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Working on a book cover for the book Protostar: Automatic Apocalypse by New York based writer Jesse Pohlman(

The Messenger is getting an updated look! I will post more as I am working on it.

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Getting into Oil painting. My instructor says I'm a natural. So I need to figure out if that's what I want to countine doing, and where to go to school.

Going to add my paintings in a few days. Working on new ones as well.
My mother just passed away. Taking the time off work to catch up on things before I'm back to school and work and life gets hectic again. I assume my work may go a bit darker after this? Who knows.

Going to be adding some of the pottery I have been doing lately. I love clay work! Definitely need to update my page though. I have photography and paintings as well. You would never know I do much other than charcoal and pencil drawings by looking though this gallery! That's all for now. Not sure if anyone reads these things anyway.
Got a nice new camera so I will be taking tons of pictures. When I get the time I can add new art as well.
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Making a book with poetry and artwork!
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I have the studio, I'm running out of the place I'm staying. WHO HOOO
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Not that anyone actually reads this.....The studio died. Lost alot of money on it. I don't have anywhere to work on my art and have kinda lost my motivation to keep doing. so I may update, or you may never here from me again. Depends on how the dice roll.
My finance talked me into getting a studio(an office space in a 5 story building) earlier this year, and I've been watching my income go into it and no revenue come back to me. Kinda sad really.

Also at the art show in June, I had a woman come up and ask how much my Japanese pencil sketch was, I told her $75 and her response was "Good luck" and then she walked away.  Not to mention I had a jewelery box I stripped by hand and painted it, put new felt on it....I ended up selling it for $20. That whole day I just felt like I've spent all these years waisting time trying to make something of myself and make a living off the only talent I had and for what? Just to be mocked. I barley made enough to cover the cost of the rental space fee for the show.

I don't know what to do with myself anymore. This whole art thing is screwing me...and not in a good way.
Well I'm disappointed that my show at diablo isnt going to work out but I will be having a show at the daily grind in lLockport, NY
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I'm broker then broke. I spent money on the print account and haven't sold a damn thing yet.

I have an art show coming up February 1st at Club Dialbo in Buffalo. It's a big thing but I don't know if I'm going to have anything ready for it. My inspiration is gone. I was fired then was evicted and now I just don't care. If I come out of it I might post something new but with DA's new thumbnail policy I really don't know if i want to go through the bother of adding even more clutter to my computer space because they cant be practical.
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Print Account

Thu Aug 30, 2007, 3:12 PM
spent more money then I have but...

I now have a print account and anyone can buy my art as prints, on postcards and on mugs and other items!

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I have been invited to sell my work at a Psychic Fair in Niagra Falls. Free of charge to me so I would make 100% profit. The problem is I need a ride.

I wanted to go to AllenTown Art Fest, but for $240 for a table on the street, those money hungy bastards can stick it.
So who wants to know all the shit that went down? (fast typing, lots o errors)

first Rachel writes me harrising messages saying I'm lazy  and I need to clean up the hopuse. Then she has a hissy fit and trows my stuff in the kitchen (mostly new food) all over the floor. Then she trys to tell me she  works all day so she doesnt have to do the dishes, that everyone else should do it for her. YEAH, LIKE I WANT TO CLEAN UP HER TV DINNERS Fucking cunt. Then from there it goes to her stealing my wallet and spending soome money in it.  IF YOU WOULD STEAL FROM SOMEONE MAKING $@% A WEEK YOU NEED YOU FACE BLOWN OFFF.  Not to mention when I first strated living there she would walk out of the house in MY shoes, MY hoodies and  TAKE MY FUCKING BIKE without my permission

After witch me and Paul decide to move. Then during our moving proccess she decides to take some of the boxes and chairs that were in the dinning room and trow them on the portch int he snow, and took me and Paul's stuff out of the garage and left that int he snow to. So that night I went up stairs to return a book to the guy she wishes was her Bf SAm. Adn shes up there alone. I ask her if shes the one who put my shit out side and she goes on about how I have no right to leave that there and blah blah.So I threw the book at her and proceded to walk out, she thought she could tackle me from behind and I would sit there and take her shit just as Donny wanted me to(he owns the house we were living in) So I beat the crap out of her, at witch point Paul heres it and comes up stairs. She tries saying I've been hitting on Donny and some other bull shit to try and make me look bad in front of Paul, I said I wasnt the one fuckign him. She didnt deny it....Some more words were exchanged and I belive yet again as I was walking away she came at so I hit her even harder this time. She was trying to fondle my boobs or something gross. Anyway I finnaly left. I kept screaming cunt at the top of my lungs.

