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Poetry and Prose
The Crypt of Malec Nac,Costel peered into the gloom before him, the flickering light of his torch seeming all too scant in the stale and noisome air of the space in space in which he now found himself. Having lowered himself through the black aperture in the hilltop that had appeared, seemingly while he and his fellow cutthroats had slept, it was soon all too apparent that this was no hastily dug hiding place or simple sinkhole, but a well made space of astounding skill and craftsmanship. This was clear to Costel, despite being able to make out little in the way of detail, as the walls seemed square and clean, except for what seemed to be complex carvings of some sort at first glance, and the space seemed completely dry. In fact, it seemed too dry for any subterranean structure within the eternal damp of Morgulia and Costel licked lips suddenly grown chapped as much from the seemingly unnatural dryness as from the nervousness that caused his heart to pound in his chest and ears with alarming force."Hmmph! At least this damned parch will have kept any loot in good condition." Costel muttered under his breath and tossed a handful of barley seed over his left shoulder to keep any malign spirits busy while he went about his work. Peering at one of the walls, he wiped away a layer of thick dust, revealing a portion of a mural graven with skill the like of which he had never seen even among the spoils of the Boyar his band had once murdered. Here, seated between strange and, to Costel's eyes, terrible runes lay images of great cities of a type and grandeur undreamed of surmounting labyrinthine catacombs of bewildering complexity. Next to this were figures of some sort, chattel and laborers paying homage under the watchful gaze of terrible warriors both like and unlike men, all to the glory of some sort of priest or sorcerer adorned in robes and finery. The whole impression was startling and caused an involuntary shiver to course through him and left him with the impression that he should be leaving an offering of his own rather than taking anything as he had intended. "I... I should get something and go..." No sooner had he uttered the words than he felt a sharp pain at the back of his head and heard ringing in his ears. Before he could register what had happened, Costel's vision swam and went black as he crumbled limply to the stone floor below.When Costel came to, his first impression was of lying against cold and dusty stone. His second was a throbbing pain emanating from the back of his head. Tenderly, he fingered the spot of emanation, his fingers coming away slick with his own blood. He had been struck by some assailant it seemed and with an oath he began to shift to a semi-upright position. It was only then that it occurred to him that he could now see more clearly as he seemed to be immersed in some sort of dim red radiance. As his vision stopped swimming, the first thing Costel noticed was a strange, and highly ornate, jewel encrusted dagger laying on the floor before him. The next thing that he noticed was the source of the light; two brazier-like pedestals above which were suspended by cunning craftsmanship great rubies smoothed into perfect orbs, and each the size of a human heart, which emitted a cold red light as though they were lit by an inner fire.Costel was momentarily stunned by these visions as his innate greed overrode his natural wariness at waking suddenly in a strange place after having been attacked, and his first thought was to take the dagger and stones and make a quick exit. This thought was quickly put aside however as a rasping whisper uttered alien, and yet strangely familiar, syllables to Costel's ears and booming within his mind the single word in his own tongue "DOG!" It was then that Costel tore his gaze from the riches before him to what sat upon the dais. Seated on a strange and ornate throne of some glistening metal was the thing itself; the very form of the sorcerer priest that he had seen adorning the walls when he had first entered this damnable crypt, but not as it had been. No. The strange robes and finery now hung loose upon its frame for its human flesh had long given way to the ravages of time and now naught but skeletal bones remained. Still, Costel could not escape the feeling that the thing was glaring at him from its high seat. Costel began to shakily get to his feat when the voice boomed once more in his mind "Grovel Worm!" Costel's strength immediately failed him and he fell flat upon ground once more, unnaturally prostrate before the figure upon the dais."You, one of the chattel, dare to enter my house of sleep, not with offering and obeisance as is my due, but as a petty thief! You would steal from the house of Malec Nac, Lord of Saulum! I who's mastery of powers beyond your petty conception laid low the savage Wampir and enslaved legions to my will! I, Malec Nac, for whom life and death are but playthings to bend to my whim and have looked into abysses beyond the void that would rend your meagre mind to tatters! You would dare to rob my house of sleep?!" Costel quaked and began to sweat, a sweat that evaporated almost immediately, absorbed by the seemingly unnaturally dry air. "Look you dog!" The light from the red jewels flared brilliantly and Costel could now see the further walls, at which sight an involuntary cry escaped his lips and he began to weep as he now beheld ranks upon ranks of skeletal warriors bedecked in strange armor and weapons of a similar but more warlike type to the dagger which lay before him. With all his heart he wished to do nothing more now than to run and escape this place, but his body betrayed him, refusing to move, held in place by the power of the first command given him by Malec Nac, that terrible skeletal thing upon the dais."Now worm, as you have brought no offerings except yourself, you shall render unto me that which you have brought. Stand and pick up the blade of sacrifice!" Shaking with desire to run, but unable to disobey, Costel stood and, shuffling stiffly forward, stooped and grasped the blade. The empty sockets of Malec Nac glared forward now seeming to glow with hellish power. "Offer unto me your sacrifice dog!" Before Costel could even comprehend what had been commanded, his own hands had violently driven the dagger hilt deep into his guts and, amid the agonizing pain, he felt the warm rush of his own blood gush over his still tightly grasping hands and he looked in ever growing horror as the the thing that was Malec Nac slowly stood from its seat and descended, step by step, that infernal dais until it stood glowering down at him from mere feet away. "Now slave, you will render unto me not only your life, but all you know of what now lies beyond my doors..." Tears streamed down Costels paling face as, in pained tones with failing breath, Costel told Malec Nac of the lands that he had until recently stalked, of the local Boyar and villages, and of his own band of fellow cutthroats camped so horribly close by...,

