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[Vent] Desaturation by Gothamed [Vent] Desaturation by Gothamed
"I know I shouldn't be upset, I'm not in the right place to. You need this, this is to build the life you want-- the one you deserve. But the simplest fact of the matter is that this is different. The last time you disappeared, my emotions were vacant. You were nothing to me. But now? Now I can't sleep without hearing your voice. This time is so much different. Take me with you, I'll run away without second thoughts."

You could have told me up front, back two weeks ago when you found out. 
In fact, you could have told me a week ago. You could have told me three days ago.
You could have told me. 

I'm not angry at you, heavens no. I'm horrified that this'll be when you finally decide I'm not worth keeping around. That's the worry that makes me wish you'd pack me up and force me to come along. I won't say no. Just don't leave me here alone.. Shit. I'm over reacting, I'm probably over thinking. I'm a selfish guy, I have no idea what to do with emotions that feel so overly saturated. 

Art / Aster belong to me. 
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April 11, 2015
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