Me and Paul spent ALL NIGHT moving out stuff to the new apartment. It was proabably about 4 am when we stoped. So a few days later we went back for more of our stuff, Rachels neice is loooking out the door, and its locked. I asked her if she would let me in and Rahcels yells NO. I told her it wasnt any of her business and Donny's walkign around not doing a fucking thing(did I mention hes fucking her? Hes 27....shes 17.....) I kicked the door and then Donny comes running out telling me I have no business doing thta and fucking ranting at me. I said  all I need were my mirrors and shit. So then Rahcels telling him no I had to have my stufff out of there by the end of the weekend or soemthing and I'm like or your his boss now? So shes tries comming at me flaing her arms around liek a fucking fruit cake, and Donny has to "hold her back" So Donny tells me to go to my house and Paul can stay and get the rest of our stuff. I started walking to my parents house and got halfway there and turned back, I yelled to Paul to get the stuff  I gave to  Donny for the kids . If hes going to be on her side he doesnt deserve anyhting I gave him.

In the middle of Paul moving stuff out, Rachels retsared ass comes out of the house and trows my mirror down the stairs and breaks it. Shes like yeah come at me! So I did. Fucking punched her dead int he face and knocked her down. I just kept swinging, I had it with her.  Donny grabs the back of my shirt and rips me off of her. So what happens...I think Rahcels dumb ass retreated into the house. I got into it with Donny...I said I was the only one with respect enough for him to not do drugs when we suposed to be watchign the kids, hje tries to say or well your boyfriend was, I said so, thats not me and no I wont stick up for him. My point is I'm the one who has respect for you ! And he goes on about how I didn't have to "attack her" And i said she stole shit form me and ruined my stuff but he wasn't hearing it. Then I told him the only reson hes protecting her is becuse hes fuckign her....that shut him up.  I went to my parents asking if they could let us use the van for my shit. I called Chuck(my brother) he wasnt home but I got his girlfriend who told me to call the police. I asked my dad what he thought and he said yes. So I did.

The cop gets there and I have my dad go down there with me. He walks int he house and asks for Rachel, shes liek are you here to arrest her for harassing me? He says what? did you call us? You odviously werent worried if you didnt call it in. He asks her if she broke my mirror and she said no I did. He says what? Rahcels like she has no right ot have her stuff here, then the officer says did you serve her a eviction notice? Of course there is no reply.  He said the only one that would be arrested that night would be her for breaking my mirror. And asked her if they have had similar problems with her(turns out htis same officer was there the night Rahcel was arrested for beating her mother) So then he asks me the worth of the mirror(I say $60) and when I want the money (3 weeks) then to call him if the money is not given to me by then. (As I found out a few nights ago, this officer is suposedly boning Rachels sister. I wonder if he knows shes got Hepatitus????)

This is not the end!

Rachel and or Donny have been telling Donny and Merandas kids notot like me. How immature is it to get the kids involed? What else.....Oh Yes! Sam found out that Rachel was back with her abusive ex James and Rahcel decided to move out....Then aobut 3 days later shes moving bakc in becuse hes in jail and she has no place to stay. I think Raechel said she was moving in with her sister becuse Sam said her sister kicked her out and thats why she went crawling back to him. And Donnys still trying to fuck both Rachel and Meranda.......

Oh yeah me and Paul had our 4th aniversary last Sunday ^_^
I moved out so I haven't been around. And my asshole brother deleted all my art and mp3s and everything else including pics of my friends kids off the computer so he could download porn and shit on here.    

Did I mention he has his OWN computer?
I don't knwo if you know what Cafe is, buts bacially a place that puts your images onto shirts and other things liek that and you can sell to anyone (you make a very low profit though) They seem to think one of my pictures is a violation. Do you think if you draw a picture of somoen famous (ie Bjork) its wrong to claim it as your own?
If you want to know what works I chose fro my Digital portfolio, go through my gallery and anyhtign that is mounted is in ^_^
Bad news for me! I am resubbmitign all of the work I decided to use for my portfolio. Clean them all up and make them look like they are mounted.

And soon I will most likly be adding some digital art to my scaps section so wait for that.
Ivy lives in the quiet city of Lockport, Ny. She has been drawing since she was in elementary school.  Her one one dream job is to be a tattooist.  

Her art is availble for purchase at:

Sister Moon's Broom Closet!
A New Age and Wicca Shoppe.
(716) 434-6666
4 Main St. Lockport NY
(Striaght on Rte. 31A to Lockport)

And Herbal Magick Inc.
(716) 439 5144
402 West Ave. Lockport NY.

Feel free to contact her at
I have to write a bio and don't what to put other then a few stupid things...

And I was goign to use all my art that had the most favs for my portfolio, but i cant seem to be able to veiw my fullgalelry stats, do i need a subcription to do that or is there soemthign wrong iwht my comp??