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[Ref] Jericho Sykner by Gothamed [Ref] Jericho Sykner by Gothamed
;A; Megume gave me another MYO spot for helping with the group and omg I got to create a dream baby!! 
Like seriously, I've had this fashion idea buzzing around and just aaaa! <333

Fancy Information:
Name || Jericho Sykner
Alias || [none]
DOB || June 5th
Age || Twenty-Six
Sex || Male
Gender || Masc/Male (He/Him)

Species || Rakshasa Demon (fmagirl17)
Race || x
Height || 5'11" ft
Weight || 176 lbs.

Sexuality || Homosexual
Preference || A E O N
Marital || In A Relationship
Role || Power bottom

Education || Graduate
Occupation || Scumbag criminal 
Alignment || Questionable
Settings || Lazy Days, etc

Summary || Jericho is, by all means, horrible. Due to early life circumstances that caused him to immediately grow hostile toward pretty much everyone, he finds it a bit... taxing, to try and make friends with much of anyone. Though, it does cause his affection to be... impossible to really get away from. To everyone who isn't someone he's possessive of, Jericho doesn't care for their wellbeing, what they want, nor what their interests are. He has no issue in popping caps in the unwilling, nor does watching others suffer really bother him. If anything, he feels most powerful when he gets his way. Of course, his partner sees an entirely different side to him. Jericho often brings home exotic flowers and various, rather expensive, gifts. Devoting himself fully to what he does, though this does cause issues for most folk who try stepping in, or any ex-relationships. Once Jer has latched onto someone, they are his and he does not take kindly to competition. 

Other Facts ||
> Stabby. He's stabby. And trigger happy.
> I honestly do not think Jericho cares about literally anything but Aeon and himself. 
> Surprisingly picky eater, often times refuses to eat anything he hasn't seen cooked. 
> My god at the criminal charges he's avoiding. 
> Collects 'disgarded' collars lost by poor unfortunate souls. 
> YES, his hair is actually spiked about 2-3in off the back of his head.
> Hairgel [tm].
> Collects tags for personal reasons. (Totally not gambling.) 
> I'll add more here when it's not 2am.

;A; I love this babe so much. 
Time Taken: 7.5 hrs
Program: Manga Studio 5
Character: Jericho!! (gothamed)
Species: Rakshasa (fmagirl17 )
Art: Me / Gothamed 
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fmagirl17 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
He is beautiful
Gothamed Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
;v; thank you so much! I'mma gonna smother him in love.~
Wowgreatcontent Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017
I’ve never seen anything like it.
Gothamed Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! I think! 
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October 10, 2017
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