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My entry to the :iconthebrotherhoodclub: and :iconevo-obsessed-club: 's OC Tournament.

HAIR!!!!!:::: Her hair is naturally black, she dyes it.

None of my current OC's met all the qualifications.. as most of my current OC's are created for specific purposes. So I took an old one off the backburner and revamped her. Brotherhood style.

Sabrina Lolita Soto aka Tazer

Indepth History

Sabrina was born in the northern parts of Wisconsin, in a rura town. She was and is extremly close to her grandmother Grace Soto on her father's side, but her relationship with her parents and siblings has always been strained. She is the only girl of five cildren and her parents never really had any hopes for a girl, especially her being ther first born.
She acted up a lot at school, rebeling against her verbally and sometimes physically abusive parents and siblings. When she was twelve she was sent to an all girls prep school, from which she was kicked out three weeks later.
Her powers started surfacing around fifteen, but only when she was angry, and she never tended to notice.
She ran away from her home when she was 16 and found herself headed in New Jersey where she was picked up for theft and property damage. She made up a story about her not having parents, and since she was never reported missing, her story checked out and she stayed at the childrens home Convent House in Newark, NJ.
A fight with a few other girls ended up causing a more noticible manifestaion of her abilities, when she knocked two of the three girls unconceous.
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Heh, nice to meet you partner! Good luck...

(My partners are all better at drawing then me :( )