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cat design

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You seem to have similiar cat-styles as mine =) <3
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Because it is outstanding, I would like to add your image to my museum of feline art on dA.
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it's awesome... so beautiful. May i use it please?
Gothic-Moonlight's avatar
certainly ^^ as long as you dont sell it in any way =D
clauuupig's avatar
jajajajajajajja OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!! i didnt even think about selling it!
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its rly nice and simple

though the cat looks pissed or afraid heh
it would make a great signiture^_^
Wow! Great design! I'm looking for inspiration for a tattoo of a cat for my babies Linus and Radar.
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This is a BEAUTIFUL design. I have an affinity for black cats and already have 1 black cat tattoo, I have been thinking of getting another one. Would it be all right if I used this design some time in the future? I will definitely let you know/link you if I do!
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Would it be alright if I got this. I have a tattoo on one side of my chest and I think this one would be perfect on the other side.
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sure ^^ as long as i can have a piccy after !
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I love it! It's simple but so effective! Very good design :clap:
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AWWW!! I love how simple it looks but how i unno how to explain it btu i want it :O
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Yes... very clever indeed.
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I think the design for this is very clever. I like it.
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