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So first, looking for gems as the title says. 
Need like 200ish to get a eternal youth scroll. 

Can be a human or a pony! 
(I assume everyone knows what my human art looks like-) 

Pony Style Ex: 

Update > 
I'm not 'officially' off my hiatus, but. I'm here. I'm reading and looking through things. 
Still not myself, but. I've got to keep on drawing. 
I'm posting this from mobile as a general notice to anyone who has been wondering about my latest inactivity.

And I'm going to cut this short to save everyone and myself the heartache. Atleast as short as I can manage.

This year has been cruel to not just my family but also myself. We've lost four pets in the last three months to age and tomorrow [later today], the conclusion to the pain we've been going through since the end of June.

To be short, my grandmother was diagnosed with Lymphoma, however before they could start chemo to potentially save her life, the disease got the best of her and she's being supported only by the support machines and medications.  My mother and grandfather made the call to have the machines turned off later today.

Most of my art career has been fueled by the careful encouragement of my grandmother. She still even to this moment has it on the fridge, her phone, everywhere she could hang it. This woman is a massive part of not just my career as an artist, but as a close friend and one of the most important people in my life. I cannot begin to explain how things will be after she's gone, because frankly I've never wanted to consider it.

But there's only so many more hours to start wondering; what now? With that being said, I may take a temporary hiatus. My muse is burnt to embers, there's not much drive to continue lately. I know I will return soon to my work, that's no mystery. What am I without it?

But for the next week... two weeks... month, I think it's best that I take some time to mourn. To figure out what comes next, to try figuring out where I go from here. I do hope you guys don't mind waiting on my return.

I may during this time offer small commissions on my other account for chibis or ponies, maybe adopts to support my pets. But painting isn't something I see in my immediate future.

Please keep myself and my family especially in your thoughts while we go through this. Again, I apologize for my inactivity.

You may find my other account @ GhoulST4R

I will also respond sparingly to discord if anyone needs me.

Thank you.
- Devon, (Gothamed)

[ Commissions are ON HOLD. ]

=== Paypal is HIGHLY preferred right now! ===
100Points = $1USD

Buy Me A Coffee

If you can't pay with paypal, please use Ko-fi!


[ Terms of Service ]

What I CAN Draw: 
-> Any humanoid-looking creature. (Humans, demons, angels, simple aliens, etc.) 
-> Some humanoid-looking monsters. (Ask first, please.)
-> Ladies, gentleman, and nonbinary friends with most(?) body-types.
-> Detail heavy outfits or complex designs. (This does NOT include hard-detailed armor.*)
-> NSFW, SFW, or simply suggestive material. (Gay/Straight/Whatever)
-> The following fetishes are AOK here: bloodplay, bondage, petplay, tentacles, anything that isn't weird.
-> Magic effects or summoning sigils. 

What I'm NOT GOOD AT Drawing:
-> Traits: Wings, animals, short-short hair, beards, bulky anatomy.
-> Anime or cartoon characters
-> Weird perspectives/angles. 

What I WON'T Draw:
-> Strange fetish art (vore, watersports/scat, blueberry thing, stuckage, etc.)
-> Macro or transformation art.
-> Spoof art or OCs designed to harass other users. 
-> Poses from JJBA

Extra Charges:
+$10 For armor flat-colored. || +$15 for armor shaded. || +$20 for complex armor. 
+ $10-$30 for complex backgrounds. (Price quote required.) 
+ $5 for extra effects such as magic shimmer/heavy glow. (It's time consuming.) 
+ $20 for any centuars over waist-up.
+ $20 to add a 3rd character to any 2-person picture.
+ Please ask me about item prices or heavy burn scarring. 

Divider2 by Gothamed

SKETCHES || Concept Art Style

Mature Content

[PA] Bad End by Gothamed
  [PA] Quint Concept by Gothamed  [PA] Frey by Gothamed  [PA] Carousel by Gothamed

> Sketches come w/solid colored backgrounds.
> Messily shaded with up to one highlight color if requested.
> Quick turn out.

$5 / Base Price (Very Simple Sketch)
$10 / Option 2 (Full concept art style.)

