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[Ref] Destory Bates by Gothamed [Ref] Destory Bates by Gothamed
[[Please be aware that the character(s) included in this ref sheet are wrote, designed, and custom fit for a fantasy setting taking place in a custom designed/wrote multiverse and may not the fit the atypical standard for what a 'fantasy' and/or 'realism' setting would require. Said characters are also NOT for sale, do NOT note me asking for such.]] || [[ This character does not reflect the views/interest/ideals of the artist/author, this is a fictional character.]]

[REFERENCE TIMEFRAME]| Crowstone (Specifically, this does not apply to OVC or Phobetor).

[Name]| Aleksei R. Guslyakov
[Alias]| Destory L. Bates
[DOB]| November 14th, 1856
[Age]| Twenty-Six
[Gender]| Male [He/Him/His]
[Species]| Archwing
[Race]| Prox
[Locality]| Eruian

5'2" ft. | 5'5" ft. w/ shoes on
[Weight]| Abnormally light 
[Hair]| Solid black, somewhat gradients | Shag-cut, messy in the back
[Eyes]| Typically solid green w/ black slits | [Variants Are Located Here]
[Skintone]| Extremely pale grey | Blush and scars are blue.
[Blood]| Unknown substance | Deep navy w/ blue sheen.
[Additionals]| Feathered crow wings | Talon-like fingernails
[Modifications]| Multiple piercings, heavy scarring. 
[Concepts]| [Located Here] 

[Kingdom]| Realem, Eru
[Occupation]| Agentry [Military Organization]
[Branch]| Collector
[Seniority]| True | Overcast Survivor
[Symbols]| [Main Symbol] | [Weapon Binding Symbol]
[Soulbind]| True | Trivian Ashvale (Origin) | Bind located in left eye
[Weapon]| Modified blacksteel and deadwood scythe | [No reference at the time]
[Status]| Considered a traitor, not on active-duty

[Sexuality]| Homosexual
[Relationship Status]| Taken
[Role]| Submissive
[Functionality]| Extremely stable

[Rebellion Placement]| Anti-Eirenlism
[Alignment]| Stigma
[Employer]| General S. Tynaem
[Rank]| Main corresponding team


- Putting it lightly is saying that Destory often appears uninterested or vacant about things. In reality, his grasp on emotions seems very spaced and versed improperly. Moreso than not, he tends to come off as stand-offish and shallow, even sometimes leading people on to believe more in the rumors surrounding him than the actuality for no other reason than self-amusement. So it's no real secret that Destory is a very good actor when he wants to be, able to throw his emotions and reconstruct things to seem genuine, this causes a good deal of co-workers to simply avoid or ignore him. Which is, typically, exactly what Destory wants. Friendship, to Des, doesn't usually come easy. He tends to find people around him with the same goals and stick exclusively to them, then ignore and downgrade any underneath that ranking. So as expected, he simply... does not have a lot of actual friendships with the people around him, nor does he seem to want them to begin with. Des also doesn't have the best moral compass, he tends to make more poor decisions than those that are safe and make sense which doesn't help his already reckless behavior. Of course, even with a mainly negative-scaped personality, Destory is highly intelligent and an excellent listener when engaged in the proper setting, while occupationally he doesn't have much loyalty, to the few he keeps around (primarily Gaz, Nora, Faust, and Arimony) do see a good deal more effort from him. 

[+ Positives]| Dedicated | Excellent Listener | Intelligent | Well-mannered | Observant
[- Negatives]| Not Very Loyal | Multiple Addictions | Necrophiliac | Frequent Mood Swaps | Shameless


- Static Voltage (Collector's Skill) -- A-typical electrical/lightning based abilities. Though in Destory's case, he's not exactly very GOOD at this just yet.
- Necromanipulation (Randomized Skill) -- Able to control, manipulate, and alter the mindset and coursing of the specifically undead or previously deceased.

