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Haven Tattoo

If anybody has been watching Syfy's Haven you will recoginise this as The Tattoo, well one of them there is another which I will post in a few days.

The screen shots I've got of the tattoo aren't all that good, but I think this is what it looks like.
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Dam now that is a tatoo which would be worth getting.
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Can I use this as an avatar?

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Cool! But I think that the two people on the left and right of the tattoo should be wearing dresses. You can get a better look at it if you look at Dwight's tattoo on his back
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I would love to see an updated version if I'm correct. This kind of art would be great as a sticker decal
You nailed it nice work that;s the one in the show
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Dwight told me to stay away from this...
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Very awesome to see the clean version up for people to see. :D
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I think this would be a neat tattoo to have.
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Is it OK for me to use this in some Haven artwork?
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Sure, just remember to credit.
Also can you please send me a link to your finished art if you post it.
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Thanks! I didn't end up needing it. The contest provided an official version of the tattoo for us to use.

Good news is that I did win!

Since you are a haven fan, here is my winning entry.

Thanks again!
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I wonder if this has something to do with the wheel of Ka? Hmmmm.
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oh this is awesome!!!! i love this show, my fiance and I are addicted to it..
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