Divider2 by Gothamed

CELL SHADE || Sketchier Lines / Full Detail

[CM] Rikuto by Gothamed  [CM] Melchior by Gothamed   [PA] Merci by Gothamed [AT] Tobaru by Gothamed

> Background can be anything from transparent to standard quoted.
> Shaded in quick cell-style.
> Medium speed turn out.
$10 / Headshot (shoulders up)
$25 / Knee Up (first examples)
$35 / Fullbody (last examples)

Divider2 by Gothamed

FULLSHADE || Refined Lines & Details

[CM]Artemis by Gothamed  

Mature Content

[CM] Nicodemus by Gothamed

Mature Content

[CM] Lisette by Gothamed
  [CM] Damien by Gothamed
> Background can be transparent to complex. (w/quote)
> Shaded with full lighting effects and theme work.
> Busts use arm as cut off point, usually don't have backgrounds with.

$20 / Headshot (shoulder-up)
$25 / Bust (first two examples)
$35 / Waist Up (belt line up)
$45 / Knee- Up (third example)
$65 / Fullbody (last example)

Divider2 by Gothamed

[CLOSED] CHIBI || Fullbody, Squishy Style

[PA] Cerise by Gothamed  
> I have dozens of examples. Need more? Ask.
> Transparent BG only, can be cropped down as an icon.
> Buyer specifies the pose / theme.
> Have minor shading by default.

$10 / Simple Design (First two examples)
$15 / Medium Design (Third example)
$20 / Complex Design (anything w/wings or detailed outfits)

Divider2 by Gothamed


*Fill out one form per commission type.
[ PRICE]: x

If interested in commissioning me, simply comment your form below, unless you have questions first, then please ask away! Thank you! 
I have a REALLY hard time finding my place in the community, so. Downsizing my hoard to just the ones with stories and stuff.
@_@ May be willing to haggle!

Willing to look at other species (only Dainties and/or necrobies.)
Otherwise, I'm only looking for USD through paypal!

  8Revamp by Gothamed Fabien (Kintaur) -Male- by Gothamed
SOLD || ($40) + 1 extra fullbody
Jack (Male) by Gothamed Fionyre (Male) by Gothamed
($50) +3 other artworks || ($30) +3 other artworks

You can check the Kintaur masterlist page for their traits, which I can link you to, if needed.
So, I'm honestly just looking to kind of explore some more unique oddities for my species before I work out getting the trait sheet finished. (Though honestly, there isn't any special traits except mutations and modifications. I like giving ppl variety.) Before I do an adopt batch, I'd like to make sure the ppl who REALLY wanted one, got one.

Archae Look Like...
[PA] Vile Beast by Gothamed[GA] Archae Betas by Gothamed[AT] Archae Beta 3 by Gothamed
Read More About Them HERE! | Design Masterlist!
[Note: Their society is not meant to be very pretty. That is why the designs I produce are 'rebels'.]

These are going to be QUICK, come with two forms and be done on a quick personal concept chibi base I use. 
Please note that Archae are currently a 'closed' species. Mainly just meaning you cannot make them without written consent, as this is an 'alpha' build. I'd rather not go big and open until I've ironed out everything. [This base!]

All Archae have a technical 'fake' form. Which is their Glamour-On appearance. It reflects their hair as pastel, eyes are more toned down, and their skin tones more natural. Almost elf-like, in fact. Though this is all a magical hoax, as truly they appear like the examples above. An example of the 'glamour' appearance is below. 
[Ref] Merciel Tempus by Gothamed

They are ALPHA designs, as in if I change the main concepts of the species, your's will be the same.

If you do wish to order a custom, I welcome you join my group!

EDIT: New base added!! :D Also new order thing! 

You may request certain mutations, but I cannot promise you will receive all of them.
You may also purchase up to three during this event.
[CHIBI] BASE PRICE: $1 / 100pts
- Glamour only form. Will take about an hour.
- You design your own feral! 
[CHIBI] BASE PRICE: $3.50 / 350pts
- Done on the base shown, will be finished fairly fast.
- Drawn freehand in the 'official' pose. (Small Ref Sheet)
- May take up to a week+.
[MYO SPOT] BASE PRICE: $5 / 500pts
- For the basic look with one or two mutations. 
- Must be submitted to Stash and msg'd to me for approval.

