bulletpurple:Age: 18
:bulletpurple:Species: Hedgehog
:bulletpurple:Allignment: Good.
:bulletpurple:Style: Tomboy & Goth
:bulletpurple:Fur/Hair color: Blue-violet
:bulletpurple:Skin Color: Peach
:bulletpurple:Eye Color: Sky Blue
:bulletpurple:Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do and Tang Soo Do.
:bulletpurple:Outfit: Black converse shoes, dark blue jeans, black T-shirt, white gloves, and black inlay gold ring bracelets.
:bulletpurple:Powers: Flight, energy blasts, super strength, healing
:bulletpurple:Weaknesses: getting kicked or punched in the stomach too hard, using too much of her energy blasts can get her tired, gets easily distracted when she can't resist the smell of chicken fingers, kinemortophobia, and arachnophobia.
:bulletpurple:Flaws: Unable to fly in outer space, she's not a fast runner like Sonic or Shadow, able to lift heavy objects with her super strength but overdoing it too much can make her pass out in exhaustion, unable to concentrate with her energy blasts when she gets scared, not fast enough to recover from the fight, she's smart but not smart like Tails or Eggman, her healing powers can heal any injury except muscle injuries, feeling angry triggers her eyes to glow purple.
:bulletpurple:Personality traits: kind, shy, insightful, confident, brave.
:bulletpurple:Abilities/Skills: Hand-to-Hand combat, martial arts, artistic, understand emotions and feelings, reasoning, quick reflexes, body language from animals.
:bulletpurple:Likes: helping a friend in need, saving innocent lives, drawing, being alone, meditate with Silver, spending some time with Shadow, flying around the city, cute animals, black clothing, teamwork.
:bulletpurple:Dislikes: anyone who hurts a person's feelings, sluts, girly girl things, makeup, perverts, guys flirting or harassing, Sonic and Shadow fighting, hates being called 'Creepy', animal abuse, anyone who judges a person by his/her appearance, bugs and spiders, zombie movies.
:bulletpurple:Crush: Shadow
:bulletpurple:Friends: Sonic and his friends.
:bulletpurple:Enemies: Sonic (once), Scourge, Eggman and bad guys
:bulletpurple:First Appearance: "Roses Need Love" story
:bulletpurple:Favorite Food: Chicken Fingers
:bulletpurple:Fears: Spiders, bugs, zombies.
:bulletpurple:Her Theme: John '00' Flemming - The Astrophysical Nebula…
:bulletpurple:Her Song: "Shooting Stars" by Monster High.…

:bulletblue: SPEED :star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty:
:bulletred: JUMPING :star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty:
:bulletgreen: POWER :star::star::star::star-half::star-empty:
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:bulletyellow: STAMINA :star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty:



Icon-commision-1-8-frames gothnebula by Paumol Icon Comm  Goth Nebula By Kimorisia by GothNebula Nebula Pixel Icon *COMM* by DUBstarSapphire Point Comission Icon2 By Kidastudieo by GothNebula .:Request:. Nebula Icon by GhosttheHedgehog12 :.:Icon-COMM.Nebula:.: by luchy1520 Pc: Nebula Avatar 50 X 50 by RubintheHorse Commis: GothNebula by amyrose7 CM: GothNebula by CrazyMeliMelo Insane Icon Nebula by GothNebula PC-Nebula icon by KenotheWolf Commission  Gothnebula  By Chiikalicious by GothNebula -Commission- Nebula Icon by DUSKvsDAWN .:.:PC: Nebula sexy hips icon:.:. by Yin-YangJewel Commission - GothNebula by SapphiresFlame Nebula by Doodleshire Nebula heart by xHotPawsx by GothNebula commision-lineless pixel icon:Nebula by Sonickuuu PC: Nebula by SonicForTheWin2 :PC-GothNebula- Nebula Icon: by DatAwesomeKrys AT Icon by Blue-DT by GothNebula PC: Nebula by KittyKatu Nebula Icon By Toasterific-d6ocpcy by GothNebula DOLL: Nebula Icon by IinkyDinky Nebula Icon by R-no71 by GothNebula .:Icon Commission:. Nebula the Hedgehog by ArtisyOne Nebula50 Zps653aa500 by GothNebula Avatar - GothNebula by kiki-the-cat .:PC:. Nebula Icon by KayeilE PC Nebula Icon by KeyaraHedgehog09 Request Nebula Icon By Sonamy244 by GothNebula Pc Pixel Icon Nebula By Luminous Lullaby by GothNebula Commission For Gothnebula By Pastelblossoms by GothNebula For Gothnebula By Nocturnalelement by GothNebula Gothenebula By Fishlikeyou24 by GothNebula


