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Got Linux

By gothic-hades
This is my first submission here on DeviantArt. I hope you like it. I didn't do the actual art of the penguin. They are images I got from a website, but the instant I saw them I knew I just had to make the 'paper. I hope it doesn't offend anyone. If it does... oh well. But if you, like me, think it's cool, then enjoy! Thanks!
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LOL, don't we all feel like this at times! ;)

Tux Rocks!
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I don't really see how anyone could find this offensive. Linux is an invaluable and amazing addition to the digital world, and it's completely free. I think it's something everyone can honestly agree is high-quality as well as stylish.

Anyone who finds Linux offensive probably doesn't understand what it is at all. XD Nice first deviation.
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I have Linux, penguins remind me of when I met SuSE. Nearly beat the distro with it's own repos. All 20 of them... Lesson was never use a distro that doesn't know what it's doing.
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Yes I got Linux
Knoppix and
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kool man! kan ya tell me how to upload the pictures?
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linux is a great operating system, but i still like windows. CHECK OUT MY LINUX DESKTOPS!!!
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I like it. Linux is awesome. :D The Tuxes came out really cute!
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i really like it! :) great work!
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I love penguins
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definitely the one in the very middle is my favorite.
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tux tux tux, i am sooo loving tux!
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Hum you didn't mention from what website you took the penguins?
I'd like to go check that place.

And my opinion, that doesen't give so good image about Linux.. o.o
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I love Tux!!!

And Linux is cool too (ignore my avatar please. lmao)
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You just have to love it!! :D
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I LOVE the penguins!!! great job, i am adding it to my favorites!!!
MWAHAHA thanks

Word out,
DJ P¥ngúin
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wow.. thats extremely funny .. =D (Big Grin) =D (Big Grin)
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haha i love the expressions !!
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Yeah those penguins are quite digable, nice.
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cooooooooool. i'm not much for linux, but i dig the pengies...
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