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Pope of Ghouls by D1sf0r14
Stupid Cupid  by CyberRaven
In The Meadows by PandorasMadness
spooky library by Shadowofjustice123
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Night after night by NeriMitsu
[Art trade] by FaithMari
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Black Orchids by Dandy-Jon





This is a group for everyone who likes: halloween, gothic style,
dark art, Tim Burton, vampires, angels and demons, Kuroshitsuji etc.

Welcome anyone who enjoys this world of darkness.

Please note that we choose the photos / works of the highest quality. The pictures taken with mobile phones, blurred, with too visible watermark, and drawings on dirty sheets or poor quality drawings will not be accepted! No Nazi's please!

General Rules

1.If you are a member, please have :iconGothicTemple : (without spaces) somewhere on your user page.

Note: If you want to install the "Groups" widget on your page, go to "edit page" on your front page, and simply install the "groups" widget!

2.How to Join

Click on the "join group" button that's on our front page.

Join requests are "subject to vote", so please wait till you are accepted.

3.You must be a member to submit.

Every member may submit ONLY 1 work per week.

4.All deviations must be "gothic" related.
(~gothic, dark, demons, halloween, vampires etc..)

5.No fully-nude pictures. No pornography/adult content pls!

6.YOUR ART WORK MUST SUBMIT DERECTLY INTO RIGHT CATEGORY. THE CATEGORIES LOCATED IN FRONT PAGE.( all you need to do is click on one of those to submit your work)

7.On application to become a member, we will view the really "gothic" works in your gallery. But remember! We search for only very good quality in pictures, works !!!

* Please DO NOT submit anything to the Featured Gallery, as this is where staff will put the best of them taken from the Current Favourites folder.

* Please DO NOT submit favourites from your own galleries! We will only accept submissions from your Favourites gallery - they must be someone else's work, not your own.

* All your submitted works go through a voting process
of our Contributors. Please don't be sad if one of your pictures is declined.
If you want to know the reasons why your picture was not accepted,
please write a short note in the declined submission, and an admin will answer you.

Ps. Note from Founder: Waiting for acceptance may take a few days so please be patient!!!








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Contest Announcement!

The studio's next project is an anthology of short stories set in Morgulia and so we thought we would do something extra special. From today through Sunday November 19th, I will be running a Morgulia short story contest. Up to 7 winners will be chosen and winners will have their stories published, with page length, setting, and tone editing done by myself, in the anthology with full credit and perpetual royalties so long as we continue to publish it.

All entries must be posted with the keyword #Morgulia , submitted to either myself or the Featured folder in the Morgulia fangroup here on DeviantArt, be grim fantasy horror stories, and have the main character or character's that the story focuses on be from one of the following factions (links for more in depth descriptions):

The Dobrinian Order; duty bound but uncaring and coldly stoic militant order upholding humanity's position of strength within Morgulia no matter the cost: Dobrinian Order Concept

The Tanizi Troupes; barely tolerated traveling entertainers and occasional thieves bearing a dark history and ancient curse: Tanizi Troupe Concept

The Manhunters; Ruthless men and women who specialize in tracking down and returning with anyone with a price on their heads, whether dead or alive: Manhunters Concept

The Mircalac; Vampires as corrupt and decadent as the are beguiling and dangerous who seek to make Morgulia their plaything once more: Mircalac Concept

The Zana Courts; bizarre and dangerous spirits from outside ordered reality that take on strange humanoid forms for their own unknowable purposes: Zana Courts Concept

The Cult of Gurath; peasant followers of a dark entity inhabiting the mountain woods of Morgulia and granted vitality at the cost of sacrifice: Cult of Gurath Concept

The Cobolani Clans; degenerate and cannibalistic fishers and ferrymen who have struck an unthinkable bargain with aquatic entities resulting in mutations: Cobolani Clans Concept

Finally, for those unfamiliar with Morgulia itself, more general information can be found here: What is Cursed Lands: Morgulia?

Good luck; I look forward to seeing what horrors you all unleash!

- Shawn, Horizon Point Studios
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