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Rescue/Escape prototype game

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I have released an update for one of my small prototypes, Rescue and Escape which you can play on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The game has taken inspiration from ForAMouthfullOfBalls' Captive/Ada's Escape, pontikue's Normalin In Distress, and also the mode from the (now defunct) Damsel Dash game where you must escape.

There are 3 maps included: A tutorial map which explains some things about the game, a map based on ForAMouthfullOfBalls' Captive/Ada's Escape game, and the Person Prison from Adventures of Rebecca. The two modes are Escape and Rescue. Escape is where you must find a key to escape while avoiding capture while Rescue has you rescuing all the captives while avoiding capture.

I have made some touches to the graphics. The characters are now taller from the default 48x48 and there are now tied up and gagged graphics. Most of these graphics will also be used in Adventures of Rebecca.

You may wonder​ why I took 2 years to update the game since I uploaded the game at Oct 27, 2018. An explanation for this is that I have paid more attention on my game, Adventures of Rebecca, and I haven't touched the game until November 2020​ when I decided to give the game some more content like an extra map and a mode, and even some more detail like taller characters.

If you wish to support me, you can choose to donate on (which is also free) or support me on Patreon or Ko-fi.
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Is there any quicksand system in it? Like that one you posted a while back?

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This game doesn't include it but that system will be featured in the other game, Adventures of Rebecca. However, I don't know of any location will it'll be used but there's a test location where you can test out the quicksand system. If implemented, this is what the Quicksand System would look like.

I may plan on a quick rug but I currently don't have graphics for it yet.