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Rules and Guidelines

1.If you use the sketches, lineart, stock photos etc. created by someone else, please ensure you have permission to do so. It can either be because they've give permission to everyone i.e. in their artists comments it says 'Feel free to colour and/or ink' etc. OR you actually asked the artist yourself. Also please credit the artist/model/stock photographer in your artist comments.

We are employing a 'benefit of the doubt' rule. All inks and colours, photomanipulations will be accepted as we will assume you've read the rules and followed them. However if art theft is suspected or is suggested by someone else, we will check with the original artist. However you will not have your artwork removed until we get a reply from the original artists saying this was stolen/edited without permission.

2. If you have commissioned a piece of relevant artwork and you have been granted permission to post it in your gallery, you may submit it here as long as the credits are given.

3.Other characters dressed up as a Gotham Girl character should not be submitted. Because the art isn't actually of Catwoman, for example, but rather a picture of another character dressed up as CW, it wouldn't count (cosplay excluded )

4. This is less of a rule and more a guideline. We don't have a submission limit but to prevent flooding, please try and restrict yourself to maybe five deviations a day give or take one or two.

5. We do accept mature content i.e. nudity, violence etc as long as it doesn't conflict with dA's rules and it has a mature content filter on it.

6. Crossovers are accepted but use your discretion. For example, your Catwoman and Spongebob Squarepants crossover might not work out but Watchmen and Catwoman for example? Fine.

7. Redesigns are accepted as long as we can still tell it's the character in some way.

8. No recreations. In other words, do not recreate another person's art work in their style. For example, a comic cover drawn in the same style as the original artist. We don't mind if you recreate the cover in your own style but no outright copies. Great for practice but we prefer to have original work or at least your take on it.

9. Finally, we don't encourage elitism so if you spent time on it and it's relevant, submit it. The only time we decline is if you've sent in a one minute doodle that only just looks like the character on some lined paper for example. Submit the work you'd want to associate with yourself.


Well, I got the break I wanted so I will be leaving this group as an archive and accepting no more work to it. And no I'm not leaving the club to anyone else.

Now this club may now have ended and I may be out of here. But if you are a part of the Miss Gotham 2012 contest or you're just following it, you can still continue it as  TRDLcomics has been kind enough to host Miss Gotham 2012 at his group TRDL-R3-WeeklyJam

Here is his message and how the contest is now going to go down:
I would be willing to host the remainder of the contest on :icontrdl-r3-weeklyjam: , which is my weekly art challenge group. I can create a folder specifically for this contest.

If you, as the owner of this group, and the participating contestants that are still in play, are agreeable, it would be a three step process:

- One, all participating members of the contest need to join :icontrdl-r3-weeklyjam: (It's a fun group, and we pick weekly character or theme subjects to do, all remaining open indefinitely and people can add to older jams at any time. Many of us do redesigns, which makes this contest a great fit)

- Two, I'll add all the contestant submissions to the new group locations, which will require people to approve the group additions when they see the message appear in their Messages panel. Then once they are all in,

- Three, we'll set up the voting for round 02 and prepare for round 03.

I would really like to thank :devthirdraildesignlab for this offer and I am personally happy to accept. So if you were taking part in Miss Gotham please do pay attention to this.

So that means, I will be leaving this club and this website with a clear conscience! Good luck to TRDLcomics and good luck to all of you, whether you're taking part in the contest or not!

I've really appreciated all the support you've given me and this group :)

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Is this group still functional? I submitted some artwork, but it just keeps expiring.
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I'm a good and experienced comic flatter/Comic Colorist Assistant,
I can work full time in very low rates.
I can handle rush or scheduled pages.

If interested just email me at:

And here are my samples

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same as thingamajik, but his message date from february, I guess this group must be dead
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We've been trying to submit our work for a while now, but it just keeps on expiring, so we're leaving here a link instead for when, perhaps, you return to the group:

Two of a Kind - Partners in Crime Necklace:…

The Dark Knight and the Kryptonian- Batman (and Batgirl) Inspired Earrings:…

Thank you very much!
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