Note: If you'd prefer a mystery design, only fill out what you want and leave the rest blank.

Username: --
Tier: (Chibi/Fullscale) 
Gender: (Male/Female/Unisex/Neutral)
Alignment: (Rebel/Traditional) 
Type: (D/S/Y)
Theme/Palette: (Links or words here for colors and outfits.) 
Design: (Special design stuff here. Hair color/eye color/etc.) 
Hairstyle: (Long/Medium/Short/Whatever)
Mutations: (You pick/s/ here.) 
Details: (Animal ears, special effects, glitter or glamour here.) 
Restrictions: (Things you DO NOT want. Especially colors. V. important.)
Other: (Anything else you can think of here.) 
Payment Method: (Points/Paypal)
This is my first time offering these busts publicly. Beforehand I've only done them for friends or myself.
First off, this isn't an 'emergency' sale. I just really want to buy myself some merch/clothes without using my supply money.
These are not 'slots' you comment, you get one. Peachy, peachy.

> I'm gonna call this the 'Devon really needs new clothes' sale.-

I accept PAYPAL, POINTS, and FiXT Store Giftcards ONLY right now.
Payment expected upfront. || Special does not currently have an end date!

[PA] Ghastly by Gothamed[CM] Kitty by Gothamed

This bust will feature both arms, lower-torso up, and be fully transparent bg.
Watermark is placed in the corner at 10% opacity.
I will NOT be doing full suits of armor during this sale.

What I can draw:
Guys, gals, and nonbinary pals.
Lots of clothes. Lots of details. No clothes. Lesser details.
Humanoid only. (No furries.)

Other examples w/this shading style:
(Oldest to newest)
[GA] Neon Lights by Gothamed [PA] Plummet by Gothamed [CM] Fragile Little Things by Gothamed [Pin-Up] Merciel by Gothamed

Finished Pieces From This Sale:
[CM] SG by Gothamed[PA] Tristan by Gothamed[PA] Gaz by Gothamed[CM] Valerie by Gothamed
Don't worry about commenting like 'Can I have a spot?'
Just comment your filled out form!

[Character Link]: 
[Character Name/Pronouns]: 
[Character Personality]: 
[Other Notes/Requests]: 
[Payment Method]: 

If you're interested in more body shown, or for something pin-up styled, just ask. <3 Codes for Art!

Mon Jul 10, 2017, 8:46 AM

I've seen a couple of other people doing this and iiiiiiii really don't need all these extra codes when I've already gave everyone I know codes in the past.

I've got 10 codes, I have no idea what the trade value on these are. 
Really just looking for art of a couple of characters of mine. 
(Primarily icons / chibis / little things like that.) 

Probably? First come, first serve. Dunno what the interest value is. 
If interested, you've got ONE MONTH to finish the art. Maybe two if you just ask rly nice.
Once you complete the art, you get a code, yay. 

> Character I'm mainly looking for art of right now: Merciel (whom is male.)

But! Comment below, I'll hook'ya up.
Probs only gon' give out about eight of'em rn. :3c

Codes Pending:
1 Robinftw [Done / Code Sent!!]
2 Birdy-Is-Sleepy [Done / Code Sent!!]
3 Eevee2343 [Done / Code Sent!!] 
4 Glass-Clouds [Done / Code Sent!!]
5 Azuldragonmaxamus 
6 xXStormLilyXx [Done / Code Sent!!]

Template by firstfear Edited by Gothamed

Looking For Commissions

Sun Jun 11, 2017, 11:04 PM

But wait, there's specifications!

And yes! I am STILL looking!! I will be leaving this journal up for a week or so, and referring back to it often! Thank you all for posting so many wicked journals and information sheets. Keep it coming. ovo

As the title implies, I'm looking to get some art done of a couple of characters of mine. But!! Not just ANY art, like i actually have a preference and guidelines and stuff since usually when I post these, well. It's not what I'm looking for at all. 

I have points and paypal, also can offer art in trade. BUT!!!
I'm not insanely wealthy, like it'll say below, I'm not looking for super time consuming art.

