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Little Moth, fly away.
Sleepy eyes of a little moth.
Fake stars twinkle on the ceiling.
Artificial dreams of my little moth.
A figment of endless longing for perfection.
Distracting illusions, walls built to protect.
Help blur these harsh edges of reality.
Gentle wings of a little moth.
Wings torn by years of imprisonment.
Darling, rest your little head. Wipe away your tears.
Protected, naïve, ignorant, vulnerable.
Do you know where you are heading? Don't be foolish.
Blind after escape, fluttering to the moon.
Do you know what's out there for you? Don't seek my guidance.
Following a trail of stars into the darkness.
Little Moth, you're on your own. Flutter your wings.
As the inky moon dips into the shadows of dawn
A blazing sun awakens, rays flood over the land.
Don't complain, my dear. Dreams and luck are not fairy tales. Create them.
The moth is lame, struggling in yearning for the bright sun.
Alone and helpless, wings too weak to fight th
:icongothclaw123:GothClaw123 6 8
Who am I.
So much emotion builds up in me at times. I think that makes me different. After all, all I want is to be different. To not be perfect. To not be same. Same. Same as everyone else.
I wish I could just let it out. No one to talk to. No one to trust. I always had these issues…trust issues. I keep blaming. I keep saying I've been hurt. Pretending to be wounded for the attention that I desire. I never understood that some people give love even without a cause. I still can't grasp the concept. I struggle to understand, and she's helped show me so much, that real pain exists in the world, beside my broken illusions.
I want to be the girl that sings in the rain. The one that dips her hair in a silver pond and laughs like a twinkling wind chime. The girl who dances with bare feet in the morning forest. The silhouette I wrote about.
I complain. I whine, as if my troubles should concern everyone. I don't hug unless I deserve one. I don't love unless I trust. I don't trust. Never have, at le
:icongothclaw123:GothClaw123 4 23
Failure xD
This is a dead attempt...
Dead as can be...
Yes let's rhyme
       .... being stupid and free.
I sound ridiculous
      ...but I love to rhyme..
Listen to the voices
      ...jingle and chime!
Just kidding my friend..
Where can you be?
Why won't you come back
         ....And listen to me
I ramble on and on
about nothing important
my rhyming pattern just changed
and I am an
Important and elephant hardly do rhyme
but listen to this crap
I'm wasting my time..
Finally she's back...
and we're right on track
Let's not do free verse...
lets not do rhyme...
lets just do a poem
about pineapples and lime!
and cake and desserts...
        that's really so sweet
    lets just do a poem
with a good beat!
with rhythm
:icongothclaw123:GothClaw123 1 6
                                                                 Day by Day
Felix sighed deeply, relaxing his tense posture. With a frown, he leaned back into the somber shadows of the quaint little café booth.
A group of his friends sat around him, laughing merrily and sipping their drinks. As always, Felix kept his distance, slumping against the booth's corner of wall and cushion. He blinked slowly, his eyes leaden with fatigue and boredom.  
Yawning again, Felix sucked on the straw, waiting for the tingling sweetness to touch his tongue, but rather, listened to the gurgle of straw grasping empty air. Gradually, after a few tries his lethargic mind r
:icongothclaw123:GothClaw123 2 23
Trapped in a fairytale
You're trapped in a fairytale,
Your own fantasy world.
You wove a cliche storyline,
Where the prince falls in love
with the girl.
You keep patiently waiting,
For your perfect ending to come true.
You keep convincing yourself that,
in the end,
I'll be, with you.
Your lost forever echoing
The beautiful, love story
every child once heard
The lovely princess,
so dazzling and smart
and the handsome prince,
who fought to win her heart
Sadly, real life is so different,
from your fantastical, fairytale ending,
In real life
there's no romeo love story,
just broken hearts still mending.
In real life
There are no brave knights
conquering evil forces
or noble princes
riding on gallant white horses
In real life
bad guys tend to win
bullets never miss
love is just a fairy tale
And there is no "magic" kiss
Your so enveloped by vivid emotions,
So blinded by so-called "love."
And all I can do for now,
Is pray to the heavens above.
I pray
one day you'll wake up from your fairytale,
And look
:icongothclaw123:GothClaw123 3 9
I love the baby
I love to hear the gurgling happy giggle of the baby
Her tiny fingers reaching towards my warm grasp
I love her cute smile, her toothless grin, and big brown eyes blink up at me
She loves me most, she loves me more, and I unconditionally love her back
I love the feeling of the baby's warmth
And her shallow sigh as she drifts asleep to her perfect baby world
Her pink shirt and pink pants, adorable, so pink
I love her sweet giggle as she waves her arms
Toys chiming and rattling back at her
I love her baby babble no one comprehends, and the way I babble back
The way she's mine forever, forever and forever more
She's like my personal bright sunshine and basket full of love
I love to  hear the gurgling happy giggle of the baby
Because only that brings me so much joy
:icongothclaw123:GothClaw123 1 13
Why I don't love you
On that solemn night I heard
Your retched screaming
How dare you scream?
At him
At me
How dare you?
I closed my eyes to the world
The world you left crushed for me
The mama bird that forgot her baby
Breathy pleas and sobbing scorn
So easily you left us without a second thought
Dreadfully alone
A child's naïve hope you have destroyed
Regret it?
