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Haven't had that happen in  a while, though there really hasn't been a reason to write one lately (and most of my friends hide out on tumblr now too.)

Anyhow, twas thinking about projects I'll never finish again- Got back into Kingdom Hearts again, and thought 'hey, maybe I can make a SIMV to 'Field of Innocence' by Evanescence for Isa/Saix and Lea/Axel'. I ought to know better by now to tell myself no. I don't know the characters as well as Sonic characters, so this is taking a tad long. Took an hour and a half just to sketch this, and it'll need to be cleaned and colored later in PS;
Now, I can draw faster on paper with pen- I think now that I've familiarized myself with their designs, I'll stick to sketching there, and scanning for clean up. Hey, it'll be a nice distraction from school. People think I should try this?- I'm bad at staying on projects, really.
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I need to update with something...

I know that feel with projects. I have at least three sitting around waiting to be finished.