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Alchemy Gothic Dracovinia by UITUCA Alchemy Gothic Dracovinia :iconuituca:UITUCA 29 7 Can you feel the Goth tonight? by eglem Can you feel the Goth tonight? :iconeglem:eglem 22 8 Reaper Queen by AndrewDobell Reaper Queen :iconandrewdobell:AndrewDobell 783 49 ...Gothic Eternity... by MorbidiaMorthel ...Gothic Eternity... :iconmorbidiamorthel:MorbidiaMorthel 3,019 463 Severina X Sol by PorcelainPoet Severina X Sol :iconporcelainpoet:PorcelainPoet 306 39 The Wedding by Stillman-images The Wedding :iconstillman-images:Stillman-images 212 50 Creepy Victorian III by jakegarn Creepy Victorian III :iconjakegarn:jakegarn 276 14 On My Knees by LancelotTheVampire On My Knees :iconlancelotthevampire:LancelotTheVampire 12 28 Lenore by KristinaGehrmann Lenore :iconkristinagehrmann:KristinaGehrmann 1,211 130 Drowning in your every word by Shinobinaku Drowning in your every word :iconshinobinaku:Shinobinaku 319 65 Gothic Garden by FairyGodfather Gothic Garden :iconfairygodfather:FairyGodfather 68 10 Black Lady by MeliWallisdottir Black Lady :iconmeliwallisdottir:MeliWallisdottir 343 83
Tossed like rubbish by a wicked wave onto a jagged shore,
Tattered and malnourished, my heart can take no more.
Eyes cast up into a tantric, tangerine sky;
Heaven... so far.  Even the promise of a rainbow... a lie.
:iconqueendevious:QueenDevious 6 6
A collection of the Gothic Art we like to see around here... May each piece touch your lonely soul and inspire your dark and lovely creativity.


We stand by our friends. :heart:
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Angelic Witchery by AshlieNelson
Into The Lake Of Ghosts by AshlieNelson
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Nocturne Coven by AshlieNelson
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III / III by Kat-von-Rose
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Mature Content

Mature Content

Rebecca Chambers by asabelmori
Rose-n-Wood by StefaniaRusso
Funeral by AmbergrisElement
The Perfect Drug by Sass-Haunted
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Necklace with hand made resin cabochon by OkeMani
Handmade resin cameo with skull by OkeMani
Magic potion bottle - purple resin pendant by OkeMani
Handmade tentacle necklace by OkeMani
Gothic Style (2.0-6) by hyuugahinata-stock
Gothic Style (2.0-5) by hyuugahinata-stock
Midnight Fantasy Places Stock Background 4 by bonbonka
Painted Underwater Hair Stock by bonbonka
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New Gothic Souls ID by GothicSoulsClub
Gothic Souls Icon :enlarged: by GothicSoulsClub
Gothic Souls Club Stamp by GothicSoulsClub
In light of my recent return and even-more recent activism again here on dA, I have decided to return the Special Feature to ONE WEEK rather than ONE MONTH.

Every week there will be a new Featured Gothic Piece on our Group's front page.  The artist of said piece will be notified by Note.

**It would be nice, but not required, if you, as a member, would drop by the featured deviation and leave a nice comment, maybe of congratulations or just a compliment... because you know it will be something very good.  Faving the featured piece is also strongly encouraged.

Also... a quick reminder: Group Guidelines have been updated.  All members need to review before further submitting.
:bulletpurple:Click the link below.:bulletpurple:

:spotlight-left:… :spotlight-right:


What IS Gothic?

:bulletpurple: (Wikipedia) The Goths were an East Germanic tribe of Scandinavian origin whose two branches, the Visigoths and the Ostrogoths, played an important role in the fall of the Roman Empire and the emergence of Medieval Europe.
MODERN GOTHIC: The goth subculture is a contemporary subculture found in many countries. It began in England during the early 1980s in the gothic rock scene, an offshoot of the post-punk genre. The goth subculture has survived much longer than others of the same era, and has continued to diversify. Its imagery and cultural proclivities indicate influences from 19th century Gothic literature along with horror films and to a lesser extent the BDSM culture. The goth subculture has associated tastes in music, aesthetics, and fashion. The music of the Goth subculture encompasses a number of different styles including Gothic rock, Deathrock, post-punk, darkwave, Ethereal, and Neoclassical. Styles of dress within the subculture range from deathrock, punk and Victorian style attire, or combinations of the above, most often with dark attire, makeup and hair.  Gothic fashion is a clothing style worn by members of the Goth subculture; a dark, sometimes morbid, eroticized fashion and style of dress. Typical Gothic fashion includes dyed black hair, black lips and black clothes. Both male and female goths wear dark eyeliner and dark fingernails. Styles are often borrowed from the Punks, Victorians and Elizabethans. BDSM imagery and paraphernalia are also common. Goth fashion is sometimes confused with heavy metal fashion.

:bulletblack:What is ACCEPTABLE as "GOTHIC" in this Group?
  QUALITY visual art depicting Gothic fashion, architecture, and/or mood.  QUALITY literature encompassing the Gothic movement, feel, fashion, architecture and/or art of the Gothic age or modern subculture.  (Pieces of literature with grammatical mistakes, misspelled words and lack of theme will NOT be accepted... Yes, I read EVERYTHING.)

:bulletpurple:PLEASE BE AWARE that NO submission is allowed into the FEATURED folder.  There are several Folders in the Group Gallery; please make note of them and place your submission into the proper Folder.  Submissions submitted into the incorrect Folder will be DECLINED.

:bulletblack:GROUP FEATURE!  I have decided to do something very special and only feature ONE deviation per week.  This specially-chosen piece of work will be displayed on the Group's front page for 7 days then placed back into its proper Folder and replaced with a NEW piece. The chosen deviant will be notified via Notation of their exclusive Group feature.  
*NOTE: Only the BEST pieces will end up in Featured... don't submit crap.
**QueenDevious has the final say on what makes it into the Special Feature. :blackrose:

:bulletpurple:IMPORTANT:  The standard of quality has been raised.  From here on, each submission will not only be decided upon based on Gothic theme, but also upon QUALITY.  
**If your deviation is declined, please do not comment back to us hatefully.  Accept the majority ruling and go back to the drawing board... you can always push yourself to do better.  (About 95% of all art that was here... stayed here.  I only cleaned out a few things which were terribly composed or NOT Gothic-related.  From here on, however, not just anything will slip on by, only the finest Gothic art.)  EACH submission must receive THREE "YES" votes in order to be added to the Group's Gallery.

:bulletblack:The new submission allowances are as follows:  All members may submit ONE deviation per day per Folder.  If you have a deviation for EACH Folder... then, by all means, submit them all.  HINT:  It is better to only submit one thing per day or every few days.  If you wish people to take notice, don't reveal all your diamonds upfront; keep some in your pocket to be shown periodically.

:bulletpurple:PLEASE DO NOT suggest your own work as a Group Favourite!!!  This seems to happen way too often.  If you are not a member and wish your art to be here... then JOIN!  If you are already a member, you should know better.


I love all my dark little Gothic Souls and I want you to be happy here... these rules are only here to help make my job easier and to keep our Group functioning and beautiful.  Would you be proud of anything less?

Happy contributing!

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