PC I Support Nebula Stamp By Rosey Mae by GothNebula Nebula stamp by DarkWolfNiki :PCM:Nebula Stamp by ShayTheHedgehog97 Stamp Request 14 by MagicalPouchOfMagic Point Commission For Gothnebula By XxneonpurplexX by GothNebula Nebula stamp (COMM) by iKatXFruti =Stamp - Nebula the Hedgehog= by Shadatanish-Divine


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Shadow x Nebula by Shadow-Turtle-234 Happy birthday, Nebula! by MzSwift Commission- Shadula pokeball by Blazestar39503 Nebula  X Shadow by Jappy12 Happy Birthday Nebula! by Snowleopard2801 Shadow And Nebula Request By Saccharokirby by GothNebula For GothNebula: Shadula by ShadowxBailey human_shadow_and_nebula_by_fivey-d66ez9r by GothNebula Shadula kiss by CyotheLion Happy birthday Gothnebula by MintStarMari

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Gift: Nebula button by AnnaDaWolf14 PC Nebula by KeyaraHedgehog09 Comm. 1/1 [gothnebula] by Choco-commission Point Comission Icon2  100x100   By Kidastudieo by GothNebula Battle Card Nebula By Davuritto-Shoutai by GothNebula Nebula The Hedgehog - Request by LizzyWolfFire6 Commission: GothNebula by lmsubscribing Goth Nebula Sprite by Mario0o896 nebula:AT by silhouette-hedgehog Nebula animated by R-no71 by GothNebula PC Nebula Icon 100x100 by KeyaraHedgehog09