Characters I'm Looking For Art Of:
[Ref] Gaz Obsidian by Gothamed  [Ref] Cethin de Valle by Gothamed
But wait, it gets more complicated- 

What I'm looking for:
- Primarily headshots, chibis, sketches, or little stuff. 
- Art that pays attention to BODY TYPE. Do not add weight/curves to my characters. 
- Cartoon-like(!!!), interesting, and bizarre art styles. 
- Art-styles that do not look exactly like every other art style I see. 
- Flat and or minor shading, I don't really care, I'd like something quick? 

What I'm NOT looking for:
- HYPER REALISM. It's cool, but not what I want right now. 
- Backgrounds. I really just don't need it?? Solids/transparents are AOK. 
- Anime styles that literally look the same as every other anime style. It's cool, but not my thing. 
- NSFW. Not what I want right now. :') 
- BASE ART. ^ ^; Honestly, I can do that myself, so no thanks.

If you dunno about where your art falls, offer anyways. Can't hurt, right?
I may not find literally anything, but I shall atleast give this a shot. xux

> If you're interested in an AT, remember to mention that in your comment.
> Don't link me if there's a 5 month waiting period. xux
> I'm extremely... extremely picky.

Template by firstfear Edited by Gothamed

[ Commissions are OPEN. ]

100:points: = $1USD

Buy Me A Coffee

If you can't pay with paypal, please use Ko-fi!

What I CAN Draw: 
-> Any humanoid-looking creature. (Humans, demons, angels, simple aliens, etc.) 
-> Masculine appearing characters. And sometimes feminine appearing characters. 
-> Detail heavy outfits or complex designs. (This does NOT include hard-detailed armor.*)
-> Fairly simplistic interior/exterior backgrounds/foregrounds. (Or transparent.)
-> NSFW, SFW, or simply suggestive material. (Gay/Straight/Whatever)
-> The following fetishes are AOK here: bloodplay, bondage, petplay, tentacles, anything that isn't weird.
-> Magic effects or summoning sigils. (I won't judge if you want literal demon sigils.) 

What I CANNOT Draw: 
-> Predator styled alien characters. (I'm not THAT good yet.) 
-> Animals for the most part. (I just don't know how yet, give me time.) 
-> Extremely detailed mecha-based characters. (Still learning to draw robots.)
-> Full on nudity. (I actually just don't know how to color the naked form well.)
-> The following fetishes are NOT OK: inflation, vore, scat/watersports, that blueberry stuff, foodplay, the normal ickies. 
-> Spoof OCs or characters designed to harass another user. (That is not nice.) 
-> Real-life people or characters copied from real life people. (Just not comfortable on that one.) 

Extra Charges:
+$10 For armor flat-colored. || +$15 for armor shaded.
+ $10-$30 for complex backgrounds. (I hate complex bgs.) 
+ $5 for extra effects such as magic shimmer/heavy glow. (It's time consuming.) 
+ $20 to add a 3rd character to any 2-person picture.

Divider2 by Gothamed

[GA] Len by Gothamed [AT] Irizah by Gothamed 

($5) Type A: Headshot Sketch w/ Gray Shade (Colored Eyes)

> One character only. Must have visual reference w/eye color. 
> Semi-messy shading with shaded eyes. You're allowed to color it.

[PA] Alpha by Gothamed[PA] Sparrow by Gothamed[PA] General Taelus by Gothamed

($10) Type B: Headshot (Normal and/or Cellshade.)

> One character only. Must have visual reference w/ colors. 
> Typically on a transparent BG.

[PA] Glory by Gothamed [PA-V] Lowlife by Gothamed

($15) Type C: More Movement Bust (W/Simple Background)

> One character only. Must have visual reference w/ colors. 
> Please specify a general idea of what expression/mood you want for the pose.

[AT] Ichiko by Gothamed [PA] Plummet by Gothamed

($20) Standard Bust

> One character only. Must have a visual reference w/colors. 
> Please specify a general idea of expression and/or mood for the pose.
[CM] Valerie by Gothamed[PA] Ghastly by Gothamed

($25) Semi-Painted Bust

> One character only. Must have visual reference w/colors. 
> Please specify the 'mood' / pose for the picture.
[PA] Wenrin Gale by Gothamed [GIFT] Try It by Gothamed

($25) Type D: Hip-Up Card Style (w/premade BG)

> One character only. Must have visual reference w/colors. 
> Please specify a general idea for expression and the mood of the picture.