I look back with fiery eyes, dowsed with tears
I only look back to wonder if you care
Otherwise, I walk away, run as fast as I can
Away from the motherly instinct that seems to have died in you
A savage soul you are
Purely tainted
So inhuman
So, I can't cleanse memories of you out of my brain
Well I'll make sure you understand I've given up too
Forever you are the woman who ripped my soul
And I told you so
Before everything fell apart
No, you would never be forgiven
I remember that night clearly
Me, and him, shivering in fright,
Hurt, so much crying, sobs
Together, but broken,
Worries and pain,
I remember myself go
:icongothclaw123:GothClaw123 4 14
My name is
My name is Selena...
and your my eternity...
My oxygen, my aura, my soul...
I'll go wherever you go...
The way I miss you is indescribable...
The way I want you is undeniable...
How can you not know my name?
I'm invisible, silently driven insane...
Yet you say you don't know me?
It's okay let's take this slowly...
My oxygen, my aura, my soul...
I'll go wherever you go...
My name is Selena...
and your my eternity...
:icongothclaw123:GothClaw123 1 17
A real goodbye
Selena shifted her backpack awkwardly from shoulder to shoulder. The straps felt unusually restrictive, but then again, everything at that moment felt wrong, awkward and unusual.
She stood like a caged animal in front of a room full of bored looking 3rd graders. Her peers reflected herself, the dull stare and the tense lack of composure. Yet, she couldn't identify the odd emotion pulsing through her. The only word to describe it would be anguish and emptiness, but those words were not in young Selena's vocabulary yet. Therefore, the word she chose that was fitting was...frozen.
Time was frozen. As if someone stole Oxygen and made her brain woozy. She knew that when people departed in movies, beloved friends were supposed to shed melancholy tears and hug in tune to sappy music. The person moving was supposed to have racing thoughts and clammy palms.
That is why everything felt so incredibly wrong, since all Selena felt was blank shock and a cold sheen spreading over her body like an icy
:icongothclaw123:GothClaw123 6 39
Twisted Love
I'm fighting for something I never had
I sent my heart but you sent it back
You left me broken
You left me torn
My love's token
My love scorned
I wanted you
You wanted her
You told me I would never learn
I took my pain
I took my burn
Now I've cried, it's your turn
Feel love's sting
Feel love's wrath
Hear my tortured, sadistic laugh
I laugh to hide what you've created within
This twisted journey has only begin
:icongothclaw123:GothClaw123 5 17
You imply I was caressed by an angel
Do blessings cause such pain?
I think I'm scarred by the devil
Did his torture make me insane?
If God made me in his image....
        Why am I so hideous?
Teacher's say we're all unique and special...
        I think it's ridiculous
Oh forbidden apple, crimson is your skin...
Oh forbidden happiness, I'll find you deep within...
Take that knife and come to thee
Cease my despair and misery
You imply I was caressed by an angel
Do blessings cause such pain?
I think I'm scarred by the devil
Did his torture make me insane?
:icongothclaw123:GothClaw123 4 13
I flew around the world in eighty days
They said, a one way trip unless you pay
I stood upon a gorgeous winter dandelion's hem
Reaching up to pluck the blooming bulb from the stem
I sat under dazzling, honey sunshine and watched bats screech into the light
I waited for the moon to rise, unleashing colorful butterflies into the night
I savored the steamy, salty textures of ice cream, tickled by pepper
I licked the icy, sweet flavors of pie crust, sprinkled with sugar
I soared, floating upwards towards the crystal depths of the ocean
I dived down, sinking with gravity into the milky, coated layers of the sky
I was one in a million...
           I was unique...
           I was exquisite...
           I was...
I was confident and certain
:icongothclaw123:GothClaw123 2 16
random meme
1.) First list all your OCs by first name so we can see your list of all your wonderful OCs (I only chose 8 lol I have more xD)
Selena Vasquez
Jazpur Dominik :heart:
Felix (who-lacks-a-last-name)
Karter Renolds
Illixa (also needs last name)
Sofia Pierre
Percy Dobbs
Sarou Vasquez
2.) Who is your favorite OC?
LOL if you know me then you know this answer, Duh? Jaz Dominik :) He is hawt, my ideal guy-ish, and very developed character
3.) Who is your least favorite?
I love them all :(
4.) Who is your most developed?
Selena probably, since she is based off of me, I know her best :) Sometimes she takes over -.-
5.) Which OC would you want to date if they magically came to life?
HOLY CRAP duh? JAZ OMFG JAZ :D *swooon :heart:
6.) How many girl OCs do you have? Boy OCs? It Ocs?
Too many xD
7.) If you were stuck in a burning building what do you think the third OC on your list would do?
Probably Felix or Percy will save me :) Felix is super kind hearted and loving, Percy would call the police but
:icongothclaw123:GothClaw123 3 12
Jaz by GothClaw123 Jaz :icongothclaw123:GothClaw123 9 25
Lust or Love
                desire                            desire
           Desire ~ Lust                  Lust ~  eriseD
       Desire            Lust           Lust           eriseD
     Desire                Lust       Lust                eriseD
:icongothclaw123:GothClaw123 8 27
Monorail Kitty by GothClaw123 Monorail Kitty :icongothclaw123:GothClaw123 11 29




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