Happy Birthday! by TrickyTheSylveon . : Happy B-Day Samatha! : . by YoloStarling84 ~Nebula the Goth Hedgie~ by SonicFazbear15 The Strong and Amazing Nebula (B-Day Gift) by AngelokTheChubbyBat Happy birthday Samantha! by SunshineCat2 Happy Birthday, Sam! (Gift) by dwaters220 Happy Birthday GothNebula! by angiemaria554 {Gift} Nebula Raven Emerald by EliseChaosRosetta Nebula is Awesome!! by SonicFan4ever2002 Happy B-Day GothNebula! by YoloStarling84 25th year Nebula by CyotheLion And the winner of this here 25th-year cake is... by dwaters220 Happy Birthday, Nebula by alexeigribanov Nebula the Hedgehog Gift by MsLunarUmbreon Nebula the Hedgehog by alexeigribanov Tough Nebula by YoloStarling84 |Gift| GothNebula by Pink-madness Gift For Nebula the Hedgehog! by NixatiaVixTheCat ::G:: Nebula the Hedgehog by ExorcistLilium Gift for Goth Nebula by AmeliaRozeta Nebula by Chant4Ezkaton2000 Nebula In Forest By Aonicathehedgehog by GothNebula Nebbieeeee by HedgieHaylee01 Nebula-commission by sonamy-25comm Request- GothNebula by TheAmazingGMan Nebula :Commission: by SassysGallery P. C Nebula by amyrose116  Gift  Nebula  By T00kun-d9lqhim by GothNebula .:Art Trade:. GothNebula by BlueVelour Nebula the Hedgehog by SilvstheHedgie Gift: Nebula for GothNebula~ by blissfulangel1994 ::PC:: gothnebula by Gabriel-black-cat For GothNebula by coolrubypham576 Nebula the Hedgehog -GIFT- by SilverMystion RQ:Nebula the Hedgehog by Unichrome-uni My Drawing of Nebula the Hedgehog (Colored) by RosietheEchidna Nebula the hegdhoge by EmakoBlue .:Gift:. DJ Neb BOOM by AshleytheSpeedWolf Happy birthday Nebula! by MokkunBunBun Baby Godzilla and Nebula by CyotheLion Happy Birthday , Neby ! by AshleytheSpeedWolf our little spy(gift for GothNebula) by sonicxamy135 Nebula by Mercurius-sama .:||Gift||:. Nebula the hedgehog by Sony-the-Hedgehog-32 Team Immortals by AlexTHedgehog Present: Nebula by Eisklaue Nebula chao by MintStarMari Comm. for GothNebula by SparklingCreator PC GothNebula by KeyaraHedgehog09 Nebula the Hedgehog by misternintendoking AT - Try me! by Artcat101 Nebula The Hadgehog by AngelaSaphireRose AT Nebula by Chenyuxi2012 Request#17(GothNebula) by N-SteiSha25 Gazing into the stars by TheLovetoDraw GothNebula Commish by Gigi-D Request by Enathegiraffe 10 RQ: GothNebula by Undead-Dreamsx Late Birthday Gift: Nebula by Mizael-Hikari Nebula by w-olftrigger GothNebula BDay gift by Guguda01 Happy BD GothNebula by CyotheLion Commission 80 by KeyaraHedgehog09 Nebula the Hedgehog by CyotheLion AT: Nebula by Mizael-Hikari Nebula by SpeedKick101 Happy Brithday :GothNebula:! by UltraSilver17 Nebula the Hedgehog by Snowleopard2801 Nebula the hedgehog. by shadaze4eva235 CM: Nebula the hedgehog by Argos90 Nebula the Hedgehog! by GlissBliss For GothNebula by Ashpony Nebula the Hedgehog by vlower AT. Nebula by Todesmarsch Nebula by heitor-jedi Comm: GothNebula by Anasko-x3 .For The Light Of Salvation. by ShowTimePSW Star Sapphire Nebula by Berty-J-A RQ Nebula by KeyaraHedgehog09

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Nebula The Hedgehog by Krockomodo
One for you 'n' one for me by KyuubiCore AT .:for GothNebula:. by KariRinLu3 AT: Nebula by Adi-Aoi AT .HeroNebula. by FernandaLaEriza Art-Trade- Hero Nebula by Alexander-LR Request Done. by taylorw2003 (RQ) ESCENA SONIC X ::Nebula the Hedgehog:: by PauDragonwolf Request for GothNebula by VaniHedgehog Akai and Nebula by LightTHrussian .:COMM:. Nebula by Weird-Panda Nebula Wallpaper  by Jappy12 Happy Birthday Goth Nebula by Natti10 HAPPY B-DAY Nebula! - late- by taylorw2003 air jump by yumeKasai129 RD: Nebula by mhedgehog21 COMM [GothNebula] : I Believe I Can Fly! by Handepsilon WIP - Nebula Body by Handepsilon WIP - Nebula Head by Handepsilon :RQ:Nebula The Hedgehog by XxLady-MinaxX Commission- Nebula Pokeball by Blazestar39503 Nebula The Hedgehog - Requested by Chant4Ezkaton2000 Rq   Nebula By Akaidalia by GothNebula Nebula the hedgehog (request) by kaya1231 Nebula  by Solixtis .:Nebula The Hedgehog AT:. by Keeshii-Mirun Req:Nebula the Hedgehog by AlishDark Nebula the hedgehog by Sonri97 Misery Severity and Nebula by XxMisery-SeverityxX Request  Nebula The Hedgehog By Dark Lord Spunky by GothNebula PC - Nebula the Hedgehog by JanaAngelKitty .:PC:. GothNebula by Mizukiee Nebula Request WIP by Evaelisa .:PC:. GothNebula by Mizukiee Trade: Nebula the Hedgehog by Zephyros-Phoenix Nebula the hedgehog for gothnebula by StarsInTheDarkness A.T Nebula the hedgehog by shadow--g Pc: Nebula Avatar 100 x 100 by RubintheHorse


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