[CM] David by Gothamed [CM] Nazario by Gothamed [CM] Jasper by Gothamed

($30) Type E: Knee-Up

> Up to two characters in simple poses. Must have visual reference w/colors. 
> Please specify a general idea for expression and mood for the pose.

[GA] Late Nights by Gothamed  [PA] What'd I Ever Do by Gothamed

($45) Type F: Couples Art (max of knee up.)

> Up to two characters in interacting poses. Must have visual ref w/colors. 
> Please specify the mood of the picture and genre of the pose. 

 Gaz by Gothamed

($45) Type G: Fullbody (w/ w/e shading)

> Up to two characters, somewhat tame poses. Must have a visual reference. 
> Please specify the mood and genre of the pose/pic. 

!! Poses are ultimately MY choice, but ideas do help. 
!! Prices are just ballparked, if the character is SIMPLE ENOUGH, I may give you a different price. 
!! I also do point commissions.
!! I use Manga Studio's 3D drawing dolls for poses.
!! Backgrounds require a PRICE QUOTE.
!! If a price is outside your budget, NOTE ME. I like negotiating. 
!! If you're wanting sketches of diff types, NOTE ME. Prices vary!! 
!! If you note me, I can promise you I can find something in your budget. 
!! I post all commissions, and everything is watermarked forever. 
!! You're allowed to alter your commission after you receive it. 
!! You're allowed to repost (with credit) your commission. 
!! You're NOT allowed to make money off my art. EVER. 
!! If it's for commercial work, please do talk to me first, prices vary. 
!! I do reference sheet commissions, but that requires you to TALK TO ME FIRST. 
!! Please remember I am human, allow between 1-2 months for things to be done.
!! This is to ensure I've plenty of time in case of emergency. 
!! Refunds are only offered if I am unable to do your commission. NO EXCEPTIONS. 


*Fill out one form per commission type.
[ PRICE]: x
Divider2 by Gothamed

If your idea inspires me enough, you may receive extras.
I can accept: points or paypal
100pts = $1USD

Divider2 by Gothamed
*Can be any humanoid-like species. (Kemonomimi, vampires, fantrolls, and the like included.)*
* I do not draw animal companions to go along with for free. Sorry! *

Standard Complex: 500pts / $5.00USD

Complex designs have special patterns, unique markings, and are more detail heavy in terms of outfit and body.
Complex by Gothamed
[ 100pts / $1.00 for Additional Simple Outfit | 250pts / $2.50 for Additional Complex Outfit ]

Divider2 by Gothamed

Overly Complex Designs: 800pts / $8.00USD

Overly complex designs take a little bit longer but can include small armor bits.
Complex 2 by Gothamed
100pts / $1.00 for Additional Simple Outfit | 250pts / $2.50 for Additional Complex Outfit ]

Divider2 by Gothamed

Simple Designs: 350pts / $3.50USD

Simple designs still have all the patterns and such, but aren't so detail heavy or fancy.

100pts / $1.00 for Additional Simple Outfit | 250pts / $2.50 for Additional Complex Outfit ]

Alternate Base: 300pts / $3USD

Base by Inkdrop-Adopts, turn out is much faster and can be done that day.
Alt Base by Gothamed
100pts / $1.00 for Additional Simple Outfit | 250pts / $2.50 for Additional Complex Outfit ]

Fullscale Design: 2000pts / $20USD

Comes with one outfit and a 'nude' body. Will be much better as male, but also can be female.
[Ref] Virus by Gothamed [Ref] Minx Matryx by Gothamed

Finished Examples can be found here: HERE and HERE. | All finished designs will be posted on my C0UR1ER account.

