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Alternative Mass Effect Universe

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Cacos - Bohemian Rhapsody

Jill and Slayer 2

The New Order: A Mass Effect Story (PDF)

Alternative Mass Effect Universe

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Celldweller skin

Alternative Mass Effect Universe

Cacos - Bohemian Rhapsody

Jill and Slayer 2

The New Order: A Mass Effect Story (PDF)

Alternative Mass Effect Universe

Characters of The New Order: A Mass Effect Story

Hurt Me Plenty 2

Natan Rogers (2212 CE)

Alumni celebration: family, friends and more

Kassandra - Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Mass Effect Occitania - Dana Melanippe



Synchronicity aka Syn (Commission)

Doom Eternal Cover in Kingspray Graffiti VR

A Message for Eclipse Supporters.

A Message for Eclipse Supporters.

For those of you who are tired of us complaining about the new site...Get Over Yourselves. OOooh Look at You! you managed to figure out the website! Ooooh Listen To YOU It's not so bad once you get used to it. WELL GUESS FUCKING WHAT! WE'RE NOT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of us joined this website with the old design BECAUSE! it was pleasing to the eyes. It was simple and felt welcoming even if at times it wasn't either of those things but at the very least it was pleasant. Eclipse? Is about as Pleasant as a CAT scratching it's Claws on a Chalk Board. Only instead of your ears bleeding it's your eyes. "If you hate it so much than leave!" You know what...I Would. If I didn't have Friends and Other things keeping me here. I'm 5 Years into my Guardian-Verse ideas and have only recently begun to expand them and make them coherent. As Much as I Fucking HATE Eclipse. I'm not leaving that would result in all of that hard work becoming MOOT and VOID. "Then Stop Complaining" You

Sophie 4

Doom Eternal - Lockdown graffiti in VR. WIP Contin

Scarlett Mathews (OC)

The New Order: A Mass Effect Story promo cover

Artist // Hobbyist // Digital Art
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My Bio
Hello, everybody. I,m from Latvia and i make interesting pictures from games. Also i,m playing PC games and making videos.
Humanity First: Cerberus Stamp by TheBadWolf Kasumi Goto stamp by MonsterOfStorms XNALara user stamp by Acidic-Saurian Mass Effect-Renegade by Azhaq Mass Effect Stamp by atmos00000 I support Femshep - Stamp by She-Kaiju
Mass Effect 2 Stamp: Grunt by Karithina Mass Effect Stamp: Wrex by Karithina Mass Effect 2 Stamp: Legion by Karithina Mass Effect Stamp: Garrus by Karithina Mass Effect 2 Stamp: Miranda by Karithina Mass Effect Stamp: Ashley by Karithina
ME2 Stamp - No One Left Behind by Leyne Mass Effect 2 Stamp by IndigoWolfe Illusive Man x Shepard Stamp by justdacat The Illusive Man Stamp by justdacat Miranda Lawson signature by Stealthero
Miranda Lawson signature 2 by Stealthero Legion Signature by Stealthero Grunt Signature 2 by Stealthero Jacob signature by Stealthero
Mass Effect 2 Fan Button by ZER0GEO
Mass Effect Renegade Fan Button by ZER0GEO
Mass Effect Fan Button by ZER0GEO

I love making images from games.

I'm a fan of Mass Effect series and other games.

Best game in my opinion: Mass Effect 2 (from all trilogy)
Totally my favourite game - DOOM :headbang:
Doom by TheRenegade01 Doom Skeleton Wallpaper By Yzk-Corp by Yzk-Corp Doom by DarkestCrusader DOOM by Azagth
Doom 2016 poster by HaikoWilson DOOM Imp Painting 2 by Xous54 DOOM Revenant Painting by Xous54 DOOM Lost Soul Painting by Xous54 DOOM Cacodemon Painting by Xous54
The game which i really like and enjoy - Mass Effect: Andromeda
Mass Effect Andromeda Stamp by She-Kaiju Mass Effect Andromeda Fan Button by ZER0GEO Mass Effect Scott Ryder Fan Button by ZER0GEO Mass Effect Sara Ryder Fan Button by ZER0GEO Mass Effect Cora Harper Fan Button by ZER0GEO
About me:
I'm a fan of all kinds of music, except for, hip-hop and rap. My most favourite genres - metal, hardrock, symphonic gothic metal and electro/dubstep.
Known languages: Latvian, Russian, English
Favourite color: Black
Favourite hobbies: 3D art, video recording, playing videogames, music.

