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[Ref] Gaz Obsidian by Gothamed [Ref] Gaz Obsidian by Gothamed
UPDATE: [4/11/2017] Okay, so new everything. Will update this again in a few hours once I finish up his concept sheet, it's basically just missing his tentacles, other tattoos, and a few other little notes. For now? I'm going to bed. (Okay, edited off a border that was bugging me.) 
UPDATE: [10/21/16] Redid a few things. Haven't changed the age yet, will do that later. And by redid, I mean changed one of the outfit alters and the main image.

Fancy Information:
Name || Gabriel Erik Obsidian-Blanco
Alias || Gaz Obsidian
DOB || October 19th
Age || "Twenty-Six"
Sex || Alterable (Typically Male)
Gender || Masc/Male (He/Him)

Species || Spectral
Race || Shapeshifter
Height || 5'10" ft
Weight || 154 lbs.

Sexuality || Pansexual
Preference || 80:20 M:F
Marital || Married (Virgil Blanco)
Role || Versatile

Education || College Graduate
Occupation || VIP Bartender
Alignment || Questionable
Settings || Lazy Days, Aventium

Personality || x

Other Facts ||
- Gaz loves his chainsaw, it's purple and fantastic for chopping things. 
- His alcohol tolerance is ridiculously high, so drinking is something he can do casually. 
- Vegetarian by personal choice a lot of years ago.
- Gaz's PTSD is tied strictly to an extremely abusive past marriage with his ex.
- Relationships are something Gaz has trouble with in general, but is happy with Virgil.
- Is loyal enough to hold his ground for a friend, he's always got a spare umbrella. 
- Exceptionally good with playing piano thanks to his mother's teaching. 
- Can't cook to save his life, but he still tries and ends up burning things. 
- Can only shapeshift into things he's seen in detail. And I do mean FULL detail.
- When shapeshifting he can't work out the color of his tongue.
- Doesn't handle death well in general, whether he knows the person or not. 
- Has more fetishes than friends and is NOT afraid to just sit down and talk about them. 
- Is painfully protective of his kids (Eventide, Roka, Dorian, Kaz, and Lilac).
- Has a pet python named Cooper that's an aguila color morph. (And spoiled AF.) 
- Gaz doesn't censor his words nor his thoughts. He's blunt when he wants to be. 
- Growing up wasn't easy for Gaz, mainly because his dad was super weird. 
- Though, there's not much of a tragic backstory unless you count that one goldfish that died.
- He likes cats, but is pretty much terrified of large dogs or anything remotely fox/kitsune related. 
- He won't admit to it, but a lot of his past problems tend to eat at him. 
- Enjoys painting his fingernails and wearing bright red eyeliner to really highlight his 'manliness'. 

[[ Full View Tattoos | Full View Alternate Outfits | Full View Palette ]]


Okay, okay. I know I said LAST time that I was comfortable with Gaz's design, but then I got annoyed with his under shirt and the art. SO. Here is an ACTUALLY ACCURATE Gaz reference with better materials. 

I'll be fixing the way this looks in a bit. I need sleep first.

Art / Gaz belongs to me. 
Base used for the alternate outfits by vonibuu. 

This character is wrote, designed, and roleplayed in a custom built fantasy setting where science, reason, and other normal things have been altered to suit the multiverse. Aspects of this character do not mesh with real life, nor will they ever. Do not note me asking if this character is for sale, he is not. Thank you.  
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Silent-Galaxies Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
oh my goooooood

so many detail
i love this ;w:

what are DID,BPD and PTSD?

i think i already heard those terms but idr what they mean ;_:
Gothamed Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much! ;v;/) Eventually I'll probably add more.

DID is Disassociative Identity Disorder, BPD is Bipolar Disorder, and PTSD is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. ovo/)
No worries! ovo/) Abbreviations are hard to remember.
Silent-Galaxies Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist

Ooh thank you! ;u:
ew-york Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2016  Student Digital Artist
oh man i love his hairn
Gothamed Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
;v; Thank you so much! 
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