I really hate putting a price tag on something separately, it just takes so much time and research to get these things right that I feel the typical prices just don't entirely cover it. From now on, complex designs do NOT include armor. Armor has it's own price to save my hands from having to do 100 suits at a time. ^^;

Terms of Service:

*For all customs / adopts / etc*
- First, and foremost: No refunds. Payment expected totally up front.
- Once you acquire the design, you're allowed to only redo the pattern of markings, change the hair/manestyle, or dull/brighten the colors. Please keep the design close to the original in some form. You're allowed to add clothes, remove clothes, add peircings and scars, give them animal ears, pretty much whatever as long as the design remains semi-the-same.
- You're allowed to genderbend, I don't mind that at all. 
- Please credit me for the original design the first time you draw/commission/write about them. (Mainly so it'll tag me and I can go look at it.) 
- DO NOT RESELL WITHOUT CONSULTING ME FIRST. I'd rather you not resell at all, but I'm aware that in some cases it's mandatory. But you ARE allowed to trade or gift my designs to other people, I don't mind at all as long as you let me know.
- If you reupload the design, remember to place proper credit. That is mandatory. Only reupload the watermarked versions.
- If you reupload to my user on there is the same as here: Gothamed. 
- I have a legit phobia of ducks. 

More Information: 

> Customs come with an outfit, and bare body reference BY DEFAULT. [EXAMPLE] They will have some sort of naughty-bit covering just so no one blows their lid. Want a version with no 'undies' layer? Just ask! It's as easy as removing a layer. Maybe you want more detailed undies instead of the solid black? Just lemme know! But your complex order automatically comes with a complex default outfit + the bare body. 
> I have no concept of majorly 'simplistic'. I go overboard a lot, you may order a simple and get a complex. This doesn't happen a lot, but there are just some ideas that are not simple to do in any style. ESPECIALLY gradient heavy themes such as pastel goth, or steampunk's pattern heavy style. Anything with MECHANICAL PARTS or TENTACLES, or quad-colored hair is considered COMPLEX. NO EXCEPTIONS.
> I AM NOT GOOD WITH PASTEL DESIGNS. AT ALL. PERIOD. I won't even beat around the bush, I don't have much personal draw to these themes, and with such they often look somewhat... off. I'd recommend not commissioning me to do them, but I will if you ask me nicely and like 35 times. 
> I have made my own premade parts for customs (mask base-shapes, wings, and tails) that I use frequently. Everything else is done by hand, at the time of the customs creation. Thus why you may see the same wing shape show up more than once. I DO occasionally do special wing designs and the such, but it is VERY rare and depends HEAVILY on the design itself.
> To be blunt, I have a hard time doing feminine male designs. I never know if I'm doing something right or wrong. So if you're requesting that sort of design, PLEASE include example images, I cannot stress this enough. It helps BOTH of us, I can assure you. ; v ;
Remember, feel free to send me links to fashion, music, scenery, even random pictures that you think will go best with your idea. Seriously! It MEGA helps the design process. Also, don't be afraid to send me a fuck ton of color palettes. One is fine, but thirty is awesome! Go wild, let your creativity flow. AND! Last reminder, please try to include the colors you don't want used in the restrictions field, this helps a bunch too.

If requesting a certain style on the 'theme' area, I'd appreciate you linking me to an example just in case I've never heard of it!
Mystery Designs are the same price as the tier of complexity.

If interested, please use the following forms--

Custom Form:

Username: --
Tier: (Simple/Complex/AltBase) 
Add-Ons: (If none, ignore this field.) 
Extras: (Whatever you wanted for extra things, complex/simple extra outfits) 
Gender: (Male/Female/Unisex/Neutral)
Theme/Palette: (Links or words here for colors and outfits.) 
Design: (Special design stuff here. Hair color/eye color/etc.) 
Hairstyle: (Long/Medium/Short/Whatever)
Details: (Animal ears, special effects, glitter or glamour here.) 
Restrictions: (Things you DO NOT want. Especially colors. V. important.)
Other: (Anything else you can think of here.) 
Payment Method: (Points/Paypal)
Price: -- (Put the price added up here.) 


( Limit 2 customs per slot and 1 extra outfit per custom. )
I'm labeling things weird, if you're thing says (2-5) that's slots vs customs.
Singles Slot is good for 1 Custom with a max of 1 extra outfit.
I do things in 'payment received' order.