My most favourite Youtube channels: Markiplier Stamp~ by MeganeSnow Jacksepticeye: Synchronize to the End! by Oreleth
Also: Antisepticeye fan by AISAKA123

My most favourite TV personality and chef - Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay (3) by EmpathicDesign
My most favourite movies - Mad Max, Terminator, Fast & Furious, Ghost Rider and Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith
Mad Max: Fury Road Stamp by LoudNoises Mad max fury road stamp by ShadowChaser12 Nux stamp by ShadowChaser12 Nuxstamp2 by ShadowChaser12 Immortant Joe stamp by ShadowChaser12 Furiosa Stamp by WesternSpice
Terminator Stamp by BrutalDyingBreed Arnold Schwarzenegger Stamp by trubbsy Terminator Stamp by neomiguelangel Terminator Stamp by MajinPat
Fast and Furious by MrFimbles :Vin Diesel: by Queen-Vegeta69
Ghost Rider Stamp by JourneytoRevenge :Ghost Rider: by Queen-Vegeta69 Ghost Rider Stamp by PixleRelish Ghost Rider Stamp by foreverastone Spit Fire Stamp by ZoraSteam Come at me Stamp by ZoraSteam My First Stamp! (Ghost Rider) fixed border ^^ by ZoraSteam
General Kenobi 'Hello There' Stamp by CassieCros13 'Unlimited Power' Palpatine Stamp by CassieCros13 Revenge of the Sith Stamp by CassieCros13 Palpatine 'Do It!' Stamp by CassieCros13
Some of my favourite bands:
Hollywood Undead Stamp by PuhshPuhsh Disturbed Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Arch Enemy Stamp by Oz-suka Heidevolk stamp by Matto-Sakujo Lacuna Coil Stamp by iZgo Sabaton stamp by lapis-lazuri Skillet Stamp by Riksie-Dixie Slipknot Stamp by HellviewResident Starset Stamp by IamHaden Fear Factory Stamp by Zap1992 + SEMARGL stamp + by Remilyah

Including Klayton. His music is absolutely the best. And Brett Autrey. :D
Wink... by 972oTeV WHO? o.O by 972oTeV Blue Stahli And What Is Love... by 972oTeV Brutt Stahli by 972oTeV
Celldweller Button by RosValeera :thumb758888079: :thumb758886857:
Anim amarth GIF by PaDubs Hollywood Undead Stamp by xXCougarXx Slipknot Stamp by PsychoSlaughterman John Cooper by stasiabv Horns by JUMBOLA
Mass Effect Cerberus Logo by Titch-IX Cerberus Shield by NoAng3l

Cerberus by sebons
Oba Stamp 1 by ScaryObama

Follow me on Twitter:

Favourite Visual Artist
Bob Ross
Favourite Movies
300, Lord of the Rings, Troy, The Hobbit, Terminator, Mad Max, Resident Evil, Machete, Fast & Furious, Star Wars, Ghost Rider, Christine, The Thing
Favourite TV Shows
Vikings, Spartacus, Midsomer Murders, CSI, Hawaii Five-0
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Browning, Disturbed, Nightwish, Skillet, Starset, Within Temptation, Scandroid, Celldweller, Carpenter Brut, Perturbator, Dance With The Dead, Depeche Mode, Five Finger Death Punch, Demon Hunter, Blue Stahli, Fear Factory, Lali, Thalia, Shakira etc.
Favourite Books
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Christine
Favourite Writers
Stephen King
Favourite Games
Dead Space, Mass Effect, Mad Max, Assassin's Creed, DOOM, Need For Speed, Star Wars, GTA 5, Painkiller, Saints Row, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, Blitzkrieg
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
XNALara, Photoshop CS6
Other Interests
Romance, history, science fiction, machines, music, actor's career and more.

I did a thing. :)

I did a thing. :)

I replaced the soundtrack in DOOM Eternal with Klayton's (Celldweller/Circle ofDust/Scandroid) awesome tracks. I would be very happy to hear his music in the DLC. :)
Follow my new Twitter page:
Guys, :iconshaunsarthouse: :iconwolfblade111: :iconberserker79:, i'd like to have a shoutout regarding my fan-fiction!

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ramtechProfessional General Artist

Thanks for the fav on my WIP <3

Dont forget to check the finished version too :D

Doom Eternal - Lockdown graffiti in VR. WIP Contin
atwenHobbyist Digital Artist

Thanks for the fav!

Let me know if you see anything else you like in my gallery!

GothicGamerXIVHobbyist Digital Artist
Of course.
MattC230New Deviant
Need For Vice

A little Lamborghini to show you. I recently finished NFS: Heat and grinded my way to get a Lamborghini Countach, just to fit with Miami-inspired setting.

And a cute girl to go along with this lovely car.

Disco Kasumi
GothicGamerXIVHobbyist Digital Artist
Cool.:) (Smile) 
GothicGamerXIVHobbyist Digital Artist