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Stupid Witches
Witches are everywhere
They try and dictate words, movement and thoughts
They walk as if they are immortal
Stupid witches.
They speak to people with such “power”
They try to control all
And they believe everyone is under their spell
Stupid witches.
You think you can tame all?
You think we are your minions?
You think you can get us to just drop everything and do it your way?
Stupid witches.
Let me tell you this
I am not your minion, your follower, your plasic model
No, I wont ever be that, want to know why?
Because you're a stupid witch.
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Mature content
Loki Wild Vacation :icongothic44:gothic44 56 61
Death by Love
As I wonder how it would have felt. I left wondering. It kills me not knowing. I wanted to feel his body against mine. His chest touching mine. Our heart beating together. My arms wrapped around his body. We would have stood there forever. In my mind it would have been heaven. My life would have felt complete. I would whispered in to his ear and said "You smell nice." He probably would have smile and laughed a bit.
These tears that run down my face. That fall to their death as they hit the floor. they come out for the man who stole my heart. I lean against the window ledge with my eye's closed. My mouth, buried in my crossed arms. The gentle patter of the rain. These thoughts through my head. The visions of pain and death. Things I could have done to my self. Ending the pain of love. Ending the beat that slowly will die. my breath cold and slow.  I open my eyes to look up at the sky. Clouds coving the beautiful sun that gives us the heat we need.
My body was weak, cold and mo
:icongothic44:gothic44 16 8
Dear Mr.
Dear Mr.
I love you
I will miss you
I will never forget you
You have made me laugh, Cry
You would always make my day
You made memories that I will remember for all my life
And always made me hyperventilate
Your jokes, some of the funniest I have ever herd
The lessons we've had
Those small moments alone
Sighs of love for me
I always would want to jump you
Even though your married
You would look so sexy some days
Others I just wanted to cuddle up with you in your office
I loved talking to you
I would get nerves
But I'd try to laugh it off
You would always calm me down
I loved showing you
My star wars books
I loved it when you would say nerdy thing
I would always smile
Although I am moving on
I will never ever forget you no matter what
I will always love you
good bye Mr.
:icongothic44:gothic44 15 11
Love Will Be
I'm in pain, I suffer everyday
People tell it will be fine
You just need some love
I tell them slowly as I whisper in their ear
Love will be the end me
Love is why I am here
Dying with breath, every thought
Love will destroy me like no one else
Love will be
The ground I lay died on
The one who will see me died
As it sees my soul drain off of my eyes
I will remember the was love
They say love keeps you together forever
Well love breaks me apart
:icongothic44:gothic44 12 4
I'm in love
I'm in love with my orchestra teacher, in tears for his love. My heart burning for him. The ring just like a wall. He keeps me happy. A kiss is all I want from my true love. Bleeding on the in side, but next time it will be the end of a knife. For my last breath I shall tell him I love him. Steal a kiss and forever lay there in peace
:icongothic44:gothic44 9 9
The Dying
I take my last few breaths before I'm gone for good. His voice right there, next to me. The love I'm going to lose. As tears ran down our faces, we remembered there's no going back now. As our lips meet for the first, my heart burns into pieces. He says to me "don't leave me" with the tears coming his fast. So slow, at the right speed. I remember how much I love him. Why I did this, because we would never be together, because we can't. "I wish, but I- I can't." I say softly into his ear. "no you'll make it, just wait please! I love you!" he says looking into my eyes. "I'm bleeding out fast and no way to recover now. From the moment I saw you, I new you were for me. Please don't cry, don't waste your time on me. I'll be gone within 3 minutes. You have your life, a son and a wife that love you. I'm just one student who couldn't bare the pain of not having you." I say with barely any voice. "I love you but I loved you to much that took my life. Good my true love." I kissed him one last ti
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California Breeze
I can feel it now
The breeze on the beach
The beautiful sunset
The warm air
How relax you are in your beach chair
The sounds of the ocean
Smiles of happiness
Take it all in before it gone
Playing your favorite song
Rollerblading, skateboarding, surfboarding
The palm trees that are sky high
Oh California
:icongothic44:gothic44 13 2
I cry for your love,
As I burn inside knowing you'll never know.
I love you, but you will never love me.
Only in my fantasy.
I dream of getting married,
Seeing you at the end,
With your glasses.
That smile and good looks.
Knowing that some one else is with you,
And that ring on your left hand burns me.
I'll hear you, see you,
But never touch.
I love your voice,
How its just one.
Like no one else's.
Just like your smile.
You brighten my day.
When you look at me for a second,
It feels like a year to me.
Hopefully you'll see one day I'm the one for you.
:icongothic44:gothic44 7 17
Can't You See
Can't you see were fading
It wont last long anymore
Why can't we be like before
When we would say the best things
Can't you see the cracks are getting to big
We'll fall right through
We are to far way know
Wont be to long before we're to far
The holes are getting bigger and bigger
You can't see it but we'll be over before you know it
I'm sorry about the sad ending but we'll be better this way
Can't you see I think its over
:icongothic44:gothic44 14 16
Kaylor by gothic44 Kaylor :icongothic44:gothic44 2 8 Nomi by gothic44 Nomi :icongothic44:gothic44 0 4 Ginger: Update by gothic44 Ginger: Update :icongothic44:gothic44 0 0 chloe: Update by gothic44 chloe: Update :icongothic44:gothic44 0 0
CW:Captured Part 2
On board the ship, Palmara was sneaking around. Opened the door to the cockpit, she found Sam flying the ship. Palmara came up behind her chair.
"Hey Nancy" Sam not knowing it wasn't Nancy. "Did she wake up yet?" Palmara turned on her lightsaber, putting it in front of Sam's throat.
"Tell me who you are and what you want with me?" Sam turning around in the chair with the lightsaber still pointed at her.
"What are you going to do? Kill me?"  they looked at each other. Sam threw a punch but missed. Palmara backed away quickly. Sam got up from the chair and turned on her lightsaber. They clashed their lightsabers. Sam pushed Palmara to the control board. Sam came running to her. They clashed lightsabers. Sam knocked Palmara's lightsaber out of her hand. Sam tried stabbing her. Palmara moved before she can.
"Who are you?" Palmara said getting her lightsaber.
Back in the room, Nancy was waking up. "she
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relaxing at the beach by gothic44 relaxing at the beach :icongothic44:gothic44 0 5



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Yes the whole thing will be rewriten. The same out come but writen in a better form. I've begun to write Ch. 2 'Temptation'. If you are waiting for that. Hopefully by X-mas the first chapter will be up. I have been hard at work writing this on my free time. I've been trying really hard to make it better, more detailed and everything. Hopefully you guys will like it.

Tell me down below what you think. :D


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