Grayson Chase is AWESOME!!!

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             yesterday, i was watching the ellen show when she showed her audience a video of a 12 year old boy singing lady gaga's paparazzi, but in his own style. when i saw it, my jaw just dropped 2 the floor and i sat there in amazement that this guy is only 12, but sings professionally & he posted his videos on his facebook & youtube page. he started it out w/ like 300, 000 viewers and its been only a day and a half and his youtube page on that video alone has gotten more than a million people watching this. he could be the next justin bieber *fan girl scream!!!* or better yet, he could be the next fred *ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!* go 2 this website… & see what you think of his singing

ttyl my peoples,
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