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It feels so much....catlike :) even though there are just few lines, it feels really alive and catty.
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Your work is stunning! What're your rules on letting people use your designs as tattoos? I'd love to get one done but I'd feel weird without asking for your permission first. :)
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your so kind, of coarse you can use my deigns as a tattoo id love to see a piccy =)
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this is amazing!!!!
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I love this! My next tattoo will hopefully either be your Cherry Cat design (which you already gave me permission for :dance: ) or this one, if you're okay with that? Of course I'll post a pic of whichever I decide to get first!
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I finally got this tattoo! It looks awesome...I love it! I want to show you a pic, of course, but I'm not sure of the best way to do that on here. :blush:
Any suggestions?
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Thank you again...I really do appreciate it. Looks like I'll be going in June but I'm still not sure which one I'm gonna get at that Like I said though, I'll definitely post a pic with a link back to your profile once I finally get them. :excited:
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That's a gorgeous design, I love it! Cats and Spiders are my two favorite creatures<3
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I love it, it is so beautiful !
Love it, can I request permission to get this one tattoed as well please?
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It is very pretty. I used it to decorate my notebook with it, I only changed the tail. It's a great work^^:love:
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Well make it small
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if I do get it it'll be on my shoulder. :3 So it won't be like overwhelmingly big
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But then I'll see it....
Dangit I see no matter where it was...
That doesn't sound right
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Um what do you mean by no matter where it was? O_o
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