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Wing Tattoo

:) this is one of my two tattoos (my other being a nautical star on my right ankle) i :love: tattoos. i always liked the ideas of having wings and flying away :P :D my tattoo was done by Duane at Eternal Art Tattoo.
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I love your wings! I want something like this some day.
XDarkxKairiX's avatar
Those wings are beautiful.I always wanted demon wings but those are awsome.
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Ummm, this may sound weird and your probably going to say no, but i was wondering if i could use this image in a photomanip, just the tattoo though?
gothangelgirl's avatar
ya no problem :P lol but i wanna c it when u do it k
TalaTheDeviant's avatar
thank you soooo much :D :p
JDeko's avatar
it looks really nice, i love wing tattoos like those!
shat-tered's avatar
Ohh I like it! :)
digitalskyline's avatar
BEST wings tattoo i've ever seen! i LOVE IT. props to the artist, & you for getting it =]
PinkRainToday's avatar
How much did this hurt? I'm seeking to get a similar tattoo, same spot or about; lovely work.
gothangelgirl's avatar
not to bad but its worth it ;)
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I've heard the pain being like bit by a sharp puppy's teeth, is that right? xD
gothangelgirl's avatar
lol kind of, i guess and it depends on where you get your tattoo some places are more painful than others
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hey, i've got that shirt too. lol
i love the tattoo
Seathismycat's avatar
AWESOME i think i'm gonna get wings on my back but i'm gonna get full back done and there gonna be like all bony with few feathers in them .. like fallen angel's wings.
Len-onibaba's avatar
Hey how much was that? Because I'm trying to get something like that, except I want demon wings.
gothangelgirl's avatar
it cost about $300, but prices are different depending on location of shops ive noticed that around here any way
Len-onibaba's avatar
*shakes head*
That's alot.....well too me it is!
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I like it best when they are able to give the wings a realistic apperance.
that's really cool! He/she did a really good job on making that them there wings ;D
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