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DBM Universe 5

Fanart of dragonball multiverse :D

Saiyans from Uni 5 and its only my idea for fighters from this universe :D


Toma SSJ2
Totapo SSj
Celipa SSj
Pambukin SSJ
Bardock SSJ3!! :P

Refs in use :D
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¿Quién de todos era Toma?

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The ultimate end to Bardock's research.
Bless you for this art.
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seripa looks more ssj2 to me.

looks awesome!
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Hi, I  programmed you fanart for this evening 18.00 on the official FB page, great work :)
I would have liked this universe. :)
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Universe 3 would work perfect here, but no, the saiyans got killed by a VG character
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Tapion, Piccolo and Bardock?
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I meant that in universe 3, the saiyans killed Freeza, therfore the Bardock team would work ok in universe 3
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But he wouldn't be a SSJ

Though I have a new idea
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Eventually he would be :)
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Wanna hear my idea?
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Szkoda że zamiast tego mamy Birusa zmienionego w starego dziadka :(
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I Like Super Saiyan 3 Bardock More on this Picture.
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Ten świat jest naprawde zajebisty, szkoda że ich nie ma, może by wygrali :D
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Turles: F*CK NO I'M OUT
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ooo cool love the multiverse!
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King Cold, Cooler, and Frieza: [link]
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nicey nice if only Akira Toriyama would spent more time on these chars
love it
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