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Fidget Spinner Daily sketch #568 by GothicVampireFreak Fidget Spinner Daily sketch #568 by GothicVampireFreak
These things are EVERYWHERE!
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zededd Featured By Owner May 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I totally don't have one of these... It's not black, all-metal and oddly relaxing... because I don't have one...
GothicVampireFreak Featured By Owner May 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Out of the blue they are a massive craze haha
I have nothing against them (I weirdly want one), just so amused and amazed at how MANY there are and the fact they are EVERYWHERE suddenly. 
I understand they are mostly for stress relief and such.

- The only thing I'm against is them being used wrongly in schools. I think it's pathetic that parents are giving them to their children and pretending they need them because they have ADHD when they do not. Every parent nowadays thinks their child has ADHD just because they play up or don't concentrate, and it's ridiculous. Instead these children swap the spinners in school, cheat other children from money for pretending to be able to get more, and play with them in class for NO REASON other than being annoying jerks (my mum says that they even take the magnets off and put them in their mouths for God sake.)
Those that actually have ADHD suffer because of these idiots, because it makes it so they are banned from schools.
zededd Featured By Owner May 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know that many kids want them just because their friends have them... I honestly don't know how to tackle that because let's face it: Kids will be kids!
I got one because I found myself anxious and fiddling with things... pulling hangnails, clawing at seams until they split etc... the spinner helps quite a bit and amuses me without bothering others.
GothicVampireFreak Featured By Owner May 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, exactly. Kids will be kids. Kids are kids. Kids will be annoying and not concentrate and put things in their mouths and whatever else, that doesn't mean there is something wrong with them. I'm just saying I'm annoyed with idiot parents buying them for their kids and using the excuse of ADHD when that's total bullshit.

They are a stress relief thing, as I said, so yeah, I have nothing against them as a product. 
And I'm not surprised you have one either. Because I remember you had a spinning ring and that's basically the same thing. Rings like that, spinners, cubes and whatever else, are all there for stress relief. :) 
I wanted one because some of them look lovely and, well, I'm the same. I fiddling with my hair, pull skin from my lips until they bleed, bite my nails, scratch myself...I'm anxious as fuck and always have been.

It's fine with people who need them, and children who need them too, but for those that don't need them, they are an annoyance. They bother others because the person using them doesn't need them and just wants to start havoc haha 
emmishbells Featured By Owner May 24, 2017
We have to sell these in the shop. They are the bane of my life XP
GothicVampireFreak Featured By Owner May 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
There are sooo many styles and types of them!!
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May 23, 2017
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