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when i paint i dream with open eyes, a wake sleep,
ready to die.
the lands i painted wait for me, in enjoy the walk, then i hear the grass, and become part of the plants i seeded.
I talk with the the trees, the mountains. Im already thin like air?
chilling…somewhat distracted me, im back in reality.
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a water mirrors a disdained one - where was myself all this time ?
this hands asking me, if they did something right till now,
silently, consoling feathers grow out my fingers and fluff tender over my soul.

suddenly a storm comes up and hope irrupts violently,
the flowers nectar cry for me
wild blows the wind by, the mirror disappears like always

but its another wind - i see another future, yet clearer and closer, and enjoy so much
as the sun comes out and touches me, i feel my legs levitating, walking over the clouds…i will try to fly, now…
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From my point of view, we all should rediscover the value of painting, away from super-realistic images.
It looks silly in my eyes to paint everything in an image-I'm not a SRL/compact camera or whatever, but a human being-and have the power to decide what to keep and what to ignore. Keeping the best, telling something more symbolic, emotional rather than to replicate-reflect something tangible with our eyes only. Furthermore, standards tend to uniform artists-they all look very similar in their -also noble- choices, painting  a gelid, crude, photographic vision instead to draw a proper vision, very near to realism but with more interpretation.
I think common people with low artistic education expects always the same products-but in truth, its diversity who generates the incredible spectrum of wonders. And artists also have the role to educate and encourage their watchers to accept wonders in diversity.  
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