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LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? Commission me!

I take :points: and USD, and my prices start at $2!


Cheryl and I did an awesome dreamworld thread with Chanjask and Keita. We both loved it and didn't want it to eeeeeever end, so here is something to remember it by, woohoozles. I'd say "hope you like it" but you've already seen it so loooooooool.

Yeah, ehm, I spent a lot of time on the fur with this one. I didn't do anything with the background so it's just pretty much an edited stock image with a tree I made thrown in on the right to replace the one from the original picture since I couldn't get them to jive. Also, I think I didn't crop out the bottom pixels that were still white but oh well.

BUT I really like this. :heart:

Aaaand yesterday night I saw A Good Day to Die Hard and it was awesome. It was all BANG BANG and CAR FLIPPING and PUNCHING and someone got turned into a cloud of blood by helicopter blades. I was so happy.

wolf & background: ~xCrystals [ x ]
tree texture: =jocarra [ x ]
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This is nice, great edit :)
forestcat's avatar
O.o That wolf looks familiar o.o
gothams--reckoning's avatar
That's because it's Keita, silly! I made you surprise present. :) Woo.
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Here's me being MOAR EXCITED NOWZ *bounces around and rolls all over it with love* :D

(last night I was super tired, forgive me?)
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I know her colors aren't exactly right, but I'm not a perfectionist at recoloring yet. I did try my best though! I think it's pretty close. :) Also, I really like her eyes.
forestcat's avatar
I do too actually. When I can scrounge myself more time, is it okay if I work eet into her table somehow?
gothams--reckoning's avatar
Mhmm, but put the stock credits on there puh-lease.
forestcat's avatar
'course. That's why I have to find myself more free time first amidst all of this craziness lately.:)
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