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Hey! I got the pic online and LOVE IT TO THE BITS!!! Its all done! Link to it!
I would love to get this as a foot tattoo, I was wondering if it would be okay if I used it x] I'd def take a picture to show you when it was done o:
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I love this, and so painted it on canvas for my room. Your art is fun and inspiring! 
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This is gorgeous. And I've seen what you've said about people can use the design for a tattoo as long as they don't try to sell it, so I thought you might be interested in knowing that there's someone on the AliExpress site selling your design as a temporary tattoo. I thought you might want to know that so that you can presue whatever actions you can.…
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I would love to get this as a tat, if you do not mind?
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hey sure i'd love to see a pic if you do =)
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Hello! I'm getting a tattoo soon and I wanted to get this. I was wondering if that is okay. c:
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hey that sounds good please send a pic if u get it
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Here's the link to it~

I love the tattoo so much, it is such a lovely art design. Actually, a lot of the designs you have are lovely. c:  
This design is sooo beautiful! :-)  May I please request to use this as an idea for my new tattoo? I love cats and Japanese art and your cherry cat is a perfect synthesis of both.
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aw thanks yes just send me a pic if you get it =)
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I would love to be able to find a tattoo artist I trusted enough to be able to turn this into one for me.

Gothic-Moonlight, I asked like back in 2007 to use one of your cat designs as a tattoo.. I'm still totally planning on doing it someday, especially now that my black kitty has passed.
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aw im sorry your kitty has passed away, what a lovely way to memorialize him/her =)
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A client asked me to make this cat a tattoo, so here you go: [link]
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thanks for showing me that looks great
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Whow! I'm going to use this one to for my next Tatt.
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I love this and see that you're amenable to people using it for tattoo ideas, correct?

Some backstory: My partner of 4 years broke up with me very suddenly about 2 months ago. I lost my home, several mutual friends...a lot, basically.

Through it all (and for several months beforehand), my black cat Amo was one of the few affectionate things in my life. I was able to stay with a friend and really pick myself back up rather quickly as a result of other peoples' kindness, although there were moments when I was fearful I would have to give my cat up for adoption due to the hardship.

A few kind-hearted people made it possible for me to keep Amo (they let him stay with them until I was able to find housing that allowed him too), and I'm just so grateful because he's still as affectionate as ever while I'm dealing with the healing process.

So I thought what better way to commemorate my struggle and my ability to overcome than to get my first tattoo depicting a little black cat so he can be with me wherever and forever? :)

I've looked through so many designs and I love yours the most. It'd be an honour to be allowed to use a portion of it in my design idea. Would that be alright?

I'll happily post pictures once I have it done (I'm looking at getting it done in July while I'm on vacation with a friend), and of course I won't sell the design or be making any financial gain on it whatsoever.

Gothic-Moonlight's avatar
aw of corse that sounds like it would be lovely =)
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[link] I did this 3weeks ago! I have to finish it!!! Thank you for your adorable idea!
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Gorgeous! This really would make an awesome tattoo! Nicely done. :squee:
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You're very welcome! Do I have your permission to use this for one of my next tattoos? It will probably be within the next few weeks or so. I'd be more than happy to post a pic on here if you say yes... ::fingerscrossed::
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