S = Simple | C = Complex | M = Mystery | U = Unique
UPDATE:  Please remember: Customs take time.

1. == Temporarily Held ==
2. == CLOSED ==
3. == CLOSED ==
4. == CLOSED == 
5. == CLOSED ==

Final Notes:

I work on things in the order they come in, sometimes that can mean it may take longer than a week to receive your custom. (And sometimes I work on the simples and mysteries first. Depends on the time of day I'm working.) Don't worry though, each and every design isn't posted until it's high enough quality that I, myself, find it acceptable. With that being said, if we negotiate a discount, your design will still remain the quality shown above. So, if all you can pay is 50 points, you'll still get a good design. I'm not biased, everyone deserves to have pretty characters. That being said, if you are not 100% satisfied with a custom, let me know and I'll redo what's wrong. If the entire thing is wrong, you're allowed to gift the design away or we will raffle it, either way, you'll get a new design to replace the incorrect one. Any questions? Don't be afraid to ask. Too shy to comment? Feel free to note me.

UPDATE: New examples and stuff~
Not ENTIRELY first come first serve. || Payment Upfront.

Trading Characters (Closed Species included)

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 23, 2015, 8:59 PM
Ponies, dogs, cats, people, closed species, I got a ton that I don't use, haha. 

Closed species  wise, I have...
- 1 Bottledog.
- 1 Fluffaboo
- 1 Sugarpuffer
- 1 Tranceling 
- 1 Koitsune 
- 1Sprichi

Most of  them I've kinda.. fallen out of love with, haha. 

Link can be found here ->
If interested in trading, ignore the prices lmao. 

What I'm looking for:
- KINTAURS (Like, I won't even hesitate to take you up on your offer, lol.)
- Canines! (I can't draw cats, lol.)
- Interesting humanoid/fantroll designs.
- Bears 
- MYO spots to like anything.
- Trancelings 
- Sushidogs (Maybe?? Again, picky.)
- Cinnadogs (MAYBE, like. I'm damn picky.)

I am not looking for felines, ponies, waterdogs, or anything related at this time. ;v; 

Art Trades

Mon Jan 19, 2015, 10:55 PM


I primarily draw [male] humanoid creatures because I'm not good with animals.
I'm best with semi-complex designs but I can do simple/complex.
I'm -not- good with superly short hair, but I can definitely try.

   [PA] Wenrin Gale by Gothamed [Valentines 2k17] by Gothamed [PA] General Tynaem by Gothamed
You can check my [ commissions journal ] for what I can / can't draw.

> Remember, lighter colors look wonky in my style.
Will close this up again after a couple slots. Four or five. Maybe.
Depends on my mood really, may only take three.
Either way.
I do not give what I get. I just do whatever is easiest for me.
I expect you to be comfortable doing the same. Creative freedom, ftw.
It will however always be flat-colored at the very least.

However, if you straight up say "Let's do a bust trade"
then that is what I will draw. ovo/) Specifics are more helpful to me than anything.

To Do:

> None

Template by firstfear Edited by Gothamed
Adding things as they come in.
Priority Key: Commissions / Trades > Customs > Freebies

NS - Not Started
Process: Concepting / Blueprinting / Lining / Coloring / Painting / Finished

> Stygian-Geist | [1]Scene + Fullbody Custom | PAID
  Notes: DV/SG - Semi-suggestive w/minor bg || Potentially reposing(?)
  Progress: (Scene) Blueprinting | (Custom) Part 1/2 Done

> FB User | [1] A4 Scene Painting | 
   Notes: Same char as other banner, a4 size, 360dpi 
   Time Clocked:
     > Blueprint: 4hrs 25min
     > Lineart: 9hrs 58min
     > Base Colors: N/A
     > Flat Colors: N/A
     > Shading: N/A
     > Rendering: N/A
   Progress: Lining

(People who have credit they can use on future commissions/customs/designs!) 
> Stygian-Geist || One-off custom Astrian slot

+ C/UC Necrobie MYO (done)
+ C/UC/R Necrobie MYO (concepting)
+ Cuddlebug MYO (blueprinting) 
+ Gardenia outfit alts / emote headshots (NS)