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It Grieves My Heart



The world is falling so cold and grey.
Shallow and empty life lingers on.

It grieves my heart, it tears me apart:
I hear this constant disharmony!

Now, now I ride with the mocking and friendly ghouls on the night-wind, and play by day in the catacombs. I know that light is not for me!

I’m lost in a dead world
With broken wings.

Human reality feeds upon a whore.
For what idols have these lowlifes bowed
Their heads to build up an empty world!
Kill the bitch on the cross!
Scorn their sacred loss!

And the sheep are making love
To the madness of the flow:
Is this all they know?
Madness of the flow:
Is this all they know?

The madness of the flow will take the final blow,
As the sun goes down over mankind’s tomb
In the universal graveyard of filth and slime:
This is our time!

I’m lost in a sick world,
Beholding the corruption!

Curse them all, lead them astray!
It grieves my heart they won’t go away!

Now I ride with the mocking and friendly ghouls on the night-wind, and play by day in the catacombs. I know that light is not for me, save that of the moon over the rock. And I know always that I am an outsider, a stranger in this century, aren’t I? A stranger among those who are still men.

[ It Grieves My Heart – Draconian ]

Finally. Finally this work is done. I started it back in July 2009 and it took me forever to complete it. Provided that it is not part of my Infernal Lords project (it was conceived and almost finished months before the idea of the series hit me), it simply represents the fall of Lucifer.
The longest part, though, was not building up a whole cemetery out of nowhere, but rather taking the stock photo of me due to lack of time whenever I was on holiday at my mother’s (and I needed her help with Lucifer’s jewelry and all). The background for this was quickly done in about a couple of sleepless nights, plus slight emprovements here and there. It’s beeh a hard work, but I had quite som fun.
And oh, yes, I’m a stalker of Lucifer and his minions: even not counting the Infernal Lords, half of the digital stuff I’ve done lately has got wings in it. Oh well.

Here is the army of people I have to credit for the stock on this work:
amptone-stock Cat-in-the-Stock, compot-stock, DamaInNero, Eirian-stock, Esmeralda-stock, AdaraRosalie, KnB-Stock, Moon-WillowStock, Mourge-stawk, photodash, raindroppe, seegie, togistock, LadyxBoleyn, personal resources.

Special thanks to Master, aka LunarShore, for his advices and help in finding the right stocks. :heart:
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