[Character Notes]| 
-  Destory's age is essentially haulted and does not advance due to Agentry intervention, and the fact he no longer has an 'organic' body.
- His body is (as mentioned) not 'organic' it's constructed and can be rebuilt with the right know-how. Basically constructed using technology developed to allow raw souls the ability to have solid, unchanging forms.
- The wings he has are able to be 'sealed', when this is being done, he'll have the same symbol that binds his weapon seemingly tattooed where his wings would otherwise be. Both have had medical procedures after deconstruction and therefore would be more than likely considered synthetic implants.
- This character is in no way very social, nor do most people care to be in his presence. While he'll stick around to sit in a crowd, there's usually no reason for him to be noticed. Destory is very quiet when he's not engaged in conversation, both vocally and in movement, therefore he usually does not make much of an impact when entering a room. 
- Wherever Destory goes, the crows tend to flock for an unknown reason, presumably because of his title as flock leader of his group.
- On that note, Des has two crows that are typically seen everywhere he has: A larger, scarred male crow named Lore. And a smaller, green eyed crow named Aven. There's also times where two larger, mutated-looking birds are seen with him, a corvid made of smokes and ink named Babylon, and one of smoke named Tritus. 
- This is a character designed to have little to no shame, he isn't exactly shy about what he does or who in the past he's done it with. Destory has been called sleazy, and among many other titles, but he doesn't seem to really... care about that. 
- Has a severe alcoholism problem and smokes frequently on his spare time. While this is something he works on, it's definitely more negatively defining features on him. 
- Is not native to his kingdom, comes originally from Basis (Earth) as far as anyone knows.
- While he attempts to retain good relationships with family and his children, it's clear that Destory has a very poor sense of knowledge on it. Often times seeking out another person in the same setting's lead, or telling his children to ask their other parent for confirmation. 
- Destory's violin is... special, at the very least. No one is seemingly allowed to touch it nor open the case without him knowing. And with such, it's usually with him. 
- When not working within Sanctum, Destory is usually simply at home or bar-hopping. He doesn't exactly have very many places he'd rather be than his study or at a bar. 

[Artist's Notes]|
- Des doesn't smile, nor does he actually ever widen his eyes to their proper widths. (The slits in his eyes are much like those in a cat's eyes, they expand out to circles.) 
- His wings are OPTIONAL, never ever really required. They can also be drawn at their full size, smaller, or simply as feathered tufts on his back, either/or is acceptable and entirely canon. 
- This character is well-built despite seeming more lithe over his clothes. Very streamline and has several scars and such from both himself and his occupation. 
- The zombie-bite on his neck is NOT optional. Even if unable to detail it out, the impact mark is still required. (Making this note for myself too, as I'm bad about forgetting it.) It expands from the side of his neck, onto his jawline and then down to his collar bone (though fades as it goes). This is a legit zombie-bite.
- I really don't care what kind of outfit he's drawn in as long as he's in monochrome w/ dull blue and a style similar to those on this sheet. (IE: He doesn't wear blue jeans, ever. Only grey or black pants. However, hoodies and t-shirts are NOT out of question.) 
- And just as a note for myself really, the choker he wears doesn't go over the higher collars of shirts. It's typically tucked behind things, regardless of when I wonk up and get it backwards (I'm only human. OTL) Also, the necklace with the red star as seen in the main outfit, is always worn, whether visible or not, he doesn't take it off.

Okay, so. CS!Destory is done. Designed, fixed, polished, whatever. Now I can work on Aventium!Des whenever I find the motivation. 

(This ref sheet has been done for probs weeks, I just forgot to upload it. Nice! But since I'm losing watchers left and right (probs from inactivity), I figured i'd upload something.)

>> Again, this character belongs to me, and he is not for sale. Please do not ask (because I get really exhausted with people asking to buy my main characters from me when I can't make it anymore clear that they are _not_ for sale.) 
>> Base for the alternate outfits chibi is by Vonibuu and edited in tenfold by myself.
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